Tod Avenue Northwest 926 numbers
Mahoning Avenue 846 numbers
State Road Northwest 767 numbers
North Park Avenue 597 numbers
Salt Springs Road 596 numbers
Tod Avenue Southwest 579 numbers
East Market Street 559 numbers
Oak Street Southwest 445 numbers
Champion Avenue East 434 numbers
Elm Road Northeast 406 numbers
North Road Northeast 401 numbers
North Road Southeast 366 numbers
Linda Drive Northwest 347 numbers
Downs Road Northwest 315 numbers
High Street Northeast 310 numbers
3rd Street Southwest 305 numbers
Champion Avenue West 304 numbers
Reeves Road Northeast 302 numbers
5th Street Southwest 294 numbers
Center Street West 294 numbers
Alva Avenue Northwest 292 numbers
Risher Road Southwest 286 numbers
Beal Street Northwest 285 numbers
Mines Road Southeast 274 numbers
West Market Street 274 numbers
Johnson Plank Road 271 numbers
Main Avenue Southwest 257 numbers
Wick Street Southeast 253 numbers
Eldon Drive Northwest 241 numbers
2nd Street Southwest 234 numbers
Butler Road Northeast 226 numbers
Hall Street Northwest 220 numbers
Aspen Drive Northwest 213 numbers
Cain Drive Northeast 206 numbers
Earl Drive Northwest 202 numbers
Hallock Young Road 201 numbers
Center Street East 195 numbers
Niles Road Southeast 189 numbers
Ohio Avenue Northwest 187 numbers
Pierce Road Northwest 185 numbers
Clearview Drive 184 numbers
Weir Road Northeast 172 numbers
Durst Drive Northwest 170 numbers
West Avenue Northwest 166 numbers
York Avenue Northwest 164 numbers
4th Street Southwest 159 numbers
Bane Street Southwest 153 numbers
Iowa Avenue Northwest 147 numbers
Meadow Lane Northeast 146 numbers
Orchard Avenue 144 numbers
Beck Street Southeast 140 numbers
Vine Avenue Northeast 140 numbers
Ellsworth Bailey Road 137 numbers
East Avenue Southeast 132 numbers
High Street Northwest 132 numbers
Bruce Drive Southeast 127 numbers
Aris Street Northwest 127 numbers
Dana Street Northeast 126 numbers
Lovers Lane Northwest 126 numbers
North Aspen Court 119 numbers
Shady Lane Northeast 119 numbers
Peach Lane Southwest 115 numbers
Hoyt Street Southwest 111 numbers
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