Columbia Pike 5,708 numbers
Arlington Boulevard 5,098 numbers
Washington Boulevard 3,392 numbers
Lee Highway 2,718 numbers
South Eads Street 2,562 numbers
Jefferson Davis Highway 2,398 numbers
9th Street North 2,198 numbers
Fairfax Drive 2,166 numbers
Crystal Drive 2,141 numbers
South Glebe Road 2,010 numbers
South Joyce Street 1,940 numbers
Wilson Boulevard 1,858 numbers
Army Navy Drive 1,826 numbers
15th Street South 1,825 numbers
North Quincy Street 1,604 numbers
12th Street South 1,588 numbers
Key Boulevard 1,583 numbers
26th Street North 1,560 numbers
North Garfield Street 1,540 numbers
North Glebe Road 1,490 numbers
36th Street South 1,440 numbers
31st Street South 1,433 numbers
South Walter Reed Drive 1,427 numbers
28th Street South 1,396 numbers
South Buchanan Street 1,344 numbers
19th Street North 1,329 numbers
North Randolph Street 1,296 numbers
22nd Street North 1,257 numbers
North Veitch Street 1,245 numbers
11th Street North 1,242 numbers
North Pollard Street 1,234 numbers
North Nelson Street 1,199 numbers
14th Street North 1,193 numbers
24th Road South 1,191 numbers
North George Mason Drive 1,189 numbers
9th Street South 1,187 numbers
8th Road South 1,172 numbers
North Taylor Street 1,169 numbers
South Stafford Street 1,152 numbers
North Oak Street 1,137 numbers
23rd Street South 1,122 numbers
16th Street North 1,109 numbers
27th Street North 1,087 numbers
20th Street South 1,082 numbers
16th Street South 1,078 numbers
South Columbus Street 1,071 numbers
24th Street North 1,062 numbers
15th Street North 1,058 numbers
North Wayne Street 1,049 numbers
North Edison Street 1,041 numbers
18th Street South 1,041 numbers
North Stuart Street 1,027 numbers
Old Dominion Drive 1,026 numbers
North Stafford Street 1,025 numbers
18th Street North 1,025 numbers
6th Street South 1,021 numbers
North Vermont Street 1,016 numbers
25th Street North 1,004 numbers
North Harrison Street 995 numbers
South Randolph Street 992 numbers
North Oakland Street 991 numbers
4th Street North 989 numbers
5th Street South 987 numbers
North Adams Street 982 numbers
10th Street North 965 numbers
North Pershing Drive 957 numbers
North Nash Street 953 numbers
22nd Street South 897 numbers
17th Street North 892 numbers
8th Street South 892 numbers
2nd Street South 885 numbers
28th Road South 883 numbers
North Abingdon Street 875 numbers
South Courthouse Road 869 numbers
20th Street North 860 numbers
12th Street North 854 numbers
North Utah Street 848 numbers
North Taft Street 841 numbers
25th Street South 831 numbers
Little Falls Road 830 numbers
26th Street South 814 numbers
23rd Street North 799 numbers
South Barton Street 798 numbers
13th Street South 776 numbers
Military Road 770 numbers
South Abingdon Street 769 numbers
North Scott Street 760 numbers
North Fillmore Street 750 numbers
Lorcom Lane 742 numbers
4th Street South 733 numbers
7th Road South 729 numbers
19th Street South 725 numbers
21st Street North 722 numbers
25th Road North 722 numbers
34th Street South 714 numbers
7th Street North 713 numbers
5th Street North 712 numbers
7th Street South 705 numbers
North Vernon Street 702 numbers
13th Road South 679 numbers
North Highland Street 665 numbers
20th Road North 660 numbers
Patrick Henry Drive 653 numbers
14th Street South 648 numbers
North Quantico Street 646 numbers
North Thomas Street 637 numbers
South Quincy Street 616 numbers
South Monroe Street 616 numbers
South Veitch Street 615 numbers
10th Street South 598 numbers
36th Street North 595 numbers
North Madison Street 584 numbers
3rd Street South 583 numbers
North Powhatan Street 580 numbers
24th Street South 578 numbers
North Jackson Street 577 numbers
35th Street North 569 numbers
North Henderson Road 569 numbers
South Oakland Street 567 numbers
9th Road South 566 numbers
South Utah Street 561 numbers
1st Street North 552 numbers
South Adams Street 550 numbers
North Columbus Street 549 numbers
South Taylor Street 539 numbers
South Wayne Street 537 numbers
North Edgewood Street 535 numbers
21st Street South 532 numbers
