Tacoma Avenue South 2,340 numbers
Pacific Avenue 2,200 numbers
South Sheridan Avenue 2,025 numbers
6th Avenue 1,951 numbers
South J Street 1,860 numbers
South M Street 1,844 numbers
South G Street 1,669 numbers
South L Street 1,633 numbers
Waller Road East 1,542 numbers
South Yakima Avenue 1,438 numbers
A Street 1,433 numbers
South Ainsworth Avenue 1,429 numbers
South Park Avenue 1,344 numbers
North Pearl Street 1,312 numbers
South I Street 1,305 numbers
South Cushman Avenue 1,293 numbers
Fawcett Avenue 1,223 numbers
Westridge Avenue West 1,199 numbers
South Pine Street 1,177 numbers
South Thompson Avenue 1,155 numbers
South Mason Avenue 1,117 numbers
South D Street 1,109 numbers
South Warner Street 1,105 numbers
Broadway 1,088 numbers
South K Street 1,087 numbers
South Fife Street 1,070 numbers
South Oakes Street 1,031 numbers
South Lawrence Street 1,003 numbers
South Union Avenue 947 numbers
North Narrows Drive 901 numbers
McKinley Avenue East 889 numbers
North 26th Street 882 numbers
South 12th Street 879 numbers
South Alaska Street 876 numbers
East B Street 848 numbers
South Prospect Street 843 numbers
Portland Avenue East 843 numbers
South Tyler Street 831 numbers
South Junett Street 817 numbers
North 30th Street 814 numbers
South 9th Street 810 numbers
Vickery Avenue East 809 numbers
South 8th Street 805 numbers
South 7th Street 770 numbers
Saint Helens Avenue 766 numbers
25th Avenue East 761 numbers
45th Avenue Northeast 741 numbers
South Asotin Street 715 numbers
North Vassault Street 710 numbers
South Hosmer Street 709 numbers
50th Avenue East 702 numbers
South Orchard Street 686 numbers
112th Street South 685 numbers
44th Avenue East 666 numbers
East F Street 665 numbers
South Bell Street 664 numbers
North 27th Street 661 numbers
North 31st Street 657 numbers
South Mullen Street 651 numbers
North 8th Street 647 numbers
East D Street 646 numbers
South Madison Street 644 numbers
East G Street 636 numbers
North 9th Street 633 numbers
North 10th Street 625 numbers
East 34th Street 613 numbers
South Monroe Street 601 numbers
South 41st Street 601 numbers
North 7th Street 595 numbers
South 84th Street 592 numbers
South 11th Street 586 numbers
C Street South 586 numbers
North Bristol Street 585 numbers
116th Street South 580 numbers
North 37th Street 580 numbers
North 28th Street 577 numbers
12th Avenue East 576 numbers
A Street South 570 numbers
North Huson Street 568 numbers
South Alder Street 564 numbers
North Proctor Street 562 numbers
Center Street 560 numbers
48th Avenue East 559 numbers
South 58th Street 549 numbers
East E Street 547 numbers
North 33rd Street 541 numbers
24th Avenue East 538 numbers
East 64th Street 531 numbers
South 96th Street 530 numbers
North 29th Street 529 numbers
South 47th Street 526 numbers
South Ash Street 525 numbers
Military Road East 518 numbers
North Orchard Street 515 numbers
East K Street 513 numbers
South 15th Street 512 numbers
North 11th Street 512 numbers
East Roosevelt Avenue 511 numbers
East I Street 506 numbers
East 61st Street 504 numbers
North Bennett Street 496 numbers
East 62nd Street 494 numbers
96th Street South 494 numbers
115th Street South 483 numbers
North Cheyenne Street 483 numbers
North 19th Street 479 numbers
North Stevens Street 478 numbers
South State Street 475 numbers
22nd Avenue East 474 numbers
South Cedar Street 474 numbers
Dock Street 473 numbers
North Visscher Street 471 numbers
South Trafton Street 471 numbers
118th Street South 471 numbers
North I Street 467 numbers
North 12th Street 465 numbers
117th Street South 465 numbers
East 60th Street 465 numbers
North 24th Street 462 numbers
North Prospect Street 461 numbers
South Stevens Street 457 numbers
Park Avenue South 456 numbers
East J Street 456 numbers
South Adams Street 453 numbers
North Whitman Street 451 numbers
Tacoma Mall Boulevard 445 numbers
South 10th Street 443 numbers
South Wilkeson Street 442 numbers
South 56th Street 441 numbers
Bingham Avenue East 437 numbers
104th Street South 437 numbers
South Steele Street 436 numbers
North 25th Street 434 numbers
40th Avenue East 429 numbers
