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South Chestnut Avenue 1,286 numbers
South Poplar Avenue 1,231 numbers
South Oak Avenue 950 numbers
West El Paso Street 946 numbers
West Gary Street 943 numbers
South Redbud Avenue 918 numbers
South Elm Place 908 numbers
North 7th Street 904 numbers
South Date Avenue 893 numbers
South Dogwood Avenue 883 numbers
South Ash Avenue 854 numbers
South Birch Avenue 832 numbers
South Lions Avenue 826 numbers
South Cedar Avenue 819 numbers
South Maple Avenue 792 numbers
West Austin Street 783 numbers
South Hickory Avenue 772 numbers
West Boston Street 767 numbers
South Juniper Avenue 765 numbers
West Pittsburg Street 759 numbers
South Sycamore Avenue 723 numbers
South Elder Avenue 723 numbers
South Ash Place 686 numbers
West Quincy Street 673 numbers
South Gum Avenue 672 numbers
East Omaha Street 671 numbers
West College Street 663 numbers
West Houston Street 660 numbers
West Memphis Street 659 numbers
West Delmar Street 655 numbers
South Ironwood Avenue 652 numbers
West Dallas Street 644 numbers
West Utica Street 643 numbers
West Fulton Street 634 numbers
South Tamarack Avenue 626 numbers
West Granger Street 619 numbers
South Walnut Avenue 607 numbers
West Vandalia Street 601 numbers
South Elm Avenue 593 numbers
South Beech Avenue 590 numbers
West Toledo Street 589 numbers
West Urbana Street 574 numbers
East Reno Street 569 numbers
West Vicksburg Street 564 numbers
West Knoxville Street 552 numbers
West Freeport Street 551 numbers
West Nashville Street 550 numbers
West Waco Street 548 numbers
South Fir Avenue 545 numbers
West Roanoke Street 529 numbers
South Aster Avenue 527 numbers
West Galveston Street 526 numbers
West Quantico Street 525 numbers
West Edgewater Street 523 numbers
West Oakland Street 519 numbers
South Willow Avenue 518 numbers
West Broadway Street 507 numbers
West Elgin Street 503 numbers
West Pittsburg Place 495 numbers
West Norman Street 478 numbers
West Atlanta Court 477 numbers
South 4th Street 473 numbers
West Twin Oaks Street 471 numbers
South Gardenia Avenue 470 numbers
North Aster Avenue 464 numbers
North Willow Avenue 460 numbers
West Oakridge Street 457 numbers
South Garnett Road 453 numbers
West Hartford Street 452 numbers
East Albany Street 450 numbers
South Aspen Court 448 numbers
West Madison Street 442 numbers
South Hemlock Avenue 441 numbers
South 1st Place 440 numbers
East Fargo Street 438 numbers
South 1st Street 430 numbers
West Honolulu Street 429 numbers
West Detroit Street 428 numbers
West Lansing Street 420 numbers
West Jackson Street 420 numbers
Meadowood Drive 419 numbers
North Ironwood Place 417 numbers
West Canton Street 414 numbers
South Joshua Avenue 399 numbers
South Laurel Avenue 398 numbers
South Fern Avenue 392 numbers
South Cypress Avenue 390 numbers
South Umbrella Avenue 377 numbers
South Date Place 376 numbers
East Dallas Street 376 numbers
West Canton Place 373 numbers
South Hickory Place 372 numbers
West Greeley Street 371 numbers
East Freeport Street 368 numbers
West Ocala Street 367 numbers
West Inglewood Street 365 numbers
West Ithica Street 365 numbers
West Durham Street 360 numbers
West Albany Drive 359 numbers
West Orlando Circle 356 numbers
West Indianola Street 356 numbers
North 1st Street 351 numbers
West Washington Place 343 numbers
North Oak Avenue 341 numbers
West Miami Street 341 numbers
West Galveston Place 338 numbers
West Quinton Street 332 numbers
South 5th Place 331 numbers
West Toledo Court 331 numbers
East El Paso Street 330 numbers
West Boston Place 328 numbers
West Richmond Street 327 numbers
West Queens Street 323 numbers
