South Ingram Mill Road 1,664 numbers
South Fort Avenue 1,569 numbers
South Jefferson Avenue 1,568 numbers
South Avenue 1,265 numbers
South Nettleton Avenue 1,216 numbers
South Roanoke Avenue 1,192 numbers
West Walnut Street 1,149 numbers
West Madison Street 1,118 numbers
South Fremont Avenue 1,105 numbers
South Delaware Avenue 1,090 numbers
West Edgewood Street 1,044 numbers
South Kimbrough Avenue 1,043 numbers
South National Avenue 1,030 numbers
North Broadway Avenue 1,027 numbers
South Ferguson Avenue 1,006 numbers
North Grant Avenue 998 numbers
East Montclair Street 984 numbers
East Cherry Street 972 numbers
East Elm Street 965 numbers
West Lombard Street 948 numbers
North Rogers Avenue 947 numbers
West State Street 939 numbers
South Campbell Avenue 936 numbers
West Nichols Street 917 numbers
South Weller Avenue 903 numbers
North National Avenue 865 numbers
North Delaware Avenue 852 numbers
South Broadway Avenue 848 numbers
East Walnut Street 837 numbers
North Main Avenue 797 numbers
West Elm Street 792 numbers
South Newton Avenue 787 numbers
South Fairway Avenue 786 numbers
South Franklin Avenue 779 numbers
North Fremont Avenue 771 numbers
East Bennett Street 769 numbers
West Calhoun Street 755 numbers
West Scott Street 754 numbers
East Stanford Street 746 numbers
West Grand Street 733 numbers
East Lombard Street 729 numbers
South Pickwick Avenue 729 numbers
East Portland Street 727 numbers
West Maplewood Street 715 numbers
South Clay Avenue 715 numbers
West Page Street 710 numbers
East Sunshine Street 697 numbers
East Woodland Street 682 numbers
West Harrison Street 674 numbers
East Edgewood Street 663 numbers
South New Avenue 660 numbers
East Erie Street 648 numbers
North Prospect Avenue 644 numbers
West Webster Street 639 numbers
South Main Avenue 637 numbers
West Lynn Street 625 numbers
East Cherokee Street 620 numbers
East Lark Street 619 numbers
East Seminole Street 617 numbers
West Roxbury Street 616 numbers
East Lakewood Street 614 numbers
East Grand Street 611 numbers
South Western Avenue 604 numbers
South Scenic Avenue 600 numbers
North Clifton Avenue 600 numbers
South Luster Avenue 599 numbers
West Whiteside Street 589 numbers
West College Street 585 numbers
East Cambridge Street 581 numbers
North Missouri Avenue 577 numbers
South Grant Avenue 575 numbers
South Kings Avenue 574 numbers
West Erie Street 571 numbers
East Greenwood Street 569 numbers
West Portland Street 550 numbers
North Howard Avenue 546 numbers
South Dollison Avenue 546 numbers
East Loren Street 544 numbers
West Village Lane 541 numbers
East Linwood Street 540 numbers
South Golden Avenue 540 numbers
East Madison Street 540 numbers
North West Avenue 535 numbers
South Holland Avenue 534 numbers
West Hovey Street 532 numbers
West Westview Street 529 numbers
North Douglas Avenue 526 numbers
West Crestview Street 524 numbers
North Lyon Avenue 521 numbers
East Kerr Street 519 numbers
North Summit Avenue 518 numbers
West Riverside Street 517 numbers
South Dayton Avenue 515 numbers
West Atlantic Street 513 numbers
South Glenn Avenue 512 numbers
North East Avenue 510 numbers
West Olive Street 509 numbers
South Weaver Avenue 509 numbers
West High Street 507 numbers
West Greenwood Street 506 numbers
East Catalpa Street 505 numbers
South Kickapoo Avenue 504 numbers
West Chestnut Street 496 numbers
East Cairo Street 488 numbers
North Pierce Avenue 485 numbers
East Delmar Street 481 numbers
South Westwood Avenue 481 numbers
North Benton Avenue 478 numbers
West Thoman Street 474 numbers
South Barnes Avenue 467 numbers
West Wayland Street 464 numbers
West Lasalle Street 464 numbers
North Johnston Avenue 464 numbers
East Berkeley Street 462 numbers
East Rosebrier Street 461 numbers
East Broadmoor Street 459 numbers
South Kansas Avenue 458 numbers
West Washita Street 454 numbers
South Parkhill Avenue 454 numbers
South Florence Avenue 450 numbers
West Division Street 449 numbers
East Sunset Street 448 numbers
South Belcrest Avenue 447 numbers
South Stewart Avenue 444 numbers
South McCann Avenue 444 numbers
North Franklin Avenue 442 numbers
East Cardinal Street 441 numbers
