83rd Avenue Southwest 1,190 numbers
82nd Street Southwest 504 numbers
92nd Street South 470 numbers
Onyx Drive Southwest 461 numbers
96th Street South 449 numbers
Meadow Road Southwest 257 numbers
47th Avenue Southwest 208 numbers
South Tacoma Way 187 numbers
81st Street Southwest 182 numbers
80th Street Southwest 179 numbers
Custer Road Southwest 152 numbers
95th Street Southwest 150 numbers
Ruby Drive Southwest 149 numbers
Nyanza Road Southwest 148 numbers
90th Avenue Southwest 146 numbers
79th Street West 141 numbers
88th Street Southwest 133 numbers
57th Avenue Southwest 131 numbers
33rd Avenue South 129 numbers
90th Street South 126 numbers
Topaz Drive Southwest 124 numbers
58th Avenue Southwest 122 numbers
94th Street Southwest 120 numbers
North Way Southwest 117 numbers
83rd Street Southwest 115 numbers
88th Avenue Southwest 106 numbers
89th Avenue Southwest 103 numbers
Yew Lane Southwest 102 numbers
65th Avenue West 101 numbers
32nd Avenue South 99 numbers
86th Street South 97 numbers
83rd Street South 95 numbers
77th Street West 95 numbers
Gayle Avenue South 94 numbers
31st Avenue South 94 numbers
Oak Lane Southwest 80 numbers
88th Street South 79 numbers
91st Street South 79 numbers
Lakewood Drive West 78 numbers
66th Avenue West 69 numbers
53rd Avenue West 68 numbers
34th Avenue South 66 numbers
Dean Street West 65 numbers
Cody Street West 61 numbers
52nd Avenue West 60 numbers
Grange Street West 58 numbers
Carol Avenue South 57 numbers
Lila Lane Southwest 55 numbers
76th Street West 53 numbers
94th Street South 51 numbers
25th Avenue South 49 numbers
Burgess Avenue West 49 numbers
78th Street West 47 numbers
Rose Road Southwest 46 numbers
84th Street South 44 numbers
70th Street West 41 numbers
Rips Lane Southwest 40 numbers
Bridgeport Way West 40 numbers
Sales Road South 39 numbers
Haman Lane West 38 numbers
51st Avenue West 38 numbers
68th Avenue West 37 numbers
75th Street West 37 numbers
Leona Way Southwest 36 numbers
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