North Sheridan Road 18,284 numbers
South Michigan Avenue 17,723 numbers
North Lake Shore Drive 16,674 numbers
South Indiana Avenue 13,552 numbers
South Prairie Avenue 13,221 numbers
South Emerald Avenue 11,064 numbers
South King Drive 10,550 numbers
South Union Avenue 10,410 numbers
South Lowe Avenue 9,666 numbers
South Calumet Avenue 9,601 numbers
South Wabash Avenue 9,286 numbers
South Sangamon Street 9,110 numbers
South Morgan Street 8,813 numbers
South May Street 8,705 numbers
North Kenmore Avenue 8,578 numbers
South Peoria Street 8,366 numbers
South Laflin Street 8,253 numbers
South Wood Street 8,079 numbers
South Carpenter Street 7,985 numbers
South Green Street 7,845 numbers
South Paulina Street 7,731 numbers
South Aberdeen Street 7,657 numbers
North Paulina Street 7,528 numbers
South Princeton Avenue 7,475 numbers
South Artesian Avenue 7,448 numbers
South Throop Street 7,365 numbers
North Damen Avenue 7,257 numbers
South Wallace Street 7,226 numbers
West Monroe Street 7,206 numbers
South State Street 7,193 numbers
South Marshfield Avenue 7,174 numbers
West Belmont Avenue 7,174 numbers
South Parnell Avenue 7,145 numbers
South Campbell Avenue 7,057 numbers
South Maplewood Avenue 7,054 numbers
South Winchester Avenue 6,969 numbers
South Bishop Street 6,893 numbers
West Huron Street 6,835 numbers
South Albany Avenue 6,775 numbers
West Addison Street 6,725 numbers
West Jackson Boulevard 6,666 numbers
North Ashland Avenue 6,657 numbers
South Troy Street 6,560 numbers
South California Avenue 6,525 numbers
South Hermitage Avenue 6,481 numbers
North Clark Street 6,449 numbers
South Fairfield Avenue 6,432 numbers
South Washtenaw Avenue 6,413 numbers
South Honore Street 6,367 numbers
South Normal Avenue 6,361 numbers
West Melrose Street 6,304 numbers
West Roscoe Street 6,254 numbers
South Racine Avenue 6,231 numbers
South Vernon Avenue 6,211 numbers
South Damen Avenue 6,207 numbers
South Ellis Avenue 6,197 numbers
South Wolcott Avenue 6,193 numbers
West Wrightwood Avenue 6,187 numbers
North Avers Avenue 6,118 numbers
North Spaulding Avenue 6,098 numbers
North Albany Avenue 6,054 numbers
West Adams Street 6,016 numbers
South Justine Street 6,003 numbers
North Mason Avenue 5,935 numbers
West Barry Avenue 5,929 numbers
South Whipple Street 5,902 numbers
South Homan Avenue 5,876 numbers
North Springfield Avenue 5,837 numbers
North Greenview Avenue 5,806 numbers
South Talman Avenue 5,792 numbers
South Wentworth Avenue 5,761 numbers
North Monticello Avenue 5,757 numbers
South Rhodes Avenue 5,742 numbers
South South Shore Drive 5,740 numbers
North Wolcott Avenue 5,689 numbers
South Rockwell Street 5,685 numbers
North Drake Avenue 5,655 numbers
South Karlov Avenue 5,601 numbers
South Spaulding Avenue 5,600 numbers
North Campbell Avenue 5,570 numbers
South Sawyer Avenue 5,533 numbers
West Cornelia Avenue 5,513 numbers
West Superior Street 5,469 numbers
North Rockwell Street 5,442 numbers
West Grace Street 5,431 numbers
North Hamlin Avenue 5,403 numbers
North Hermitage Avenue 5,387 numbers
South Ada Street 5,384 numbers
South Hoyne Avenue 5,321 numbers
North Francisco Avenue 5,309 numbers
North Menard Avenue 5,300 numbers
West Wellington Avenue 5,281 numbers
North Lawndale Avenue 5,272 numbers
North Dearborn Street 5,267 numbers
North Harding Avenue 5,263 numbers
South Keeler Avenue 5,219 numbers
South Sacramento Avenue 5,200 numbers
North Kedzie Avenue 5,116 numbers