South Linden Avenue 435 numbers
South Virginia Avenue 434 numbers
East Kingsbury Street 433 numbers
West Deerfield Street 429 numbers
South Cox Road 429 numbers
East Battlefield Road 428 numbers
East Crestview Street 427 numbers
West Swan Street 426 numbers
South Douglas Avenue 425 numbers
South Rogers Avenue 424 numbers
West Lark Street 420 numbers
South Catalina Avenue 417 numbers
West Highland Street 417 numbers
West Brower Street 416 numbers
East Blaine Street 415 numbers
South Marlan Avenue 415 numbers
East Division Street 415 numbers
East Locust Street 414 numbers
North Campbell Avenue 412 numbers
West Village Terrace 410 numbers
South Mentor Avenue 410 numbers
West Broadmoor Street 409 numbers
West Lincoln Street 408 numbers
South Oak Avenue 406 numbers
North Drury Avenue 404 numbers
West Kingsley Street 401 numbers
North Forest Avenue 400 numbers
East Swallow Street 399 numbers
North Park Avenue 399 numbers
North Weller Avenue 399 numbers
East Belmont Street 394 numbers
North Pickwick Avenue 393 numbers
North Kellett Avenue 392 numbers
East Monroe Street 389 numbers
West Primrose Street 388 numbers
East Mcclernon Street 386 numbers
West Catalpa Street 382 numbers
East Dale Street 381 numbers
South Clifton Avenue 380 numbers
West Sylvania Street 380 numbers
West Rockwood Street 378 numbers
East Norton Road 376 numbers
South Kentwood Avenue 370 numbers
South Missouri Avenue 369 numbers
North Kentwood Avenue 369 numbers
West Cardinal Street 368 numbers
East Kearney Street 367 numbers
South Link Avenue 367 numbers
West Latoka Street 367 numbers
East Pacific Street 366 numbers
South Warren Avenue 365 numbers
South Hemlock Avenue 364 numbers
West Seminole Street 363 numbers
North Marion Avenue 362 numbers
East Wayland Street 360 numbers
North Ramsey Avenue 353 numbers
West Glenwood Street 351 numbers
West Farm Road 164 351 numbers
North Sherman Avenue 351 numbers
North Brown Avenue 348 numbers
South Forest Avenue 346 numbers
East Primrose Street 345 numbers
West Battlefield Road 345 numbers
East Glenwood Street 343 numbers
West Sunset Street 339 numbers
West Highpoint Street 339 numbers
South Laurel Avenue 338 numbers
East Smith Street 336 numbers
South Plaza Avenue 335 numbers
South Suburban Avenue 333 numbers
South Gelven Avenue 332 numbers
North Warren Avenue 331 numbers
East Republic Road 330 numbers
North Fort Avenue 329 numbers
South Hampton Avenue 327 numbers
North Burton Avenue 325 numbers
West Tracy Street 325 numbers
North Golden Avenue 320 numbers
North Homewood Avenue 318 numbers
East McDaniel Street 318 numbers
South Sagamont Avenue 314 numbers
South Michigan Avenue 313 numbers
South John Avenue 312 numbers
East Page Street 309 numbers
East Latoka Street 308 numbers
South Arcadia Avenue 308 numbers
South Crutcher Avenue 307 numbers
West Water Street 304 numbers
West Swallow Street 303 numbers
West Farm Road 94 302 numbers
West Cantebury Street 299 numbers
South Elmira Avenue 296 numbers
East Nora Street 295 numbers
South Thelma Avenue 294 numbers
North Farm Road 137 291 numbers
East Atlantic Street 289 numbers
South Jonathan Avenue 289 numbers
South Paula Avenue 288 numbers
South Prince Lane 288 numbers
South Maryland Avenue 287 numbers
West Cherokee Street 287 numbers
South Colgate Avenue 287 numbers
West La Siesta Street 287 numbers
North Colgate Avenue 286 numbers
South Ventura Avenue 284 numbers
West Tarkio Street 284 numbers
South Eldon Avenue 283 numbers
North Farmer Avenue 281 numbers
South Sieger Drive 281 numbers
West McGee Street 280 numbers
West Lindberg Street 280 numbers
West Tilden Street 278 numbers
East Guinevere Street 278 numbers
North Clay Avenue 276 numbers
West Vincent Drive 275 numbers
South Sunrise Avenue 274 numbers
West Woodland Street 273 numbers
North Belview Avenue 272 numbers
West Norton Road 270 numbers
South Carriage Avenue 266 numbers
West Florida Street 265 numbers
East High Street 264 numbers
East Whitehall Drive 263 numbers
West Central Street 261 numbers
West Sexton Street 261 numbers
East Snider Street 258 numbers
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