Sioux Falls

East 8th Street 1,118 numbers
South Westport Avenue 1,098 numbers
North Potsdam Avenue 988 numbers
South Willow Avenue 799 numbers
South Marion Road 701 numbers
South Glendale Avenue 701 numbers
South West Avenue 658 numbers
South Duluth Avenue 655 numbers
South Western Avenue 649 numbers
South Phillips Avenue 635 numbers
South Summit Avenue 584 numbers
South Louise Avenue 561 numbers
South Main Avenue 539 numbers
South 4th Avenue 536 numbers
South Bahnson Avenue 536 numbers
West 46th Street 529 numbers
West 43rd Street 522 numbers
South Judy Avenue 512 numbers
South 1st Avenue 511 numbers
West 51st Street 499 numbers
East 6th Street 492 numbers
South Holly Avenue 486 numbers
South Cliff Avenue 484 numbers
South Norton Avenue 474 numbers
East 26th Street 468 numbers
West 53rd Street 464 numbers
West 32nd Street 462 numbers
West 12th Street 445 numbers
South Spring Avenue 444 numbers
South Alpine Avenue 441 numbers
West 9th Street 434 numbers
South Kiwanis Avenue 430 numbers
South Lyndale Avenue 416 numbers
East 12th Street 416 numbers
East 33rd Street 411 numbers
South Prairie Avenue 409 numbers
East 38th Street 404 numbers
South Tomar Road 402 numbers
West 37th Street 398 numbers
South Lake Avenue 397 numbers
South Walts Avenue 396 numbers
West 10th Street 395 numbers
East 7th Street 391 numbers
North Prairie Avenue 389 numbers
South Garfield Avenue 386 numbers
West Mesa Pass 384 numbers
West 56th Street 382 numbers
North Duluth Avenue 380 numbers
South Connie Avenue 377 numbers
South Williams Avenue 375 numbers
South Euclid Avenue 374 numbers
North Spring Avenue 372 numbers
East 28th Street 370 numbers
South Elmwood Avenue 361 numbers
East 18th Street 360 numbers
South Grange Avenue 358 numbers
North Cliff Avenue 356 numbers
East 15th Street 354 numbers
West 18th Street 352 numbers
South Lincoln Avenue 352 numbers
East 13th Street 341 numbers
South Blaine Avenue 341 numbers
West 58th Street 340 numbers
East 41st Street 340 numbers
East 3rd Street 340 numbers
East 22nd Street 340 numbers
West 16th Street 337 numbers
South Grinnell Avenue 330 numbers
South 5th Avenue 330 numbers
East 54th Street 326 numbers
West 39th Street 326 numbers
South Van Eps Avenue 325 numbers
West 57th Street 324 numbers
West 15th Street 323 numbers
South Oxbow Avenue 322 numbers
North Main Avenue 322 numbers
South Center Avenue 318 numbers
South 2nd Avenue 318 numbers
South Lewis Avenue 314 numbers
South Dakota Avenue 314 numbers
East 49th Street 314 numbers
North Dakota Avenue 308 numbers
South Terry Avenue 306 numbers
East 14th Street 306 numbers
South Wayland Avenue 305 numbers
South Menlo Avenue 303 numbers
South Sherman Avenue 302 numbers
South Annway Drive 302 numbers
North Summit Avenue 300 numbers
East 21st Street 299 numbers
West 33rd Street 297 numbers
South Stephen Avenue 296 numbers
South Florence Avenue 295 numbers
South Blauvelt Avenue 295 numbers
South Holbrook Avenue 293 numbers
East 20th Street 293 numbers
West 61st Street 291 numbers
South Holt Avenue 289 numbers
West 6th Street 289 numbers
South Hughes Avenue 287 numbers
West 52nd Street 286 numbers
West 50th Street 283 numbers
South Purdue Avenue 282 numbers
East 4th Street 277 numbers
South Covell Avenue 277 numbers
South Drexel Drive 273 numbers
East 11th Street 272 numbers
West Equestrian Place 271 numbers
North French Avenue 271 numbers
West 7th Street 268 numbers
West 55th Street 267 numbers
South 3rd Avenue 267 numbers
East Marson Drive 264 numbers
West 26th Street 259 numbers
East 5th Street 257 numbers
West 66th Street 256 numbers
North Lewis Avenue 253 numbers
West 90th Street 250 numbers
South Avalon Avenue 249 numbers
East 61st Street 249 numbers
West 41st Street 249 numbers
East 63rd Street 248 numbers
East 19th Street 243 numbers
North Walts Avenue 243 numbers
East 16th Street 242 numbers
North Wayland Avenue 241 numbers
South Galway Avenue 235 numbers
West 8th Street 235 numbers
North Sandberg Drive 233 numbers
North Jessica Avenue 233 numbers
East Madison Street 229 numbers
West Dardanella Road 229 numbers
South Glenview Road 227 numbers
South Arden Avenue 227 numbers
West 5th Street 226 numbers