South Komensky Avenue 5,110 numbers
South Woodlawn Avenue 5,069 numbers
North Mozart Street 5,057 numbers
West Van Buren Street 5,056 numbers
South Drexel Avenue 5,051 numbers
North Sawyer Avenue 5,043 numbers
South Seeley Avenue 5,042 numbers
South Champlain Avenue 5,037 numbers
North Whipple Street 5,033 numbers
West School Street 5,012 numbers
South Christiana Avenue 5,005 numbers
North Milwaukee Avenue 4,998 numbers
North California Avenue 4,967 numbers
South Langley Avenue 4,967 numbers
South Eberhart Avenue 4,952 numbers
North Hoyne Avenue 4,939 numbers
North Oakley Avenue 4,936 numbers
North Ridgeway Avenue 4,930 numbers
North Central Avenue 4,918 numbers
South Perry Avenue 4,913 numbers
North Kimball Avenue 4,911 numbers
South Kildare Avenue 4,900 numbers
South Oakley Avenue 4,898 numbers
South Claremont Avenue 4,836 numbers
South Elizabeth Street 4,835 numbers
West Erie Street 4,808 numbers
West North Avenue 4,794 numbers
South Trumbull Avenue 4,757 numbers
South Kostner Avenue 4,734 numbers
North Kildare Avenue 4,730 numbers
North Leavitt Street 4,727 numbers
West Irving Park Road 4,723 numbers
West Madison Street 4,720 numbers
North Keystone Avenue 4,698 numbers
South Cornell Avenue 4,671 numbers
North Lincoln Avenue 4,658 numbers
North Troy Street 4,652 numbers
West Foster Avenue 4,650 numbers
South Oglesby Avenue 4,644 numbers
North Sacramento Avenue 4,603 numbers
North Winthrop Avenue 4,557 numbers
North Parkside Avenue 4,547 numbers
South Francisco Avenue 4,538 numbers
South Eggleston Avenue 4,529 numbers
North Claremont Avenue 4,528 numbers
North Richmond Street 4,523 numbers
South Springfield Avenue 4,507 numbers
South Ingleside Avenue 4,502 numbers
South Mozart Street 4,491 numbers
South Kolin Avenue 4,462 numbers
South Crandon Avenue 4,457 numbers
West Montrose Avenue 4,453 numbers
South Bell Avenue 4,429 numbers
North Monitor Avenue 4,424 numbers
South Tripp Avenue 4,418 numbers
North Washtenaw Avenue 4,354 numbers
West Byron Street 4,344 numbers
North Maplewood Avenue 4,338 numbers
South Yale Avenue 4,334 numbers
South Yates Boulevard 4,303 numbers
South Dorchester Avenue 4,288 numbers
North Kostner Avenue 4,276 numbers
North Keeler Avenue 4,274 numbers
North Lockwood Avenue 4,273 numbers
North Laramie Avenue 4,270 numbers
North Artesian Avenue 4,230 numbers
North Austin Avenue 4,224 numbers
West Wilson Avenue 4,222 numbers
South Richmond Street 4,213 numbers
North Kedvale Avenue 4,191 numbers
North Winchester Avenue 4,176 numbers
West Waveland Avenue 4,160 numbers
West Armitage Avenue 4,154 numbers
South Saint Louis Avenue 4,130 numbers
South Loomis Boulevard 4,117 numbers
South La Salle Street 4,104 numbers
South Paxton Avenue 4,085 numbers
West Fletcher Street 4,082 numbers
North Magnolia Avenue 4,073 numbers
South Kenneth Avenue 4,063 numbers
West Leland Avenue 4,058 numbers
South Merrill Avenue 4,050 numbers
West Belden Avenue 4,029 numbers
North Bell Avenue 4,023 numbers
North Talman Avenue 4,018 numbers
West Ohio Street 4,009 numbers
West Oakdale Avenue 4,005 numbers
North Long Avenue 3,973 numbers
West 64th Street 3,966 numbers
North Karlov Avenue 3,965 numbers
South Kimbark Avenue 3,964 numbers
West Division Street 3,941 numbers
West Fullerton Avenue 3,892 numbers
South Greenwood Avenue 3,885 numbers
West Augusta Boulevard 3,884 numbers
West Diversey Avenue 3,861 numbers
West George Street 3,832 numbers
North Lowell Avenue 3,819 numbers
West Henderson Street 3,808 numbers
