Valley Avenue Northeast 1,435 numbers
South Meridian 1,303 numbers
7th Street Southeast 1,038 numbers
43rd Avenue Southeast 1,029 numbers
Canyon Road East 938 numbers
92nd Avenue East 816 numbers
27th Avenue Southeast 810 numbers
East Main 712 numbers
136th Avenue East 641 numbers
80th Avenue East 638 numbers
122nd Street East 638 numbers
Woodland Avenue East 635 numbers
72nd Avenue East 613 numbers
93rd Avenue East 597 numbers
9th Street Southwest 588 numbers
132nd Avenue East 577 numbers
120th Avenue East 575 numbers
74th Avenue East 570 numbers
62nd Avenue East 562 numbers
10th Avenue Southeast 554 numbers
9th Street Southeast 553 numbers
9th Avenue Southeast 522 numbers
128th Street East 501 numbers
64th Avenue East 496 numbers
39th Avenue Southwest 486 numbers
87th Avenue East 485 numbers
97th Avenue East 479 numbers
89th Avenue East 473 numbers
66th Avenue East 460 numbers
164th Street East 451 numbers
152nd Street East 449 numbers
21st Avenue Southwest 433 numbers
94th Avenue East 432 numbers
88th Avenue East 429 numbers
5th Street Southeast 422 numbers
116th Street East 418 numbers
159th Street East 416 numbers
4th Avenue Northwest 413 numbers
172nd Street East 409 numbers
12th Avenue Southeast 407 numbers
118th Street East 403 numbers
149th Street East 400 numbers
7th Avenue Southwest 394 numbers
90th Avenue East 389 numbers
96th Avenue East 384 numbers
81st Avenue East 381 numbers
184th Street East 375 numbers
7th Street Southwest 371 numbers
147th Street East 368 numbers
96th Street East 368 numbers
63rd Avenue East 368 numbers
5th Street Southwest 363 numbers
84th Avenue East 363 numbers
6th Street Southeast 356 numbers
14th Street Southwest 356 numbers
133rd Street East 353 numbers
13th Street Southwest 352 numbers
59th Avenue East 351 numbers
191st Street East 341 numbers
East Main Avenue 340 numbers
12th Avenue Northwest 338 numbers
23rd Avenue Southwest 337 numbers
21st Street Southeast 336 numbers
78th Avenue East 333 numbers
121st Avenue East 332 numbers
121st Street East 330 numbers
144th Street East 328 numbers
75th Avenue East 321 numbers
18th Street Northwest 320 numbers
80th Street East 316 numbers
133rd Avenue East 314 numbers
West Pioneer Avenue 314 numbers
68th Avenue East 313 numbers
119th Street East 312 numbers
135th Avenue East 310 numbers
120th Street East 309 numbers
126th Street East 309 numbers
5th Avenue Northeast 305 numbers
126th Avenue East 299 numbers
161st Street East 288 numbers
188th Street East 288 numbers
7th Avenue Northwest 287 numbers
10th Street Southeast 286 numbers
136th Street East 284 numbers
86th Avenue East 283 numbers
141st Street East 282 numbers
110th Avenue East 280 numbers
67th Avenue East 280 numbers
115th Avenue East 279 numbers
5th Avenue Northwest 278 numbers
114th Avenue East 277 numbers
73rd Avenue East 271 numbers
Highlands Boulevard 269 numbers
181st Street East 269 numbers
132nd Street East 269 numbers
19th Avenue Southeast 267 numbers
9th Avenue Southwest 266 numbers
186th Street East 265 numbers
171st Street East 263 numbers
31st Avenue Southeast 260 numbers
122nd Avenue East 260 numbers
91st Avenue East 258 numbers
58th Avenue East 258 numbers
185th Street East 256 numbers
20th Street Southeast 254 numbers
4th Avenue Southwest 250 numbers
140th Avenue East 249 numbers
173rd Street East 249 numbers
34th Street Southeast 248 numbers
Valley Avenue East 248 numbers
111th Avenue East 248 numbers
25th Street Southeast 247 numbers
88th Street East 245 numbers
15th Street Southeast 241 numbers
104th Avenue East 240 numbers
Tacoma Road 240 numbers
166th Street East 240 numbers
160th Street East 240 numbers
East Pioneer 238 numbers
82nd Avenue East 238 numbers
2nd Avenue Northeast 237 numbers
26th Avenue Southeast 236 numbers
124th Street East 236 numbers
119th Avenue East 234 numbers
North Meridian 233 numbers
28th Avenue Southeast 233 numbers
South Fruitland 233 numbers
83rd Avenue East 230 numbers
22nd Street Southeast 229 numbers
158th Street East 229 numbers
135th Street East 225 numbers
5th Avenue Southwest 225 numbers
139th Avenue East 224 numbers
98th Avenue East 222 numbers
21st Street Northwest 220 numbers
18th Street Southeast 219 numbers
13th Avenue Northwest 219 numbers
154th Street East 218 numbers
3rd Avenue Northwest 217 numbers
57th Avenue East 216 numbers
85th Avenue East 216 numbers
138th Avenue East 216 numbers
23rd Street Northwest 216 numbers
65th Avenue East 215 numbers
129th Avenue East 214 numbers
11th Street Northwest 214 numbers
13th Street Southeast 211 numbers
115th Street East 209 numbers
174th Street East 206 numbers
Meridian Avenue East 204 numbers
24th Street Southeast 203 numbers
15th Street Northwest 203 numbers
129th Street East 201 numbers
112th Street East 201 numbers
77th Avenue East 200 numbers
106th Street East 200 numbers
148th Street East 199 numbers
130th Street East 198 numbers
183rd Street East 196 numbers
145th Street East 194 numbers
116th Avenue East 192 numbers
33rd Avenue Southeast 192 numbers
16th Street Southwest 191 numbers
180th Street East 190 numbers
29th Avenue Southeast 190 numbers
28th Street Southeast 188 numbers
4th Avenue Southeast 188 numbers
4th Street Northeast 187 numbers
6th Avenue Southwest 186 numbers
8th Avenue Northwest 186 numbers
25th Avenue Southeast 186 numbers
71st Avenue East 184 numbers
61st Avenue East 182 numbers
104th Street East 180 numbers
134th Street East 180 numbers
95th Avenue East 179 numbers
3rd Street Southeast 177 numbers
123rd Avenue East 177 numbers
76th Avenue East 175 numbers
177th Street East 172 numbers
110th Street East 171 numbers
23rd Avenue Southeast 171 numbers
113th Avenue East 171 numbers
35th Avenue Southeast 171 numbers
170th Street East 171 numbers
7th Avenue Southeast 170 numbers
17th Street Northwest 170 numbers
23rd Street Southwest 169 numbers
169th Street East 168 numbers
22nd Street Northwest 166 numbers
18th Street Southwest 166 numbers
Meridian East 166 numbers
117th Avenue East 165 numbers
176th Street East 165 numbers
112th Avenue East 164 numbers
17th Street Southwest 163 numbers
9th Street Northwest 163 numbers
137th Avenue East 161 numbers
5th Street Northeast 160 numbers
79th Avenue East 159 numbers
15th Avenue Southeast 158 numbers
86th Street East 157 numbers
151st Street East 157 numbers
175th Street East 157 numbers
109th Street East 156 numbers
Milwaukee Avenue East 155 numbers
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