Federal Way

Southwest Campus Drive 2,354 numbers
1st Avenue South 1,828 numbers
Pacific Highway South 1,517 numbers
Military Road South 1,192 numbers
18th Avenue South 1,049 numbers
South Star Lake Road 948 numbers
16th Avenue South 907 numbers
10th Avenue Southwest 896 numbers
28th Avenue South 884 numbers
20th Avenue South 817 numbers
2nd Avenue Southwest 748 numbers
8th Avenue Southwest 735 numbers
1st Place South 731 numbers
36th Avenue Southwest 709 numbers
11th Avenue Southwest 706 numbers
South 288th Street 666 numbers
6th Avenue Southwest 657 numbers
8th Avenue South 657 numbers
14th Avenue South 633 numbers
30th Avenue Southwest 607 numbers
7th Avenue Southwest 589 numbers
12th Avenue Southwest 589 numbers
26th Avenue South 560 numbers
33rd Place Southwest 529 numbers
4th Avenue Southwest 527 numbers
11th Place South 521 numbers
22nd Avenue South 500 numbers
3rd Avenue Southwest 493 numbers
23rd Avenue South 490 numbers
South 308th Street 487 numbers
2nd Place Southwest 480 numbers
35th Avenue Southwest 470 numbers
24th Avenue Southwest 463 numbers
9th Avenue South 460 numbers
South 336th Street 460 numbers
South 324th Street 456 numbers
23rd Avenue Southwest 448 numbers
25th Avenue Southwest 446 numbers
South 370th Street 442 numbers
South 360th Street 434 numbers
13th Avenue South 433 numbers
25th Place South 416 numbers
18th Avenue Southwest 406 numbers
10th Avenue South 404 numbers
12th Place Southwest 395 numbers
23rd Place South 391 numbers
13th Avenue Southwest 377 numbers
21st Avenue South 375 numbers
Southwest 325th Place 373 numbers
3rd Place South 370 numbers
3rd Place Southwest 368 numbers
5th Avenue Southwest 364 numbers
32nd Avenue Southwest 363 numbers
4th Avenue South 362 numbers
10th Place Southwest 357 numbers
27th Avenue South 351 numbers
28th Place Southwest 348 numbers
South 304th Street 347 numbers
26th Avenue Southwest 342 numbers
27th Avenue Southwest 324 numbers
4th Place South 322 numbers
22nd Avenue Southwest 322 numbers
Southwest 347th Place 320 numbers
11th Place Southwest 319 numbers
7th Place South 307 numbers
39th Avenue Southwest 307 numbers
21st Avenue Southwest 306 numbers
31st Avenue Southwest 301 numbers
Southwest 332nd Place 296 numbers
42nd Avenue Southwest 292 numbers
13th Place Southwest 290 numbers
2nd Avenue South 290 numbers
37th Avenue Southwest 286 numbers
22nd Place South 285 numbers
26th Place Southwest 285 numbers
South 328th Street 282 numbers
33rd Avenue Southwest 281 numbers
South 317th Street 276 numbers
14th Avenue Southwest 273 numbers
South 312th Street 270 numbers
Southwest 327th Place 268 numbers
19th Place South 264 numbers
9th Avenue Southwest 264 numbers
11th Avenue South 259 numbers
Southwest 334th Place 257 numbers
28th Avenue Southwest 256 numbers
10th Court Southwest 254 numbers
Southwest 328th Place 254 numbers
16th Place Southwest 252 numbers
18th Place South 251 numbers
21st Place South 247 numbers
24th Place South 246 numbers
Southwest 349th Place 244 numbers
South 295th Place 244 numbers
South 320th Street 242 numbers
Southwest 314th Place 241 numbers
South 331st Place 235 numbers
7th Place Southwest 235 numbers
Southwest 331st Place 232 numbers
Southwest 317th Place 227 numbers
3rd Avenue South 223 numbers
17th Avenue Southwest 214 numbers
8th Place Southwest 211 numbers
41st Avenue Southwest 210 numbers
31st Avenue South 208 numbers
South 302nd Street 208 numbers
40th Avenue Southwest 208 numbers
Southwest 319th Lane 204 numbers
24th Avenue South 201 numbers
42nd Place Southwest 197 numbers
20th Avenue Southwest 197 numbers
30th Avenue South 196 numbers
9th Place South 194 numbers
Southwest 320th Place 192 numbers
South 299th Place 188 numbers
Southwest 344th Place 183 numbers
