Oklahoma City

Northwest 10th Street 3,351 numbers
Northwest 16th Street 3,049 numbers
Northwest 19th Street 3,000 numbers
Northwest 20th Street 2,786 numbers
Northwest 122nd Street 2,739 numbers
Northwest 18th Street 2,517 numbers
North Council Road 2,462 numbers
North May Avenue 2,413 numbers
Northwest 34th Street 2,320 numbers
Northwest 12th Street 2,272 numbers
Northwest 21st Street 2,265 numbers
Stratford Drive 2,259 numbers
North Meridian Avenue 2,230 numbers
Northwest 11th Street 2,229 numbers
Northwest 17th Street 2,215 numbers
Northwest 22nd Street 2,204 numbers
Northwest 14th Street 2,149 numbers
Northwest 15th Street 2,146 numbers
Northwest 33rd Street 2,080 numbers
Northwest 25th Street 2,065 numbers
Northwest 27th Street 2,018 numbers
South Western Avenue 2,011 numbers
Northwest 32nd Street 2,008 numbers
Northwest 31st Street 1,972 numbers
West Britton Road 1,943 numbers
Northwest 29th Street 1,933 numbers
Northwest 26th Street 1,916 numbers
Northwest 30th Street 1,881 numbers
Northwest 13th Street 1,797 numbers
Northwest 28th Street 1,748 numbers
South Shartel Avenue 1,703 numbers
Southeast 89th Street 1,698 numbers
Northwest 42nd Street 1,678 numbers
Southwest 27th Street 1,673 numbers
Northwest 23rd Street 1,656 numbers
Northwest 114th Street 1,631 numbers
West Park Place 1,608 numbers
Northwest 24th Street 1,585 numbers
Southwest 25th Street 1,577 numbers
Southwest 48th Street 1,561 numbers
South Drexel Avenue 1,557 numbers
Northwest 41st Street 1,556 numbers
Northwest 111th Street 1,556 numbers
Northwest 44th Street 1,552 numbers
Southwest 26th Street 1,538 numbers
Northwest 35th Street 1,529 numbers
Southwest 51st Street 1,525 numbers
Northwest 115th Street 1,511 numbers
South Harvey Avenue 1,492 numbers
South May Avenue 1,490 numbers
Southwest 24th Street 1,484 numbers
Northwest 45th Street 1,462 numbers
Featherstone Road 1,449 numbers
Southwest 33rd Street 1,447 numbers
Southwest 28th Street 1,443 numbers
Northwest 113th Street 1,433 numbers
Southwest 22nd Street 1,424 numbers
Northwest 39th Street 1,404 numbers
Northwest 118th Street 1,403 numbers
West Hefner Road 1,400 numbers
West Memorial Road 1,383 numbers
Northwest 43rd Street 1,382 numbers
Northwest 36th Street 1,377 numbers
Southwest 89th Street 1,371 numbers
Northwest 82nd Street 1,365 numbers
Southwest 32nd Street 1,350 numbers
Southwest 46th Street 1,349 numbers
Southwest 23rd Street 1,344 numbers
Southwest 49th Street 1,333 numbers
Northwest 50th Street 1,331 numbers
Southeast 46th Street 1,329 numbers
Southwest 45th Street 1,318 numbers
Northwest 46th Street 1,316 numbers
Northwest 40th Street 1,312 numbers
Southwest 39th Street 1,291 numbers
Southwest 40th Street 1,290 numbers
Northwest 48th Street 1,289 numbers
Northwest 8th Street 1,283 numbers
Southwest 34th Street 1,275 numbers
Northwest 47th Street 1,268 numbers
Southwest 35th Street 1,193 numbers
Southwest 52nd Street 1,166 numbers
Southeast 51st Street 1,163 numbers
Northwest 116th Street 1,162 numbers
Northeast 18th Street 1,162 numbers
Southeast 55th Street 1,161 numbers
Southwest 42nd Street 1,152 numbers
Southwest 31st Street 1,151 numbers
Southwest 21st Street 1,151 numbers
South Villa Avenue 1,151 numbers
Northwest 49th Street 1,150 numbers
Southwest 62nd Street 1,149 numbers
South Walker Avenue 1,147 numbers
Northeast 17th Street 1,142 numbers
Northwest 119th Street 1,137 numbers
Northwest 121st Street 1,131 numbers
Northwest 38th Street 1,131 numbers
Northeast 20th Street 1,118 numbers
Northeast 15th Street 1,114 numbers
Northwest 112th Street 1,112 numbers
Roxboro Avenue 1,107 numbers
Lyrewood Lane 1,105 numbers
Northeast 19th Street 1,103 numbers
Northeast 16th Street 1,099 numbers
Southwest 54th Street 1,094 numbers
North Warren Avenue 1,091 numbers
Southwest 93rd Street 1,085 numbers
Southwest 30th Street 1,082 numbers
Southeast 45th Street 1,076 numbers
South Douglas Avenue 1,075 numbers
Southwest 38th Street 1,068 numbers
Northwest 57th Street 1,066 numbers
West Wilshire Boulevard 1,048 numbers
South Brookline Avenue 1,048 numbers
Southwest 43rd Street 1,047 numbers
North McKinley Avenue 1,042 numbers
Southwest 63rd Street 1,035 numbers
Northwest 120th Street 1,033 numbers
Southwest 41st Street 1,032 numbers
Northwest 109th Street 1,030 numbers
Northwest 83rd Street 1,023 numbers
Southwest 61st Street 1,022 numbers
Southwest 47th Street 1,022 numbers
Northwest Expressway 1,016 numbers
Northwest 110th Street 1,014 numbers
Northwest 60th Street 1,012 numbers
