North Sheridan Road 1,566 numbers
North Knoxville Avenue 1,349 numbers
North University Street 1,264 numbers
Northeast Madison Avenue 1,185 numbers
North Bigelow Street 976 numbers
North Gale Avenue 912 numbers
North Peoria Avenue 801 numbers
West Garden Street 708 numbers
West Howett Street 704 numbers
North Linn Street 673 numbers
West Virginia Avenue 661 numbers
West Butler Street 660 numbers
North Missouri Avenue 633 numbers
West Gilbert Avenue 632 numbers
West Moss Avenue 627 numbers
North Prospect Road 620 numbers
West Wiswall Street 615 numbers
West Lincoln Avenue 611 numbers
West McClure Avenue 610 numbers
West Ann Street 608 numbers
West Millman Street 600 numbers
West Hanssler Place 591 numbers
East Virginia Avenue 581 numbers
East McClure Avenue 572 numbers
East Maywood Avenue 561 numbers
North Ellis Street 552 numbers
West Farmington Road 549 numbers
West Starr Street 534 numbers
West Willcox Avenue 521 numbers
West Marquette Street 521 numbers
West Malone Street 518 numbers
North Hamilton Road 512 numbers
East Republic Street 504 numbers
West Gift Avenue 504 numbers
West Glen Avenue 485 numbers
North North Street 464 numbers
East Frye Avenue 454 numbers
East Melbourne Avenue 435 numbers
West Nebraska Avenue 431 numbers
Airport Road 430 numbers
East Seneca Place 428 numbers
West Smith Street 410 numbers
West Columbia Terrace 410 numbers
East Tripp Avenue 407 numbers
East Arcadia Avenue 406 numbers
West Teton Drive 403 numbers
East Gift Avenue 399 numbers
West Kettelle Street 394 numbers
North Renwood Avenue 393 numbers
East Elmhurst Avenue 392 numbers
East Nebraska Avenue 384 numbers
North New York Avenue 383 numbers
South Stanley Street 373 numbers
West Hudson Street 366 numbers
West Stratford Drive 360 numbers
West Nowland Avenue 359 numbers
West Latrobe Street 359 numbers
North Isabell Avenue 358 numbers
North Indiana Avenue 356 numbers
North Sterling Avenue 352 numbers
South Arago Street 348 numbers
North Sherwood Avenue 338 numbers
North Bourland Avenue 336 numbers
North Lehman Road 334 numbers
North Western Avenue 334 numbers
East Thrush Avenue 331 numbers
East High Point Road 323 numbers
West Lake Avenue 323 numbers
North Randwick Road 321 numbers
East Wilson Avenue 318 numbers
West Newman Parkway 314 numbers
South Western Avenue 312 numbers
North Delaware Street 312 numbers
West Crestwood Drive 308 numbers
East Archer Avenue 306 numbers
West Westport Road 306 numbers
East Willcox Avenue 304 numbers
West Martin Street 302 numbers
North Galena Road 300 numbers
North Molleck Drive 299 numbers
West Detweiller Drive 298 numbers
West Albany Avenue 296 numbers
North Imperial Drive 296 numbers
West Mac Queen Avenue 292 numbers
East Kansas Street 289 numbers
East Fairoaks Avenue 288 numbers
South Laramie Street 286 numbers
West Willowlake Drive 284 numbers
North Ashton Avenue 280 numbers
West Melbourne Avenue 280 numbers
West Kensington Drive 278 numbers
West Armstrong Avenue 278 numbers
West Proctor Street 278 numbers
North Graceland Drive 277 numbers
South Blaine Street 276 numbers
North Broadway Street 272 numbers
North Atlantic Avenue 270 numbers
West Scenic Drive 269 numbers
North Avalon Place 269 numbers
North Elmwood Avenue 269 numbers
West Thrush Avenue 266 numbers
East Behrends Avenue 263 numbers
West Kingsway Drive 261 numbers
West Lancaster Road 260 numbers
West Loucks Avenue 260 numbers
North Central Avenue 259 numbers
West Brons Avenue 259 numbers
West Maywood Avenue 256 numbers
West Fremont Street 253 numbers
South Faraday Avenue 250 numbers
West Middle Road 248 numbers
North Flora Avenue 246 numbers
North Machin Avenue 246 numbers
North Kingston Drive 245 numbers
Main Street 245 numbers
North Rosemead Drive 243 numbers
East Ravine Avenue 238 numbers
South Easton Avenue 237 numbers
North Maryland Street 236 numbers
North Idaho Street 236 numbers
West Humboldt Street 233 numbers
West Saymore Lane 233 numbers
South Matthew Street 232 numbers
North Fox Point Drive 232 numbers
North Victoria Avenue 229 numbers
West Barker Avenue 229 numbers
