Mountlake Terrace

52nd Avenue West 748 numbers
48th Avenue West 695 numbers
54th Avenue West 559 numbers
Lakeview Drive 545 numbers
56th Avenue West 498 numbers
66th Avenue West 417 numbers
58th Avenue West 416 numbers
44th Avenue West 396 numbers
Cedar Way 395 numbers
53rd Avenue West 375 numbers
60th Avenue West 361 numbers
225th Place Southwest 328 numbers
55th Avenue West 323 numbers
226th Place Southwest 246 numbers
Saint Albion Way 223 numbers
238th Place Southwest 217 numbers
50th Avenue West 211 numbers
224th Place Southwest 211 numbers
51st Avenue West 198 numbers
64th Avenue West 180 numbers
57th Avenue West 176 numbers
49th Place West 162 numbers
59th Place West 154 numbers
39th Avenue West 152 numbers
67th Place West 145 numbers
46th Avenue West 132 numbers
40th Place West 128 numbers
229th Place Southwest 128 numbers
239th Place Southwest 127 numbers
221st Place Southwest 119 numbers
68th Place West 118 numbers
237th Place Southwest 116 numbers
63rd Avenue West 115 numbers
42nd Place West 112 numbers
223rd Place Southwest 107 numbers
La Pierre Drive 102 numbers
72nd Place West 101 numbers
46th Place West 90 numbers
38th Avenue West 85 numbers
36th Avenue West 82 numbers
41st Place West 82 numbers
59th Avenue West 76 numbers
61st Avenue West 71 numbers
65th Place West 71 numbers
50th Place West 70 numbers
45th Avenue West 59 numbers
62nd Avenue West 59 numbers
45th Place West 57 numbers
43rd Place West 56 numbers
47th Place West 54 numbers
43rd Avenue West 53 numbers
Peterson Drive 51 numbers
37th Avenue West 50 numbers
40th Avenue West 48 numbers
Hedlund Avenue 45 numbers
41st Court West 45 numbers
54th Place West 42 numbers
73rd Place West 41 numbers
65th Avenue West 41 numbers
67th Avenue West 40 numbers
58th Place West 33 numbers
47th Avenue West 30 numbers
44th Place West 28 numbers
52nd Place West 27 numbers
63rd Place West 27 numbers
57th Place West 26 numbers
53rd Place West 25 numbers
66th Place West 24 numbers
64th Place West 24 numbers
49th Court West 19 numbers
45th Court West 16 numbers
48th Place West 15 numbers
68th Avenue West 15 numbers
42nd Avenue West 15 numbers
41st Avenue West 12 numbers
215th Lane 11 numbers
70th Avenue West 10 numbers
43rd Court West 10 numbers
72nd Avenue West 5 numbers
74th Avenue West 4 numbers
40th Court West 4 numbers
49th Avenue West (425) 774-4935
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