Northwest 62nd Street 1,011 numbers
Northwest 84th Street 1,007 numbers
Northwest 56th Street 1,007 numbers
Northwest 59th Street 995 numbers
Northwest 85th Street 988 numbers
Westchester Drive 986 numbers
North Rockwell Avenue 980 numbers
South Council Road 969 numbers
Southwest 65th Street 966 numbers
Southwest 60th Street 963 numbers
Northwest 61st Street 962 numbers
Southwest 50th Street 958 numbers
Candlewood Drive 957 numbers
Northwest 7th Street 956 numbers
Southwest 59th Street 954 numbers
Heritage Park Road 951 numbers
Southwest 44th Street 933 numbers
Northwest 37th Street 905 numbers
Northwest 86th Street 898 numbers
Cashion Place 880 numbers
Northeast 28th Street 869 numbers
Southwest 56th Street 868 numbers
Springhollow Road 866 numbers
Andover Court 864 numbers
Northwest 88th Street 860 numbers
Northwest 58th Street 859 numbers
Southeast 59th Street 854 numbers
Northwest 69th Street 851 numbers
Southeast 48th Street 844 numbers
Southeast 57th Street 843 numbers
Southwest 37th Street 840 numbers
North Walker Avenue 840 numbers
Southwest 96th Street 829 numbers
Southwest 66th Street 825 numbers
Northwest 91st Street 824 numbers
Southeast 47th Street 815 numbers
Northwest 92nd Street 815 numbers
Southwest 55th Street 814 numbers
Northeast 14th Street 812 numbers
Northwest 68th Street 802 numbers
Southwest 92nd Street 795 numbers
Southwest 81st Street 791 numbers
Northwest 52nd Street 784 numbers
Southwest 64th Street 779 numbers
Northeast 21st Street 774 numbers
South Linn Avenue 774 numbers
South Hillcrest Drive 774 numbers
Northwest 90th Street 773 numbers
Northwest 54th Street 771 numbers
South McKinley Avenue 770 numbers
Northwest 63rd Street 769 numbers
Tealwood Drive 769 numbers
Southeast 49th Street 753 numbers
Northwest 80th Street 749 numbers
South Land Avenue 747 numbers
Northwest 67th Street 742 numbers
Southeast 44th Street 741 numbers
Southwest 67th Street 724 numbers
South Ross Avenue 723 numbers
Southeast 54th Street 718 numbers
South Santa Fe Avenue 704 numbers
Carlton Way 701 numbers
North Robinson Avenue 698 numbers
North Eagle Lane 697 numbers
Northwest 65th Street 695 numbers
Southeast 74th Street 693 numbers
South Agnew Avenue 686 numbers
Southwest 74th Street 677 numbers
Southwest 20th Street 673 numbers
Southeast 40th Street 669 numbers
Southwest 68th Street 667 numbers
Northwest 5th Street 666 numbers
Southwest 17th Street 666 numbers
Northwest 89th Street 665 numbers
Brighton Avenue 665 numbers
Southwest 84th Street 662 numbers
Foster Road 659 numbers
Northwest 51st Street 655 numbers
Southwest 57th Street 655 numbers
Southwest 97th Street 651 numbers
Southwest 82nd Street 648 numbers
Northwest 81st Street 646 numbers
Downing Street 641 numbers
Northwest 6th Street 639 numbers
South Broadway Avenue 636 numbers
Quail Creek Road 628 numbers
Huntleigh Drive 623 numbers
North Hudson Avenue 618 numbers
Lakecrest Drive 618 numbers
South Robinson Avenue 616 numbers
Northwest 66th Street 614 numbers
Willow Cliff Road 612 numbers
North Shartel Avenue 612 numbers
Southeast 52nd Street 607 numbers
Northwest 9th Street 607 numbers
North Kelley Avenue 604 numbers
Southwest 99th Street 603 numbers
Northwest 87th Street 602 numbers
Southwest 53rd Street 596 numbers
South Anderson Road 593 numbers
Cherry Hill Lane 583 numbers
Oxford Way 582 numbers
Northeast 63rd Street 577 numbers
Lakeside Drive 576 numbers
Southwest 94th Street 575 numbers
Southwest 95th Street 569 numbers
Northwest 70th Street 569 numbers
Brookwood Drive 566 numbers
North Miller Avenue 566 numbers
Southeast 86th Street 565 numbers
North Villa Avenue 565 numbers
Southeast 50th Street 562 numbers
North Roff Avenue 560 numbers
Green Valley Drive 560 numbers
Northeast 24th Street 559 numbers
North Portland Avenue 558 numbers
North Harvard Avenue 556 numbers
North Barnes Avenue 551 numbers
North Sterling Avenue 549 numbers
Northeast 26th Street 548 numbers
Northeast 11th Street 547 numbers
South Winston Way 544 numbers
Southeast 56th Street 544 numbers
Southeast 39th Street 541 numbers
South Hudson Avenue 540 numbers
Northeast 27th Street 534 numbers
Southwest 86th Street 533 numbers
Southwest 80th Street 532 numbers
North Shawnee Avenue 532 numbers
Southwest 19th Street 528 numbers
Southwest 69th Street 527 numbers
Southeast 87th Street 525 numbers
Northeast 12th Street 524 numbers
Southwest 71st Street 518 numbers
Brush Creek Road 516 numbers
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