Liberty Road South 1,489 numbers
State Street 1,401 numbers
Sunnyview Road Northeast 1,323 numbers
Turner Road Southeast 1,236 numbers
Wallace Road Northwest 1,189 numbers
Market Street Northeast 1,127 numbers
Center Street Northeast 1,086 numbers
Robins Lane Southeast 1,035 numbers
Auburn Road Northeast 985 numbers
Fisher Road Northeast 900 numbers
Boone Road Southeast 845 numbers
D Street Northeast 784 numbers
Park Avenue Northeast 758 numbers
45th Avenue Northeast 754 numbers
47th Avenue Northeast 745 numbers
12th Street Southeast 676 numbers
Skyline Road South 589 numbers
Lee Street Southeast 579 numbers
18th Street Northeast 557 numbers
24th Street Northeast 537 numbers
River Road South 493 numbers
High Street Southeast 483 numbers
Crestview Drive South 473 numbers
Swegle Road Northeast 443 numbers
14th Street Northeast 439 numbers
19th Street Northeast 429 numbers
23rd Street Northeast 424 numbers
Ward Drive Northeast 415 numbers
25th Street Southeast 407 numbers
21st Street Northeast 392 numbers
17th Street Northeast 386 numbers
20th Street Northeast 357 numbers
6th Street Northwest 354 numbers
42nd Avenue Southeast 346 numbers
5th Street Northeast 332 numbers
Camellia Drive South 330 numbers
4th Street Northeast 320 numbers
Cordon Road Northeast 318 numbers
16th Street Northeast 315 numbers
Madrona Avenue South 306 numbers
Brown Road Northeast 301 numbers
Eola Drive Northwest 297 numbers
Saginaw Street South 284 numbers
15th Street Northeast 280 numbers
Jones Road Southeast 279 numbers
46th Avenue Northeast 274 numbers
Dogwood Drive South 274 numbers
13th Street Northeast 273 numbers
7th Avenue Southeast 272 numbers
Happy Drive Northeast 265 numbers
Fir Street South 265 numbers
Dakota Road Southeast 264 numbers
Baxter Road Southeast 263 numbers
25th Avenue Northeast 262 numbers
Riverdale Road South 261 numbers
Fabry Road Southeast 250 numbers
25th Street Northeast 248 numbers
48th Avenue Northeast 238 numbers
Taybin Road Northwest 236 numbers
Regal Drive Northeast 228 numbers
Ruge Street Northwest 227 numbers
Winslow Way Northwest 227 numbers
18th Street Southeast 224 numbers
23rd Street Southeast 220 numbers
Bell Road Northeast 219 numbers
49th Avenue Southeast 219 numbers
19th Street Southeast 219 numbers
Herrin Road Northeast 214 numbers
Jade Street Northeast 210 numbers
Kacey Circle 209 numbers
37th Avenue Northwest 208 numbers
Elm Street Northwest 205 numbers
Bren Loop Northeast 202 numbers
15th Street Southeast 202 numbers
17th Street Southeast 201 numbers
Browning Avenue South 199 numbers
Hansen Avenue South 197 numbers
14th Street Southeast 197 numbers
Lardon Road Northeast 197 numbers
Nomad Court Southeast 196 numbers
46th Place Southeast 195 numbers
Cole Road South 193 numbers
Walker Road Northeast 192 numbers
32nd Place Northeast 192 numbers
Equestrian Loop South 191 numbers
Doral Drive Southeast 191 numbers
20th Street Southeast 191 numbers
8th Street Northwest 190 numbers
Cunningham Lane South 190 numbers
14th Place South 189 numbers
16th Street Southeast 187 numbers
Davis Road South 182 numbers
Joplin Street South 181 numbers
21st Street Southeast 178 numbers
70th Avenue Southeast 178 numbers
Red Leaf Drive South 177 numbers
24th Street Southeast 177 numbers
34th Avenue Northwest 175 numbers
39th Avenue Northeast 173 numbers
Holiday Drive South 173 numbers
Gehlar Road Northwest 172 numbers
Maplewood Drive South 168 numbers
22nd Street Southeast 168 numbers
45th Avenue Southeast 168 numbers
Kamela Drive South 168 numbers
Tess Avenue Northeast 167 numbers
7th Street Northwest 163 numbers
Nina Avenue Southeast 161 numbers
35th Avenue Northwest 160 numbers
Hoyt Street Southeast 159 numbers
13th Street Southeast 158 numbers
Karen Way Northwest 157 numbers
Waln Drive Southeast 156 numbers
30th Avenue Northeast 155 numbers
Ranier Loop Northwest 155 numbers
3rd Street Northwest 153 numbers
Holder Lane Southeast 152 numbers
Vernon Loop Northeast 151 numbers
Elma Avenue Southeast 151 numbers
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