North 22nd Street 428 numbers
North G Street 427 numbers
104th Street East 427 numbers
South Verde Street 426 numbers
East 65th Street 425 numbers
114th Street South 422 numbers
North Union Avenue 421 numbers
North Anderson Street 420 numbers
Pacific Avenue South 420 numbers
North 35th Street 420 numbers
East 63rd Street 418 numbers
138th Street East 417 numbers
South Proctor Street 416 numbers
South 54th Street 415 numbers
58th Avenue Northeast 414 numbers
80th Street East 414 numbers
96th Street East 413 numbers
North Yakima Avenue 412 numbers
East 35th Street 412 numbers
Market Street 411 numbers
North 15th Street 406 numbers
North Defiance Street 406 numbers
Grandview Drive West 405 numbers
North J Street 405 numbers
North Mullen Street 404 numbers
South 90th Street 403 numbers
North Tacoma Avenue 402 numbers
North K Street 400 numbers
East 56th Street 398 numbers
North 13th Street 398 numbers
99th Street East 397 numbers
East Harrison Street 395 numbers
119th Street South 395 numbers
South 45th Street 392 numbers
East Wright Avenue 391 numbers
47th Avenue Southwest 391 numbers
South Wapato Street 390 numbers
South 40th Street 389 numbers
East 68th Street 388 numbers
North Gove Street 383 numbers
36th Avenue East 382 numbers
34th Avenue East 381 numbers
North Fife Street 380 numbers
North Verde Street 380 numbers
South 14th Street 375 numbers
South 17th Street 374 numbers
South 30th Street 373 numbers
152nd Street East 371 numbers
North Shirley Street 371 numbers
North Highland Street 369 numbers
East 66th Street 367 numbers
South Grant Avenue 366 numbers
113th Street South 366 numbers
South 92nd Street 365 numbers
108th Street South 363 numbers
136th Street South 362 numbers
North Villard Street 359 numbers
120th Street South 358 numbers
South 74th Street 358 numbers
South Gove Street 355 numbers
128th Street East 354 numbers
47th Avenue East 353 numbers
South 19th Street 353 numbers
North 18th Street 351 numbers
Brookdale Road East 350 numbers
110th Street South 347 numbers
14th Avenue East 345 numbers
North Oakes Street 345 numbers
East 46th Street 343 numbers
121st Street South 341 numbers
South 52nd Street 339 numbers
East C Street 339 numbers
South 48th Street 338 numbers
South Geiger Street 337 numbers
South Huson Street 336 numbers
South 49th Street 336 numbers
South 72nd Street 335 numbers
South Sprague Avenue 334 numbers
North 45th Street 332 numbers
South 43rd Street 331 numbers
North 21st Street 330 numbers
South 60th Street 328 numbers
South 18th Street 326 numbers
72nd Street East 325 numbers
2nd Avenue Court East 324 numbers
North 16th Street 324 numbers
South Tacoma Way 319 numbers
129th Street South 317 numbers
South 55th Street 317 numbers
East 59th Street 316 numbers
South 53rd Street 315 numbers
19th Street West 314 numbers
North Cedar Street 310 numbers
South Cheyenne Street 310 numbers
East Morton Street 308 numbers
South 38th Street 308 numbers
6th Avenue East 303 numbers
North Junett Street 302 numbers
North Frace Avenue 302 numbers
North Steele Street 300 numbers
North 14th Street 298 numbers
138th Street South 298 numbers
East R Street 296 numbers
North M Street 293 numbers
North L Street 292 numbers
South Durango Street 291 numbers
South 50th Street 289 numbers
South 59th Street 288 numbers
106th Street South 286 numbers
South 82nd Street 286 numbers
57th Avenue Northeast 282 numbers
South 34th Street 282 numbers
17th Avenue South 281 numbers
North Jackson Avenue 281 numbers
East L Street 280 numbers
East Fairbanks Street 279 numbers
East 54th Street 279 numbers
East M Street 274 numbers
South 73rd Street 274 numbers
28th Avenue East 273 numbers
North Adams Street 271 numbers
10th Avenue East 271 numbers
East 67th Street 270 numbers
North Skyline Drive 267 numbers
98th Street South 266 numbers
84th Street East 265 numbers
South C Street 264 numbers
20th Avenue East 263 numbers
26th Avenue East 262 numbers
North Mason Avenue 260 numbers
121st Street East 259 numbers
East 52nd Street 258 numbers
South 13th Street 258 numbers
16th Avenue East 257 numbers
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