North Lincoln Street 527 numbers
21st Road North 522 numbers
29th Street North 518 numbers
Spout Run Parkway 512 numbers
28th Street North 510 numbers
South Scott Street 506 numbers
John Marshall Drive 505 numbers
North Quebec Street 502 numbers
North Ohio Street 499 numbers
29th Street South 499 numbers
30th Street North 496 numbers
North Rhodes Street 496 numbers
13th Street North 491 numbers
23rd Road North 490 numbers
North Herndon Street 483 numbers
37th Street North 481 numbers
3rd Street North 479 numbers
North Kentucky Street 470 numbers
14th Road South 468 numbers
South Rolfe Street 465 numbers
27th Road North 461 numbers
1st Street South 461 numbers
9th Road North 458 numbers
19th Road North 457 numbers
North Monroe Street 452 numbers
35th Street South 446 numbers
North Danville Street 445 numbers
North Quinn Street 443 numbers
North Troy Street 443 numbers
North Irving Street 442 numbers
North Kenmore Street 441 numbers
2nd Street North 440 numbers
6th Street North 439 numbers
North Woodrow Street 431 numbers
22nd Road North 430 numbers
North Buchanan Street 425 numbers
11th Street South 422 numbers
South Pollard Street 418 numbers
North Illinois Street 414 numbers
26th Road North 413 numbers
South Ball Street 408 numbers
South Fern Street 406 numbers
South Nelson Street 403 numbers
South Edgewood Street 402 numbers
North Upland Street 400 numbers
North Tazewell Street 399 numbers
South Highland Street 398 numbers
4th Road North 387 numbers
North Emerson Street 382 numbers
North Florida Street 379 numbers
33rd Street North 379 numbers
10th Road North 375 numbers
Vacation Lane 371 numbers
32nd Street North 368 numbers
North Granada Street 365 numbers
Yorktown Boulevard 363 numbers
31st Street North 359 numbers
11th Road North 358 numbers
18th Road North 358 numbers
North Potomac Street 357 numbers
South Irving Street 355 numbers
South Hayes Street 353 numbers
30th Street South 349 numbers
2nd Road North 345 numbers
North Dittmar Road 344 numbers
17th Street South 343 numbers
North Piedmont Street 339 numbers
North Quintana Street 335 numbers
North Pierce Street 329 numbers
North Tuckahoe Street 327 numbers
Campbell Avenue 327 numbers
North Barton Street 326 numbers
38th Street North 324 numbers
40th Street North 322 numbers
North Liberty Street 321 numbers
16th Road North 319 numbers
North Daniel Street 316 numbers
8th Street North 308 numbers
North Sycamore Street 302 numbers
South Lowell Street 302 numbers
South Harrison Street 302 numbers
16th Road South 289 numbers
South Queen Street 282 numbers
South Thomas Street 277 numbers
North Cameron Street 276 numbers
34th Street North 275 numbers
South Kenmore Court 274 numbers
8th Road North 267 numbers
North Culpeper Street 261 numbers
12th Court North 261 numbers
1st Road South 253 numbers
25th Place North 248 numbers
North Courthouse Road 248 numbers
21st Avenue North 247 numbers
24th Road North 246 numbers
27th Road South 242 numbers
South Ivy Street 240 numbers
North Richmond Street 239 numbers
South Garfield Street 235 numbers
South Culpeper Street 234 numbers
South Quebec Street 233 numbers
North Queen Street 232 numbers
South Lincoln Street 226 numbers
North Rolfe Street 220 numbers
North Uhle Street 219 numbers
North Lebanon Street 218 numbers
North Upton Street 214 numbers
North Somerset Street 214 numbers
South Edison Street 213 numbers
North Park Drive 212 numbers
South Kemper Road 211 numbers
North Oxford Street 202 numbers
33rd Road North 201 numbers
North Calvert Street 201 numbers
South Woodrow Street 200 numbers
10th Place South 199 numbers
North McKinley Road 196 numbers
36th Road North 193 numbers
41st Street North 193 numbers
South Ives Street 191 numbers
North Bedford Street 191 numbers
North Hartford Street 190 numbers
North Ode Street 188 numbers
North Pocomoke Street 188 numbers
37th Road North 184 numbers
South Fillmore Street 183 numbers
South Oxford Street 182 numbers
34th Road North 180 numbers
North Bryan Street 180 numbers
North Ivy Street 179 numbers
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