East Harry Street 2,862 numbers
West Macarthur Road 1,979 numbers
South Seneca Street 1,966 numbers
North Rock Road 1,928 numbers
West Central Avenue 1,873 numbers
East Lincoln Street 1,836 numbers
South Hydraulic Street 1,812 numbers
South Meridian Avenue 1,493 numbers
West Douglas Avenue 1,487 numbers
South Clifton Avenue 1,486 numbers
East Macarthur Road 1,476 numbers
South Laura Street 1,313 numbers
South Main Street 1,304 numbers
North Meridian Avenue 1,272 numbers
South Vine Street 1,270 numbers
West 13th Street North 1,267 numbers
South Emporia Street 1,244 numbers
North Sheridan Street 1,239 numbers
South Volutsia Street 1,215 numbers
East 21st Street North 1,180 numbers
North Old Manor Road 1,174 numbers
North Fairview Avenue 1,165 numbers
West Maple Street 1,145 numbers
North Waco Avenue 1,126 numbers
South Fern Street 1,120 numbers
South Water Street 1,112 numbers
North Market Street 1,097 numbers
South Market Street 1,081 numbers
South Pattie Street 1,076 numbers
East Douglas Avenue 1,062 numbers
South Rock Road 1,055 numbers
North Estelle Street 1,025 numbers
South Pinecrest Street 1,018 numbers
South Ida Street 1,015 numbers
South Terrace Drive 998 numbers
North Ridge Road 995 numbers
South Topeka Street 994 numbers
North Park Place 986 numbers
East Bayley Street 986 numbers
North Pershing Street 961 numbers
North Terrace Drive 961 numbers
South Estelle Street 958 numbers
South Wichita Street 954 numbers
South Erie Street 951 numbers
North Madison Avenue 916 numbers
East Boston Street 909 numbers
South Green Street 898 numbers
South Everett Street 897 numbers
South Pershing Street 891 numbers
South Kansas Street 886 numbers
North Shefford Street 884 numbers
South Mosley Street 870 numbers
South Rutan Street 867 numbers
Ellis South 865 numbers
Brunswick Street 857 numbers
North Volutsia Street 855 numbers
South Gold Street 836 numbers
West 9th Street North 836 numbers
East Gilbert Street 834 numbers
South Glenn Avenue 831 numbers
Dellrose 821 numbers
East Morris Street 820 numbers
East Central Avenue 815 numbers
North Amidon Avenue 814 numbers
North Spruce Street 814 numbers
South Broadway Avenue 804 numbers
South Bleckley Drive 799 numbers
North Erie Street 790 numbers
South Spruce Street 789 numbers
North Battin Street 773 numbers
North Woodlawn Street 772 numbers
South Oliver Street 771 numbers
South Waco Avenue 766 numbers
North Piatt Avenue 758 numbers
North Parkwood Lane 752 numbers
North Oliver Street 751 numbers
Harding Street 745 numbers
North Green Street 727 numbers
North Ash Street 726 numbers
North Perry Avenue 716 numbers
South Euclid Street 713 numbers
West Murdock Street 711 numbers
North Gow Street 708 numbers
South Millwood Avenue 706 numbers
East Zimmerly Street 699 numbers
South Palisade Street 692 numbers
South Webb Road 691 numbers
West Jewell Street 691 numbers
North Tyler Road 689 numbers
South Belmont Street 689 numbers
South West Street 687 numbers
North Edwards 685 numbers
West Shade Lane 681 numbers
South Lulu Street 679 numbers
West Westlawn Street 679 numbers
West Nantucket Street 677 numbers
North Salina Avenue 676 numbers
North Grove Street 676 numbers
North Parkdale Street 676 numbers
South Osage Avenue 671 numbers
North Seneca Street 668 numbers
North Parkridge Court 659 numbers
North Lorraine 656 numbers
North Arkansas 655 numbers
North Athenian Avenue 655 numbers
North Fountain Street 648 numbers
North Ridgewood Drive 648 numbers
South Cypress Street 642 numbers
East Funston Street 634 numbers
South Yale Street 626 numbers
North Charles Avenue 625 numbers
West Westport Street 620 numbers
Woodland North 619 numbers
North McComas Street 614 numbers
South Edgemoor Street 613 numbers
East Pawnee Street 607 numbers
East Waterman Street 604 numbers
South Glendale Street 604 numbers
North Hoover Road 600 numbers
North Coolidge Avenue 586 numbers
