41st Street Northwest 2,606 numbers
Marion Road Southeast 1,198 numbers
2nd Street Northwest 1,180 numbers
13th Avenue Northwest 1,139 numbers
8th Avenue Southeast 1,002 numbers
2nd Street Southwest 980 numbers
19th Avenue Northwest 959 numbers
11th Avenue Northwest 910 numbers
1st Street Southwest 885 numbers
4th Avenue Southeast 837 numbers
11th Avenue Northeast 809 numbers
6th Avenue Southeast 799 numbers
7th Avenue Southeast 791 numbers
10th Avenue Southeast 783 numbers
9th Avenue Southeast 767 numbers
15th Avenue Northwest 729 numbers
1st Street Northwest 725 numbers
7th Street Northwest 719 numbers
14th Avenue Northwest 712 numbers
31st Street Northeast 650 numbers
3rd Street Northwest 638 numbers
17th Street Southeast 638 numbers
22nd Avenue Northwest 598 numbers
10th Street Southeast 592 numbers
4th Avenue Southwest 579 numbers
5th Avenue Southeast 578 numbers
16th Avenue Northwest 578 numbers
19th Street Northwest 567 numbers
3rd Avenue Southeast 565 numbers
4th Street Northwest 555 numbers
18th Avenue Northwest 553 numbers
17th Avenue Northwest 524 numbers
50th Street Northwest 522 numbers
26th Street Northwest 512 numbers
4th Avenue Northwest 506 numbers
6th Avenue Southwest 464 numbers
5th Street Southwest 463 numbers
West Center Street 463 numbers
2nd Street Southeast 446 numbers
5th Avenue Southwest 439 numbers
48th Street Northwest 436 numbers
8th Street Northwest 432 numbers
26th Avenue Northwest 431 numbers
51st Street Northwest 430 numbers
25th Street Northwest 430 numbers
25th Avenue Northwest 428 numbers
36th Street Southwest 428 numbers
7th Avenue Southwest 403 numbers
11th Avenue Southeast 401 numbers
4th Street Southeast 400 numbers
5th Street Northwest 393 numbers
42nd Street Northwest 390 numbers
5th Avenue Northwest 387 numbers
9th Avenue Northeast 375 numbers
9th Avenue Northwest 370 numbers
12th Avenue Northwest 367 numbers
3rd Avenue Southwest 358 numbers
13th Avenue Northeast 358 numbers
6th Avenue Northwest 348 numbers
6th Street Northwest 341 numbers
10th Street Northwest 334 numbers
56th Street Northwest 331 numbers
19th Avenue Southwest 329 numbers
14th Street Southeast 329 numbers
East Center Street 327 numbers
6th Street Southwest 326 numbers
21st Avenue Northwest 324 numbers
7th Avenue Northwest 324 numbers
23rd Avenue Northwest 318 numbers
1st Avenue Southwest 316 numbers
24th Street Northwest 316 numbers
2nd Avenue Northwest 315 numbers
18th Street Southeast 315 numbers
55th Street Northeast 314 numbers
10th Avenue Northeast 314 numbers
4th Street Southwest 314 numbers
8th Avenue Northwest 301 numbers
19th Street Southeast 300 numbers
14th Avenue Northeast 288 numbers
15th Street Southeast 287 numbers
28th Street Northwest 284 numbers
9th Street Northwest 283 numbers
2nd Avenue Southwest 281 numbers
18th Street Northwest 273 numbers
21st Street Southeast 270 numbers
36th Avenue Northwest 269 numbers
12th Avenue Northeast 267 numbers
13th Avenue Southeast 264 numbers
24th Avenue Northwest 262 numbers
14th Avenue Southwest 261 numbers
7th Street Southwest 259 numbers
3rd Avenue Northeast 255 numbers
North Broadway Avenue 255 numbers
9th Avenue Southwest 254 numbers
50th Avenue Southeast 249 numbers
8th Street Southwest 248 numbers
20th Street Northwest 247 numbers
7th Avenue Northeast 245 numbers
19th Avenue Northeast 241 numbers
10th Avenue Southwest 241 numbers
4th Place Northwest 240 numbers
57th Street Northwest 239 numbers
25th Street Southeast 237 numbers
8th Avenue Southwest 236 numbers
5th Avenue Northeast 236 numbers
23rd Avenue Southwest 234 numbers
15th Avenue Northeast 233 numbers