East Dover Street 320 numbers
North 27th Street 319 numbers
South Peach Avenue 319 numbers
North Hickory Avenue 317 numbers
South Pine Avenue 315 numbers
North Elm Avenue 308 numbers
West Kent Street 305 numbers
South 6th Street 298 numbers
East Vancouver Street 293 numbers
East Knoxville Street 290 numbers
South Nyssa Avenue 287 numbers
West Atlanta Street 286 numbers
West Houston Place 276 numbers
North 12th Street 276 numbers
South Pecan Avenue 275 numbers
South Sycamore Place 275 numbers
East Queens Street 272 numbers
East Lansing Street 270 numbers
South Ash Court 267 numbers
North 31st Street 267 numbers
South Narcissus Place 265 numbers
North 30th Street 264 numbers
South 2nd Street 262 numbers
West Rockport Street 261 numbers
East Seattle Street 261 numbers
North 4th Street 261 numbers
North 10th Street 260 numbers
South Redwood Avenue 258 numbers
South Fir Place 258 numbers
East Galveston Street 258 numbers
West Quanah Street 255 numbers
West Austin Place 254 numbers
North 6th Street 253 numbers
North 14th Street 252 numbers
East College Street 251 numbers
North Ash Avenue 251 numbers
North Cypress Avenue 251 numbers
Johanna Boulevard 250 numbers
West Glendale Street 250 numbers
East Helena Street 250 numbers
North 15th Street 244 numbers
West Charlotte Street 241 numbers
West Waco Place 241 numbers
North Ironwood Avenue 240 numbers
East Kansas Street 240 numbers
South 7th Street 238 numbers
East Galveston Place 236 numbers
Lariat Circle 236 numbers
East Madison Street 236 numbers
East 37th Place South 235 numbers
South Juniper Place 234 numbers
South Redbud Place 234 numbers
East Jackson Street 231 numbers
East 39th Place South 228 numbers
North 11th Street 227 numbers
South Gardenia Place 227 numbers
West Atlanta Place 227 numbers
North Juniper Avenue 226 numbers
West Jefferson Street 225 numbers
East 31st Place South 223 numbers
West Edgewater Place 223 numbers
West Reno Street 222 numbers
East Princeton Street 221 numbers
East Jackson Place 221 numbers
South Birch Place 221 numbers
Haskell Drive 220 numbers
South Beech Court 220 numbers
Rosewood Drive 220 numbers
South 75th Street 220 numbers
West Iola Street 220 numbers
South Redwood Place 218 numbers
North 21st Street 216 numbers
West Mobile Place 215 numbers
North Village Avenue 214 numbers
North 22nd Street 214 numbers
North Hickory Place 213 numbers
South Dogwood Place 213 numbers
West Decatur Street 213 numbers
North Poplar Avenue 212 numbers
Millwood Road 211 numbers
South Lynn Lane Road 210 numbers
South 8th Street 210 numbers
West Boston Court 209 numbers
East Norman Street 209 numbers
West Orlando Street 208 numbers
East Concord Street 208 numbers
East 64th Street 208 numbers
North Butternut Court 208 numbers
North Umbrella Avenue 207 numbers
East Elgin Place 206 numbers
West Gulfport Street 206 numbers
East Waco Street 205 numbers
North 34th Street 205 numbers
South Maple Place 205 numbers
North Aster Place 205 numbers
East 61st Place 205 numbers
South 5th Avenue 204 numbers
East 34th Place South 201 numbers
East 38th Place South 201 numbers
East Broadway Street 201 numbers
South Nyssa Place 196 numbers
South 31st Street 196 numbers
South Sequoia Avenue 196 numbers
South 200 East Avenue 196 numbers
East Detroit Street 195 numbers
West Winston Street 195 numbers
East 49th Street 195 numbers
West Utica Place 195 numbers
East Granger Street 195 numbers
South Oak Place 195 numbers
East Oakridge Street 194 numbers
North Juniper Place 194 numbers
West Natchez Street 193 numbers
North Lions Avenue 192 numbers
South Park Avenue 191 numbers
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