Hill Street Southeast 664 numbers
Riverside Drive 476 numbers
21st Avenue Southeast 415 numbers
Main Street Southeast 398 numbers
Oak Street Southeast 387 numbers
27th Avenue Southeast 383 numbers
Knox Butte Road East 364 numbers
34th Avenue Southeast 313 numbers
Southeast Tudor Way 288 numbers
32nd Avenue Southeast 285 numbers
38th Avenue Southeast 252 numbers
16th Avenue Southeast 250 numbers
Pine Street Southeast 242 numbers
25th Avenue Southeast 222 numbers
14th Avenue Southeast 213 numbers
Southeast 2nd Avenue 210 numbers
20th Avenue Southeast 200 numbers
18th Avenue Southeast 194 numbers
Morse Lane Southwest 191 numbers
Southeast Lyon Street 188 numbers
15th Avenue Southeast 185 numbers
Southeast Clay Street 176 numbers
40th Avenue Southeast 173 numbers
Chase Loop Southwest 171 numbers
Southeast 4th Avenue 164 numbers
Southeast 24th Avenue 163 numbers
Southeast 6th Avenue 158 numbers
Salmon Run Southwest 153 numbers
Southeast 5th Avenue 150 numbers
Southwest 16th Avenue 149 numbers
Southwest 14th Avenue 134 numbers
23rd Avenue Southeast 133 numbers
6th Avenue Southwest 124 numbers
Southwest 7th Avenue 121 numbers
Southwest 9th Avenue 121 numbers
Lehigh Way Southeast 121 numbers
Northeast 13th Avenue 118 numbers
Southwest 12th Avenue 117 numbers
Southeast 7th Avenue 116 numbers
Southeast 28th Avenue 116 numbers
22nd Avenue Southeast 115 numbers
Linn Avenue Southeast 111 numbers
35th Avenue Southeast 110 numbers
Southwest 15th Avenue 109 numbers
Earl Avenue Northeast 109 numbers
36th Avenue Southwest 109 numbers
17th Avenue Southeast 108 numbers
30th Avenue Southeast 106 numbers
28th Avenue Southeast 101 numbers
Pine Lane Southeast 88 numbers
Sedona Road 72 numbers
Sommerset Avenue 70 numbers
Northwest Teak Loop 56 numbers
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