15th Avenue South 182 numbers
37th Place Southwest 179 numbers
6th Avenue South 177 numbers
50th Place Southwest 175 numbers
19th Place Southwest 174 numbers
27th Place South 173 numbers
1st Place Southwest 173 numbers
38th Avenue South 172 numbers
South 298th Street 171 numbers
South 330th Street 169 numbers
South 301st Street 169 numbers
Southwest 328th Court 166 numbers
South 332nd Place 165 numbers
Southwest 300th Place 165 numbers
29th Avenue Southwest 165 numbers
28th Place South 163 numbers
South 357th Street 162 numbers
South 340th Street 160 numbers
1st Circle South 159 numbers
South 327th Lane 158 numbers
16th Avenue Southwest 157 numbers
South 284th Street 155 numbers
19th Avenue Southwest 155 numbers
South 325th Street 155 numbers
Southwest 324th Place 153 numbers
25th Drive South 152 numbers
26th Drive South 151 numbers
South 300th Street 150 numbers
7th Avenue South 149 numbers
49th Avenue Southwest 149 numbers
14th Place Southwest 149 numbers
Southwest 345th Place 147 numbers
South 333rd Street 147 numbers
Southwest 329th Place 147 numbers
20th Place South 146 numbers
South 291st Street 146 numbers
South 292nd Street 144 numbers
43rd Place Southwest 144 numbers
South 296th Place 144 numbers
South 302nd Place 143 numbers
39th Place Southwest 143 numbers
8th Place South 143 numbers
South 330th Place 141 numbers
45th Place Southwest 141 numbers
47th Avenue Southwest 138 numbers
South 309th Street 136 numbers
46th Place Southwest 135 numbers
13th Place South 134 numbers
Southwest 353rd Place 134 numbers
Southwest 340th Place 133 numbers
38th Place Southwest 132 numbers
5th Avenue South 132 numbers
51st Avenue Southwest 130 numbers
Southwest 306th Place 130 numbers
Southwest 350th Place 129 numbers
Southwest 346th Place 129 numbers
12th Place South 128 numbers
4th Place Southwest 128 numbers
South 310th Place 127 numbers
29th Place Southwest 127 numbers
Southwest 316th Place 126 numbers
27th Place Southwest 126 numbers
South 303rd Street 125 numbers
South 316th Place 125 numbers
29th Avenue South 124 numbers
14th Way Southwest 122 numbers
Southwest 342nd Place 120 numbers
South 305th Street 120 numbers
Southwest 333rd Place 119 numbers
Southwest 330th Place 118 numbers
1st Lane Southwest 118 numbers
19th Avenue South 118 numbers
39th Avenue South 116 numbers
6th Place Southwest 113 numbers
South 279th Place 112 numbers
South 326th Street 112 numbers
South 286th Place 111 numbers
Southwest 355th Place 111 numbers
41st Place South 108 numbers
25th Place Southwest 107 numbers
South 375th Street 106 numbers
South 313th Street 105 numbers
South 297th Place 105 numbers
South 294th Place 105 numbers
South 374th Place 104 numbers
South 287th Street 104 numbers
5th Place Southwest 103 numbers
12th Avenue South 103 numbers
South 286th Street 103 numbers
26th Place South 102 numbers
17th Avenue South 102 numbers
2nd Lane Southwest 101 numbers
Southwest 318th Place 101 numbers
South 284th Place 101 numbers
44th Avenue South 101 numbers
Southwest 312th Place 101 numbers
10th Place South 100 numbers
South 365th Place 99 numbers
21st Court South 99 numbers
South 380th Street 98 numbers
South 359th Street 98 numbers
2nd Lane South 96 numbers
South 315th Street 96 numbers
South 293rd Street 96 numbers
24th Court South 96 numbers
South 366th Place 94 numbers
South 316th Street 94 numbers
42nd Avenue South 93 numbers
5th Place South 93 numbers
9th Court Southwest 92 numbers
South 339th Circle 91 numbers
9th Place Southwest 91 numbers
South 282nd Place 87 numbers
South 361st Street 86 numbers
South 323rd Place 86 numbers
25th Avenue South 85 numbers
South 280th Place 84 numbers
South 296th Street 84 numbers
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