West Polk Street 3,803 numbers
North Kilbourn Avenue 3,782 numbers
South Blackstone Avenue 3,778 numbers
South Ridgeway Avenue 3,777 numbers
South Hamlin Avenue 3,756 numbers
South Stewart Avenue 3,746 numbers
South Harding Avenue 3,746 numbers
South Kedvale Avenue 3,743 numbers
North Tripp Avenue 3,677 numbers
South Luella Avenue 3,675 numbers
North Bernard Street 3,653 numbers
South Evans Avenue 3,650 numbers
South Harvard Avenue 3,634 numbers
South Avers Avenue 3,633 numbers
North Marmora Avenue 3,633 numbers
West Newport Avenue 3,626 numbers
West Cullom Avenue 3,625 numbers
West Berwyn Avenue 3,620 numbers
South Kedzie Avenue 3,602 numbers
North Racine Avenue 3,602 numbers
West 64th Place 3,590 numbers
South Millard Avenue 3,581 numbers
North Kenneth Avenue 3,574 numbers
North Meade Avenue 3,561 numbers
South Wells Street 3,531 numbers
North Lakewood Avenue 3,530 numbers
North Western Avenue 3,528 numbers
North Moody Avenue 3,513 numbers
North Halsted Street 3,499 numbers
North Marine Drive 3,495 numbers
South Drake Avenue 3,490 numbers
South Kilbourn Avenue 3,478 numbers
North Melvina Avenue 3,468 numbers
South Drexel Boulevard 3,462 numbers
North Fairfield Avenue 3,461 numbers
South Loomis Street 3,460 numbers
South Kenwood Avenue 3,453 numbers
West Marquette Road 3,447 numbers
South Euclid Avenue 3,442 numbers
South Lawndale Avenue 3,439 numbers
West Belle Plaine Avenue 3,422 numbers
West Cullerton Street 3,417 numbers
North Leclaire Avenue 3,415 numbers
West 63rd Place 3,407 numbers
West Eddy Street 3,391 numbers
South Vincennes Avenue 3,382 numbers
South Halsted Street 3,379 numbers
West Sunnyside Avenue 3,379 numbers
North Pulaski Road 3,370 numbers
West Crystal Street 3,364 numbers
North Newcastle Avenue 3,360 numbers
West Potomac Avenue 3,350 numbers
North Oak Park Avenue 3,350 numbers
South Harper Avenue 3,349 numbers
West Gladys Avenue 3,334 numbers
South Maryland Avenue 3,321 numbers
South Bennett Avenue 3,310 numbers
North Wayne Avenue 3,288 numbers
North Lotus Avenue 3,281 numbers
South Leavitt Street 3,281 numbers
North Marshfield Avenue 3,271 numbers
West Nelson Street 3,264 numbers
West Walton Street 3,246 numbers
North Neva Avenue 3,229 numbers
West Lawrence Avenue 3,229 numbers
South Lafayette Avenue 3,224 numbers
South Avenue H 3,217 numbers
North McVicker Avenue 3,215 numbers
South Constance Avenue 3,211 numbers
West Altgeld Street 3,208 numbers
West Eastwood Avenue 3,195 numbers
West 71st Street 3,191 numbers
South Phillips Avenue 3,180 numbers
North New England Avenue 3,176 numbers
West Argyle Street 3,166 numbers
South Clyde Avenue 3,149 numbers
West Dickens Avenue 3,149 numbers
North Latrobe Avenue 3,149 numbers
North Christiana Avenue 3,148 numbers
West Lunt Avenue 3,140 numbers
North Mobile Avenue 3,136 numbers
North Nagle Avenue 3,130 numbers
North Seeley Avenue 3,100 numbers
West 59th Street 3,097 numbers
North Nordica Avenue 3,097 numbers
West Lexington Street 3,090 numbers
South Archer Avenue 3,085 numbers
West 21st Place 3,080 numbers
West Chicago Avenue 3,079 numbers
North Mango Avenue 3,078 numbers
North Lorel Avenue 3,067 numbers
South Kingston Avenue 3,051 numbers
South Essex Avenue 3,050 numbers
South Chappel Avenue 3,047 numbers
West Flournoy Street 3,043 numbers
North Linder Avenue 3,042 numbers
West Berteau Avenue 3,040 numbers
West 83rd Street 3,036 numbers
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