22nd Street Southeast 233 numbers
18th Avenue Southwest 233 numbers
59th Street Northwest 232 numbers
21st Street Northeast 228 numbers
11th Street Southeast 227 numbers
20th Street Southeast 227 numbers
9th Street Northeast 225 numbers
29th Street Northwest 225 numbers
Lake Street Northwest 224 numbers
11th Street Southwest 223 numbers
14th Street Northeast 223 numbers
15th Street Northeast 220 numbers
34th Street Northwest 219 numbers
20th Avenue Northwest 219 numbers
33rd Street Northwest 218 numbers
22nd Street Northwest 216 numbers
8th Avenue Northeast 216 numbers
11th Street Northwest 213 numbers
24th Street Southeast 213 numbers
4th Street Northeast 213 numbers
3rd Street Northeast 212 numbers
1st Avenue Northwest 211 numbers
15th Avenue Southwest 211 numbers
11th Avenue Southwest 211 numbers
12th Street Northwest 210 numbers
Arthur Lane Northwest 208 numbers
17th Street Northeast 206 numbers
12th Avenue Southeast 205 numbers
27th Street Northeast 204 numbers
43rd Street Northwest 204 numbers
14th Street Northwest 202 numbers
23rd Street Northwest 201 numbers
3rd Avenue Northwest 200 numbers
10th Street Northeast 198 numbers
20th Avenue Northeast 197 numbers
52nd Street Northwest 196 numbers
6th Street Southeast 194 numbers
4th Avenue Northeast 194 numbers
16th Avenue Southeast 192 numbers
3rd Place Northwest 192 numbers
1st Street Southeast 191 numbers
15th Avenue Southeast 191 numbers
5th Street Northeast 190 numbers
19th Street Northeast 189 numbers
55th Street Northwest 185 numbers
49th Street Northwest 185 numbers
23rd Street Southeast 180 numbers
30th Avenue Northwest 178 numbers
44th Street Northwest 176 numbers
45th Avenue Northwest 175 numbers
20th Avenue Southwest 175 numbers
7th Street Northeast 173 numbers
16th Street Northeast 170 numbers
16th Street Northwest 166 numbers
16th Avenue Northeast 166 numbers
2nd Street Northeast 166 numbers
55th Avenue Northwest 165 numbers
60th Street Northwest 164 numbers
Arbor Drive Northwest 164 numbers
3rd Street Southwest 164 numbers
23rd Street Southwest 164 numbers
58th Street Northwest 164 numbers
28th Street Southeast 162 numbers
60th Avenue Southwest 161 numbers
Sierra Lane Northeast 159 numbers
17th Avenue Northeast 159 numbers
Park Lane Southeast 157 numbers
40th Street Northwest 157 numbers
45th Street Northwest 155 numbers
26th Street Southeast 155 numbers
2nd Avenue Northeast 155 numbers
31st Street Northwest 153 numbers
20th Avenue Southeast 152 numbers
16th Avenue Southwest 152 numbers
19th Avenue Southeast 151 numbers
Rose Drive Southeast 150 numbers
10th Street Southwest 150 numbers
2nd Avenue Southeast 149 numbers
River Court Northeast 147 numbers
50th Avenue Northwest 146 numbers
41st Avenue Northwest 146 numbers
38th Street Northwest 145 numbers
Viola Road Northeast 145 numbers
9th Street Southwest 144 numbers
17th Street Northwest 143 numbers
22nd Avenue Northeast 142 numbers
10 Street Northwest 140 numbers
21st Avenue Southeast 140 numbers
22nd Street Northeast 138 numbers
61st Street Northwest 138 numbers
37th Avenue Northwest 135 numbers
62nd Street Northwest 135 numbers
37th Street Northwest 134 numbers
15th Street Northwest 132 numbers
Coral Court Northeast 131 numbers
20th Street Southwest 130 numbers
44th Avenue Northwest 129 numbers
13th Avenue Southwest 129 numbers
13th Street Northwest 127 numbers
43rd Avenue Northwest 126 numbers
Fox Chase Road 125 numbers
10th Avenue Northwest 124 numbers
7th Place Northwest 123 numbers
36th Street Northwest 123 numbers
8th Street Southeast 123 numbers
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