West Jackson Street 965 numbers
West Bethel Avenue 926 numbers
West Memorial Drive 845 numbers
East Jackson Street 811 numbers
South Walnut Street 792 numbers
North Walnut Street 770 numbers
West 10th Street 736 numbers
South Meeker Avenue 698 numbers
West 11th Street 686 numbers
South Elm Street 637 numbers
South Hackley Street 630 numbers
West 8th Street 617 numbers
West 9th Street 590 numbers
Wheeling Avenue 549 numbers
South Mulberry Street 546 numbers
South Vine Street 545 numbers
East Memorial Drive 539 numbers
South Pershing Drive 533 numbers
South Ebright Street 517 numbers
North New York Avenue 495 numbers
South Morrison Road 488 numbers
West 15th Street 483 numbers
North Elm Street 482 numbers
North Elgin Street 480 numbers
South High Street 473 numbers
West Petty Road 466 numbers
West Kilgore Avenue 461 numbers
South Hoyt Avenue 453 numbers
East 8th Street 447 numbers
West Riverside Avenue 442 numbers
West Main Street 438 numbers
West 13th Street 434 numbers
South Beacon Street 432 numbers
South Luick Avenue 423 numbers
North Janney Avenue 419 numbers
East 24th Street 412 numbers
South Grant Street 410 numbers
North Rosewood Avenue 392 numbers
South Madison Street 376 numbers
North Morrison Road 374 numbers
West Riggin Road 374 numbers
East 26th Street 371 numbers
North Glenwood Avenue 370 numbers
South Monroe Street 367 numbers
North Linden Street 364 numbers
North Milton Street 361 numbers
West Godman Avenue 340 numbers
East Main Street 336 numbers
North Lakeside Drive 336 numbers
South Shipley Street 333 numbers
West 14th Street 331 numbers
West 17th Street 324 numbers
West Keller Road 321 numbers
West Lone Beech Drive 318 numbers
West 7th Street 317 numbers
East 22nd Street 313 numbers
East 18th Street 311 numbers
South Mock Avenue 308 numbers
East Willard Street 306 numbers
West North Street 305 numbers
East 13th Street 300 numbers
South Ribble Avenue 300 numbers
East McGalliard Road 296 numbers
West Royerton Road 295 numbers
South Franklin Street 294 numbers
North Reserve Street 293 numbers
East 9th Street 290 numbers
East 16th Street 289 numbers
South Biltmore Avenue 288 numbers
North Ball Avenue 283 numbers
West Woods Edge Lane 274 numbers
South May Avenue 270 numbers
North Mulberry Street 269 numbers
East 7th Street 267 numbers
West Harvard Avenue 267 numbers
West Adams Street 266 numbers
East 23rd Street 265 numbers
North Nebo Road 261 numbers
East 5th Street 260 numbers
West Charles Street 259 numbers
North Everett Road 257 numbers
South Chippewa Lane 254 numbers
North Brady Street 253 numbers
South Penn Street 252 numbers
West Powers Street 251 numbers
East 14th Street 251 numbers
South Gharkey Street 250 numbers
East Harvard Avenue 248 numbers
North Claypool Road 243 numbers
West 28th Street 243 numbers
West Applewood Court 242 numbers
North Alden Road 240 numbers
East 29th Street 239 numbers
East Piccadilly Road 230 numbers
West 16th Street 229 numbers
East Gilbert Street 228 numbers
North Wolfe Street 222 numbers
East 17th Street 221 numbers
South Liberty Street 219 numbers
East Hines Street 217 numbers
Churchill Court 217 numbers
East Yale Avenue 216 numbers
North Wheeling Avenue 215 numbers
North Virginia Avenue 215 numbers
North Oakwood Avenue 215 numbers
South Juniper Lane 210 numbers
North Riley Road 207 numbers
West Cypress Drive 206 numbers
North Shellbark Road 206 numbers
East 1st Street 205 numbers
West 18th Street 204 numbers
North Forest Avenue 203 numbers
West Beechwood Avenue 203 numbers
West Torquay Road 199 numbers
West Ethel Avenue 198 numbers
South Pinewood Drive 196 numbers
North Chadam Lane 196 numbers
East Kirk Street 196 numbers
East 6th Street 195 numbers
West Ashland Avenue 194 numbers
West Howard Street 192 numbers
East Highland Avenue 192 numbers
North Brentwood Lane 191 numbers
North Benton Road 190 numbers
East 15th Street 186 numbers
West Sheffield Drive 186 numbers
West Woodbridge Drive 185 numbers
West Tulip Tree Drive 184 numbers