North Institute Place 226 numbers
North Post Oak Road 226 numbers
West Daytona Drive 220 numbers
West Wardcliffe Drive 219 numbers
West Westwood Drive 218 numbers
West Margaret Avenue 215 numbers
West Larchmont Lane 215 numbers
West Rockwell Drive 214 numbers
North Douglas Street 213 numbers
West Alta Road 211 numbers
North Dechman Avenue 211 numbers
North Autumn Lane 211 numbers
West Ridgemont Road 211 numbers
West Huntington Drive 209 numbers
Homestead Avenue 209 numbers
West Seibold Street 207 numbers
West Candletree Drive 204 numbers
North Columbus Avenue 203 numbers
West Purtscher Drive 201 numbers
North Keenland Avenue 200 numbers
West Overbrook Drive 200 numbers
West Andover Drive 199 numbers
West Closen Road 198 numbers
North Lavalle Court 197 numbers
West Clarewood Avenue 197 numbers
South Warren Street 194 numbers
West Geneva Road 194 numbers
West Ridge Road 194 numbers
South Lydia Avenue 192 numbers
North Rockvale Drive 191 numbers
North Ronald Road 189 numbers
North Finnell Avenue 189 numbers
East London Avenue 187 numbers
West Warwick Drive 187 numbers
Phelps Street 186 numbers
North Rockwood Drive 185 numbers
West Loire Court 184 numbers
Park Avenue 184 numbers
Vine Street 183 numbers
North 12 Oaks Drive 182 numbers
North Mission Road 182 numbers
East Paris Avenue 181 numbers
West Merle Lane 180 numbers
North Woodview Avenue 180 numbers
North Glenwood Avenue 179 numbers
West Chartwell Road 178 numbers
North Aycliffe Drive 177 numbers
West Fairview Road 176 numbers
West Montana Street 175 numbers
West Colt Drive 175 numbers
West Florence Avenue 172 numbers
North Bestor Street 171 numbers
West Brookside Drive 170 numbers
West Parkridge Drive 170 numbers
West Southport Road 170 numbers
West Capitol Drive 170 numbers
North Koerner Road 169 numbers
West Northgate Road 168 numbers
West Northmoor Road 168 numbers
West Sunnyview Drive 168 numbers
West Ravinwoods Road 167 numbers
West Fredonia Avenue 164 numbers
West Winnebago Drive 164 numbers
West Aiken Avenue 162 numbers
West Marlene Avenue 162 numbers
North Great Oak Road 162 numbers
West Riviera Drive 162 numbers
West Shenandoah Drive 162 numbers
West Clara Avenue 161 numbers
West Meidroth Street 161 numbers
North El Vista Avenue 160 numbers
South Tonti Circle 159 numbers
West Smithville Road 159 numbers
West Eleanor Place 159 numbers
East Illinois Avenue 158 numbers
South Griswold Street 158 numbers
South Cameron Lane 157 numbers
West Parkside Drive 156 numbers
East Lake Avenue 155 numbers
West Austin Drive 155 numbers
West Trewyn Avenue 155 numbers
North Edgebrook Drive 155 numbers
North Orange Street 154 numbers
North Patton Lane 154 numbers
Alexander Avenue 153 numbers
West Main Street 153 numbers
North Biltmore Avenue 152 numbers
West Lawndale Avenue 151 numbers
West Verner Drive 151 numbers
North Emily Place 150 numbers
West Devereux Drive 150 numbers
West Widenham Street 150 numbers
South Idaho Street 150 numbers
West Tuscarora Road 149 numbers
North Manning Drive 149 numbers
West Viking Court 149 numbers
West Bradley Avenue 149 numbers
Haungs Avenue 149 numbers
East Embert Place 149 numbers
West Hayes Street 148 numbers
North Frink Street 148 numbers
West Cashman Court 147 numbers
East Norwood Avenue 146 numbers
West Sherman Avenue 145 numbers
West Plank Road 145 numbers
West Hillmont Road 145 numbers
West Hurlburt Street 145 numbers
South Kneer Avenue 144 numbers
North Garfield Avenue 143 numbers
East Hendryx Lane 142 numbers
North Suffolk Drive 142 numbers
North Parish Avenue 142 numbers
West Wilshire Drive 141 numbers
West Krause Avenue 141 numbers
West Circle Road 140 numbers
North Hawthorne Place 139 numbers
Fairholm Avenue 139 numbers
South Shelley Street 139 numbers
West Lamoine Street 138 numbers
Augustana 137 numbers
West Courtland Street 137 numbers
North Plaza Drive 137 numbers
Autumn Ridge Court 136 numbers
Yorkshire 135 numbers
West Brighton Avenue 135 numbers
North Ardell Place 134 numbers
North Rothmere Drive 134 numbers
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