Monroe Avenue Northeast 1,176 numbers
Union Avenue Northeast 1,083 numbers
Northeast 4th Street 1,006 numbers
Grant Avenue South 991 numbers
Davis Avenue South 776 numbers
Talbot Road South 742 numbers
Benson Road South 730 numbers
Morris Avenue South 658 numbers
South Puget Drive 649 numbers
Burnett Avenue South 647 numbers
North 10th Place 515 numbers
Northeast 24th Street 511 numbers
140th Way Southeast 480 numbers
Northeast 7th Street 464 numbers
Northeast 12th Street 458 numbers
Meadow Avenue North 437 numbers
Smithers Avenue South 417 numbers
Northeast 10th Street 417 numbers
Southeast 155th Place 412 numbers
Shattuck Avenue South 406 numbers
132nd Place Southeast 403 numbers
Northeast 7th Place 387 numbers
Northeast 5th Street 383 numbers
163rd Place Southeast 379 numbers
Southeast 8th Place 370 numbers
Northeast 6th Place 357 numbers
Wells Avenue North 341 numbers
Southeast 171st Place 340 numbers
Northeast 23rd Street 337 numbers
Williams Avenue North 333 numbers
107th Place Southeast 328 numbers
Park Avenue North 323 numbers
Cedar Avenue South 319 numbers
Southeast 185th Place 310 numbers
Northeast 16th Street 299 numbers
Mill Avenue South 299 numbers
Williams Avenue South 294 numbers
Main Avenue South 289 numbers
133rd Place Southeast 284 numbers
164th Way Southeast 283 numbers
Northeast 20th Street 277 numbers
Southeast 177th Place 276 numbers
Pelly Avenue North 269 numbers
Southeast 2nd Place 268 numbers
Wells Avenue South 264 numbers
Northeast 2nd Street 264 numbers
136th Place Southeast 262 numbers
Northeast 9th Place 259 numbers
Northeast 9th Street 258 numbers
North 20th Street 258 numbers
166th Place Southeast 256 numbers
Northeast 21st Street 255 numbers
Southeast 184th Place 254 numbers
Southeast Jones Road 250 numbers
Northeast 19th Street 249 numbers
Northeast 6th Street 247 numbers
Southeast 160th Place 246 numbers
Southeast 186th Place 244 numbers
105th Place Southeast 243 numbers
Southeast 159th Place 241 numbers
Southeast 169th Place 241 numbers
Southeast 180th Place 240 numbers
Southeast 188th Place 239 numbers
Northeast 17th Street 238 numbers
Southeast 2nd Street 234 numbers
Southeast 4th Street 234 numbers
Southeast 171st Way 232 numbers
Northeast 10th Place 231 numbers
Southwest 5th Court 226 numbers
Southeast 167th Place 223 numbers
142nd Place Southeast 219 numbers
Burnett Avenue North 219 numbers
Northeast 8th Street 217 numbers
Ripley Lane North 215 numbers
126th Place Southeast 215 numbers
110th Place Southeast 214 numbers
160th Place Southeast 213 numbers
Northeast 1st Street 212 numbers
Southeast 170th Place 211 numbers
Southeast 5th Street 209 numbers
Southeast 3rd Street 208 numbers
Northeast 3rd Street 204 numbers
141st Place Southeast 204 numbers
Southeast 178th Place 204 numbers
Southwest 5th Place 203 numbers
Bronson Way Northeast 203 numbers
North 32nd Street 202 numbers
Northeast 3rd Court 199 numbers
Northeast 1st Place 199 numbers
Northeast 5th Place 199 numbers
Southeast 173rd Place 197 numbers
Southeast 172nd Place 196 numbers
Northeast 11th Street 196 numbers
Northeast 2nd Court 196 numbers
Southeast 189th Place 191 numbers
Northeast 5th Court 188 numbers
129th Place Southeast 188 numbers
158th Place Southeast 187 numbers
Renton Avenue South 185 numbers
Southeast 138th Place 184 numbers
South 18th Street 183 numbers
Northeast 23rd Place 181 numbers
Southeast 2nd Court 181 numbers
156th Place Southeast 180 numbers
Field Place Northeast 178 numbers
Southeast 176th Place 177 numbers
Northeast 6th Court 173 numbers
135th Place Southeast 171 numbers
Lind Avenue Northwest 170 numbers
North 34th Street 170 numbers
Southeast 3rd Place 169 numbers
108th Lane Southeast 169 numbers
Northeast 17th Place 166 numbers
143rd Place Southeast 165 numbers
South 38th Court 162 numbers
Northeast 4th Court 155 numbers
Logan Avenue South 152 numbers
North 36th Street 151 numbers
Northeast 1st Court 149 numbers
157th Place Southeast 149 numbers
Southeast 4th Place 148 numbers
South 36th Place 148 numbers
Maple Valley Highway 148 numbers
Northeast 14th Street 147 numbers
Northeast 4th Place 146 numbers
120th Lane Southeast 144 numbers
Pasco Place Northeast 144 numbers
Southeast 187th Place 143 numbers
Southeast 183rd Place 142 numbers
Northeast 27th Street 142 numbers
North 33rd Street 142 numbers
98th Avenue South 141 numbers
North 31st Street 141 numbers
Southeast 6th Street 140 numbers
Southeast 145th Place 140 numbers
Nile Avenue Northeast 140 numbers
Southeast 195th Place 140 numbers
Southeast 161st Place 139 numbers
Elma Avenue Northeast 139 numbers
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