North Pauline Avenue 182 numbers
East Adams Street 182 numbers
South Eaton Avenue 179 numbers
North Tyrone Drive 179 numbers
East 21st Street 176 numbers
North Greenbriar Road 176 numbers
North Lanewood Drive 175 numbers
East Kirby Avenue 173 numbers
West Brook Drive 173 numbers
South Blaine Street 171 numbers
West 26th Street 170 numbers
North Hodson Avenue 170 numbers
East Princeton Avenue 170 numbers
South Elliott Street 169 numbers
North Biltmore Avenue 168 numbers
West Gilbert Street 167 numbers
South Cherokee Road 167 numbers
North Winthrop Road 165 numbers
East Streeter Avenue 164 numbers
East Dartmouth Avenue 163 numbers
West 1st Street 160 numbers
North Locust Street 159 numbers
South Wall Avenue 158 numbers
West 6th Street 157 numbers
South Opechee Drive 157 numbers
North Buckles Street 157 numbers
North Leslie Drive 156 numbers
West Thorn Tree Road 155 numbers
South Cowan Road 155 numbers
East 25th Street 155 numbers
West Peachtree Lane 153 numbers
Indiana 67 152 numbers
South Brittain Avenue 152 numbers
West Rex Street 151 numbers
West Euclid Avenue 151 numbers
West Airway Road 150 numbers
East Wysor Street 148 numbers
North Buckeye Road 147 numbers
North Leland Avenue 146 numbers
East 20th Street 145 numbers
East 27th Street 145 numbers
East Butler Street 144 numbers
West Ashford Lane 143 numbers
North Ault Avenue 143 numbers
North Watt Avenue 140 numbers
East Cornell Avenue 140 numbers
West Devon Road 139 numbers
Indiana 3 138 numbers
West Moore Road 138 numbers
North Turner Street 137 numbers
West Purdue Avenue 136 numbers
North Maddox Drive 136 numbers
West Friar Drive 136 numbers
West Cromer Avenue 136 numbers
West Marsh Street 134 numbers
North McKenzie Street 133 numbers
West Sacramento Drive 133 numbers
West 27th Street 133 numbers
West Woodway Drive 132 numbers
North Sollars Drive 131 numbers
North Truitt Road 131 numbers
West River Road 131 numbers
East Robert Street 131 numbers
West Butternut Road 131 numbers
West Neely Avenue 130 numbers
West Sherman Drive 129 numbers
South Clark Street 128 numbers
West Wedgewood Lane 127 numbers
South Tacoma Avenue 126 numbers
State Road 28 125 numbers
West Wayne Street 125 numbers
West Kings Row Street 125 numbers
North Central Avenue 123 numbers
South Rambler Road 123 numbers
West Oliver Drive 123 numbers
West Royale Drive 122 numbers
North Eastwood Avenue 121 numbers
East Heritage Circle 121 numbers
South Edgewood Drive 120 numbers
East Depauw Avenue 120 numbers
West Garver Drive 119 numbers
West Pineview Drive 119 numbers
North Grande Avenue 118 numbers
East Waid Avenue 118 numbers
North Blaine Street 117 numbers
West Norwood Drive 117 numbers
South Mound Street 117 numbers
West Canterbury Drive 115 numbers
West Robinwood Drive 113 numbers
North Weir Drive 112 numbers
South College Avenue 112 numbers
East Charles Street 112 numbers
West Abbott Street 112 numbers
South Council Street 110 numbers
West Waid Avenue 110 numbers
North Manring Avenue 109 numbers
North Challenge Road 108 numbers
West 30th Street 108 numbers
North Richmond Drive 108 numbers
North Marleon Drive 107 numbers
North Duane Road 107 numbers
West Jones Road 107 numbers
West Berkley Avenue 107 numbers
East 2nd Street 106 numbers
North Broadway Avenue 106 numbers
West Annie Drive 105 numbers
East Dunn Avenue 105 numbers
North Colson Drive 105 numbers
West 31st Street 104 numbers
South Stockport Drive 104 numbers
East Cooper Road 103 numbers
South Proud Street 103 numbers
West Charter Drive 103 numbers
West 32nd Street 103 numbers
North Madison Street 102 numbers
West Woodstock Lane 102 numbers
North Snowmass Lane 102 numbers
South Wolfe Street 102 numbers
West 23rd Street 102 numbers
East Carolyn Drive 102 numbers
East Fuson Road 102 numbers
North Lyn-Mar Drive 101 numbers
West Woodmont Drive 101 numbers
East Linda Layne 100 numbers
East Indiana Avenue 100 numbers
South Stradling Road 100 numbers
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