127th Street South 50 numbers
Park Avenue South 47 numbers
Brookdale Road East 38 numbers
112th Street South 28 numbers
Aqueduct Drive East 21 numbers
111th Street South 17 numbers
37th Avenue East 17 numbers
C Street South 15 numbers
Johns Road East 14 numbers
112th Street East 13 numbers
119th Street South 12 numbers
115th Street East 12 numbers
116th Street South 11 numbers
110th Street South 10 numbers
96th Street East 10 numbers
114th Street South 10 numbers
128th Street South 9 numbers
115th Street South 8 numbers
12th Avenue South 7 numbers
118th Street South 4 numbers
139th Street East 3 numbers
18th Avenue East 3 numbers
8th Avenue East 3 numbers
A Street South 3 numbers
129th Street South 3 numbers
186th Street East 2 numbers
134th Street East 2 numbers
178th Street East 2 numbers
164th Street East 2 numbers
143rd Street South 2 numbers
126th Street East (253) 536-1968
143rd Street East (800) 476-3999
South Sheridan Avenue (253) 273-8523
137th Street Court South (253) 536-3296
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