Academy Road Northeast 3,775 numbers
Osuna Road Northeast 2,679 numbers
Morris Street Northeast 2,515 numbers
Comanche Road Northeast 2,178 numbers
Moon Street Northeast 2,101 numbers
Spain Road Northeast 2,086 numbers
Copper Avenue Northeast 2,020 numbers
Calle Cuervo Northwest 1,965 numbers
2nd Street Northwest 1,664 numbers
Cibola Loop Northwest 1,616 numbers
Central Avenue Southeast 1,449 numbers
Roma Avenue Northeast 1,434 numbers
Aztec Road Northeast 1,433 numbers
Madeira Drive Southeast 1,390 numbers
Monroe Street Northeast 1,325 numbers
Cardenas Drive Northeast 1,308 numbers
4th Street Northwest 1,296 numbers
Valencia Drive Southeast 1,259 numbers
Valencia Drive Northeast 1,253 numbers
Columbia Drive Southeast 1,234 numbers
Skyline Road Northeast 1,213 numbers
Mountain Road Northeast 1,212 numbers
Alvarado Drive Northeast 1,193 numbers
Hannett Avenue Northeast 1,180 numbers
Alvarado Drive Southeast 1,175 numbers
Atrisco Drive Northwest 1,146 numbers
Haines Avenue Northeast 1,139 numbers
Lester Drive Northeast 1,128 numbers
Palomas Drive Northeast 1,116 numbers
Locust Place Northeast 1,094 numbers
Cagua Drive Northeast 1,058 numbers
Jane Place Northeast 1,046 numbers
Texas Street Northeast 1,026 numbers
Madeira Drive Northeast 1,021 numbers
Phoenix Avenue Northeast 1,020 numbers
Zuni Road Southeast 1,015 numbers
Manzano Street Northeast 1,003 numbers
Blake Road Southwest 989 numbers
12th Street Northwest 973 numbers
Arno Street Southeast 882 numbers
Utah Street Northeast 871 numbers
Aliso Drive Northeast 805 numbers
Ortiz Drive Southeast 739 numbers
Lead Avenue Southwest 730 numbers
11th Street Northwest 729 numbers
57th Street Northwest 723 numbers
Coal Avenue Southwest 682 numbers
High Street Southeast 659 numbers
8th Street Northwest 655 numbers
Lead Avenue Southeast 626 numbers
June Street Northeast 612 numbers
Pitt Street Northeast 609 numbers
Aztec Road Northwest 575 numbers
Park Avenue Southwest 566 numbers
Gold Avenue Southeast 553 numbers
56th Street Northwest 541 numbers
5th Street Northwest 531 numbers
59th Street Northwest 521 numbers
Eubank Boulevard 520 numbers
Lamy Street Northwest 488 numbers
Iron Avenue Southwest 483 numbers
Sunset Road Southwest 480 numbers
6th Street Northwest 480 numbers
58th Street Northwest 464 numbers
Topke Place Northeast 461 numbers
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