East Northstar Lane 224 numbers
East 17th Street 223 numbers
West 22nd Street 222 numbers
West 65th Street 221 numbers
East 36th Street 218 numbers
West La Quinta Street 217 numbers
North Highland Avenue 217 numbers
North 9th Avenue 215 numbers
South Sertoma Avenue 215 numbers
West Bailey Street 214 numbers
South Campbell Trail 212 numbers
South Sycamore Avenue 212 numbers
West 38th Street 211 numbers
West 17th Street 210 numbers
West 14th Street 210 numbers
South Bedford Avenue 206 numbers
West Norma Trail 203 numbers
East 52nd Street 203 numbers
West Leah Street 203 numbers
South Conklin Avenue 203 numbers
North Leadale Avenue 202 numbers
West 40th Street 202 numbers
North Kiwanis Avenue 200 numbers
East Oak Street 200 numbers
East 57th Street 199 numbers
West 13th Street 198 numbers
South Cathy Avenue 197 numbers
South Melanie Lane 195 numbers
North Meyer Lane 194 numbers
North 10th Avenue 193 numbers
East Fernwood Drive 193 numbers
West 67th Street 191 numbers
South Grace Avenue 190 numbers
North Holly Avenue 190 numbers
South Gordon Drive 189 numbers
West 31st Street 189 numbers
East 23rd Street 189 numbers
North Menlo Avenue 188 numbers
East Klondike Trail 188 numbers
North Mable Avenue 188 numbers
East Claudette Drive 185 numbers
West 93rd Street 181 numbers
East 42nd Street 180 numbers
East Bragstad Drive 179 numbers
North Franklin Avenue 179 numbers
West 49th Street 178 numbers
West 45th Street 177 numbers
North Sherman Avenue 177 numbers
North Indiana Avenue 177 numbers
South Sneve Avenue 176 numbers
West 23rd Street 176 numbers
West 64th Street 175 numbers
South Homan Place 175 numbers
North Euclid Avenue 174 numbers
West 25th Street 173 numbers
South Plateau Trail 173 numbers
South Mogen Avenue 172 numbers
South Larch Avenue 171 numbers
South 6th Avenue 171 numbers
North Nesmith Avenue 170 numbers
East 24th Street 169 numbers
North Van Eps Avenue 169 numbers
West 24th Street 168 numbers
North Elmwood Avenue 167 numbers
West 28th Street 167 numbers
East Blueridge Drive 167 numbers
North Career Avenue 165 numbers
East Edgewood Road 164 numbers
North Lowell Avenue 164 numbers
West 36th Street 163 numbers
South Harmony Drive 163 numbers
North Blauvelt Avenue 163 numbers
West Madison Street 163 numbers
South Mandy Avenue 163 numbers
South Crane Avenue 162 numbers
West Chesapeake Lane 161 numbers
South Clover Avenue 161 numbers
North Covell Avenue 161 numbers
South Carter Place 159 numbers
258th Street 158 numbers
East Belmont Street 157 numbers
South Klein Avenue 157 numbers
South Point Drive 156 numbers
North 8th Avenue 156 numbers
West Coughran Court 154 numbers
West Strabane Street 152 numbers
West 11th Street 152 numbers
North Phillips Avenue 151 numbers
West 42nd Street 151 numbers
South Tennis Lane 150 numbers
East Plum Creek Road 148 numbers
South Lowell Avenue 148 numbers
East Havenhill Drive 148 numbers
South Camden Avenue 147 numbers
North Western Avenue 147 numbers
South Ebenezer Avenue 147 numbers
West Essex Drive 147 numbers
North Holiday Avenue 147 numbers
North Lincoln Avenue 146 numbers
South Thompson Avenue 146 numbers
South Olive Drive 145 numbers
South Newcomb Avenue 144 numbers
North Dubuque Avenue 142 numbers
South Hillview Road 141 numbers
West Lobelia Street 140 numbers
East Austin Street 138 numbers
East Mission Street 138 numbers
East Ronning Drive 138 numbers
West Cheyenne Drive 138 numbers
South Highland Avenue 137 numbers
South Dorothy Avenue 137 numbers
West Misty Glen Place 137 numbers
North 7th Avenue 137 numbers
West 34th Street 136 numbers
East Whisper Trail 136 numbers
East Brewster Street 136 numbers
East 25th Street 136 numbers
South Cain Avenue 135 numbers
North Lake Avenue 134 numbers
West Custer Lane 134 numbers
East 70th Street 133 numbers
467th Avenue 132 numbers
East Pam Road 131 numbers
West Panama Street 131 numbers
South Katie Avenue 130 numbers
South Nevada Avenue 129 numbers
South Lisanne Avenue 129 numbers
South Jessica Avenue 129 numbers
South Tayberry Avenue 129 numbers
South Kennedy Avenue 129 numbers
West 54th Street 129 numbers
West Briggs Drive 128 numbers
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