River Road North 589 numbers
Wheatland Road North 348 numbers
Verda Lane Northeast 338 numbers
Oneil Road Northeast 213 numbers
Chemawa Road North 213 numbers
Cummings Lane North 212 numbers
McLeod Lane Northeast 201 numbers
Nicklaus Loop North 191 numbers
Sagrada Circle North 178 numbers
Shady Lane Northeast 178 numbers
14th Avenue Northeast 170 numbers
Lakefair Place North 161 numbers
Dearborn Avenue North 160 numbers
Rafael Avenue North 159 numbers
Mcgee Court Northeast 152 numbers
Trent Avenue North 152 numbers
13th Avenue Northeast 149 numbers
Menlo Drive North 146 numbers
Newberg Drive North 143 numbers
Snead Drive North 142 numbers
Sunset Avenue North 140 numbers
Shoreline Drive North 140 numbers
Juniper Street North 137 numbers
Hogan Drive North 133 numbers
Lockhaven Drive North 133 numbers
Weeks Drive Northeast 129 numbers
Lakepoint Place North 122 numbers
Alder Drive Northeast 119 numbers
Kinglet Way Northeast 116 numbers
Larry Avenue North 113 numbers
Evans Avenue North 113 numbers
Pierce Drive North 112 numbers
Joan Drive North 112 numbers
Delight Street North 111 numbers
Bever Drive Northeast 111 numbers
Ring Street Northeast 109 numbers
Moneda Avenue North 108 numbers
Bair Road Northeast 107 numbers
Marino Drive North 107 numbers
Gary Street Northeast 103 numbers
Susan Court Northeast 100 numbers
Jack Street North 100 numbers
Fenwick Court North 99 numbers
Manbrin Drive North 96 numbers
Juedes Avenue North 95 numbers
Orchard Court North 94 numbers
Delta Court North 94 numbers
Rushmore Avenue 88 numbers
Ivy Way Northeast 85 numbers
Koala Street North 85 numbers
Amy Lane Northeast 81 numbers
13th Avenue North 79 numbers
3rd Avenue North 72 numbers
Westlake Loop North 71 numbers
Wayne Drive North 71 numbers
Crampton Drive 69 numbers
Player Drive North 69 numbers
Garland Way North 69 numbers
Jodelle Court North 68 numbers
Dorcas Drive North 68 numbers
Crenshaw Loop North 67 numbers
Dennis Lane North 65 numbers
5th Place Northeast 62 numbers
Pierce Court North 60 numbers
2nd Avenue North 57 numbers
Crater Avenue North 56 numbers
Sandy Drive North 56 numbers
Sandra Avenue North 55 numbers
Lost Lane North 53 numbers
15th Avenue North 53 numbers
Lopez Court North 51 numbers
Palmer Drive North 51 numbers
Garland Court North 49 numbers
Littler Drive North 49 numbers
Russett Drive North 47 numbers
Nordic Court North 46 numbers
Leeward Court North 45 numbers
Kayak Way Northeast 45 numbers
22nd Avenue North 44 numbers
Dory Court North 44 numbers
Golden Lane North 44 numbers
Veranda Court North 44 numbers
Toni Avenue North 43 numbers
Juniper Court North 43 numbers
Waterford Way 43 numbers
Casper Drive North 38 numbers
Jerdon Court North 36 numbers
Trevino Court North 36 numbers
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