North Garland Street 584 numbers
North Porter Avenue 583 numbers
Fairmount Street 583 numbers
Jackson North Avenue 582 numbers
South Dellrose Street 578 numbers
North Kessler Street 578 numbers
South Edwards Street 566 numbers
North Custer Street 563 numbers
North Holyoke Street 559 numbers
North Clarence Avenue 558 numbers
North Edgemoor Street 558 numbers
South Greenwich Road 554 numbers
South Crestway Street 551 numbers
South Hiram Street 550 numbers
North Doris Street 550 numbers
West Pawnee Street 548 numbers
East Skinner Street 547 numbers
North Bluff Street 547 numbers
North Jeanette Avenue 546 numbers
West 2nd Street North 545 numbers
East Murdock Street 545 numbers
North Armour Street 544 numbers
South Poplar Street 541 numbers
North Belmont Place 532 numbers
South Old Manor Road 529 numbers
North Anna Street 529 numbers
Richmond North 526 numbers
Joann North 526 numbers
South Walnut Street 525 numbers
North Crestway Street 525 numbers
North Glendale Street 524 numbers
South Holyoke Street 524 numbers
North Clara Street 522 numbers
North Poplar Avenue 519 numbers
North Emporia Avenue 518 numbers
West Harvest Court 512 numbers
East 9th Street North 510 numbers
South Sedgwick Street 504 numbers
Coolidge Street 503 numbers
North Yale Avenue 503 numbers
North Gordon Street 501 numbers
Woodrow Street 497 numbers
South Bonn Street 497 numbers
North Payne Avenue 497 numbers
North Young Street 497 numbers
North Kansas Street 494 numbers
Elpyco Street 493 numbers
South Fountain Street 484 numbers
West Harvest Lane 484 numbers
East 2nd Street North 483 numbers
North Maize Road 482 numbers
West Rita Street 481 numbers
South Custer Avenue 481 numbers
South Osage Street 481 numbers
Fabrique Street 479 numbers
South Dodge Avenue 475 numbers
North Murray Street 475 numbers
West Lotus Street 473 numbers
South Bennett Street 472 numbers
West May Street 465 numbers
Jade Avenue 465 numbers
Cedardale Avenue 463 numbers
North Hillside Street 463 numbers
North Bebe Street 459 numbers
North Westlink Avenue 458 numbers
East Mainsgate Road 454 numbers
South Tyler Road 452 numbers
East Clark Street 452 numbers
North Shefford Court 450 numbers
North Rutgers Street 449 numbers
North Vassar Street 448 numbers
Armstrong Street 446 numbers
North Acadia Street 442 numbers
South Handley Street 439 numbers
West 1st Street North 438 numbers
Chautauqua 438 numbers
West 21st Street 436 numbers
West 3rd Street North 436 numbers
South Vassar Street 436 numbers
North West Street 433 numbers
North Sedgwick Street 433 numbers
South Linden Street 430 numbers
North Elder Street 429 numbers
Richmond South 424 numbers
East Kinkaid Street 424 numbers
North Stratford Lane 423 numbers
South Madison Avenue 422 numbers
East Lincoln Court 421 numbers
Elmhurst Street 416 numbers
East English Street 415 numbers
East Orme Street 414 numbers
Santa Fe South 414 numbers
South Mead Street 412 numbers
Meadowview Avenue 411 numbers
West Par Lane 408 numbers
East Idlewild Drive 407 numbers
North Westridge Drive 407 numbers
South Governeour Road 404 numbers
South Ridgewood Drive 397 numbers
South Hiram Avenue 396 numbers
West Birch Lane 396 numbers
Litchfield North 394 numbers
Grant Street 388 numbers
West 30th Street 387 numbers
South Hillside Street 385 numbers
North Sullivan Street 384 numbers
West Dallas Street 383 numbers
South Milstead Street 382 numbers
North Porter Street 382 numbers
East Boxthorn Street 380 numbers
East Elm Street 378 numbers
North Rutland Street 374 numbers
North Parkdale Court 373 numbers
Peterson Street 373 numbers
North Chipper Lane 371 numbers
South Mission Road 371 numbers
North Baehr Street 369 numbers
Minneapolis 369 numbers
East Osie Street 368 numbers
South Bonn Avenue 368 numbers
Victoria Street 365 numbers
South Ridge Road 364 numbers
North Poplar Street 363 numbers
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