Cedar Rapids

Oakland Road Northeast 1,478 numbers
1st Avenue Northeast 1,224 numbers
Bever Avenue Southeast 1,222 numbers
16th Avenue Southwest 1,173 numbers
5th Avenue Southeast 1,128 numbers
1st Avenue Southwest 1,094 numbers
C Avenue Northeast 1,061 numbers
J Street Southwest 1,060 numbers
2nd Avenue Southeast 941 numbers
A Avenue Northeast 907 numbers
B Avenue Northeast 888 numbers
20th Avenue Southwest 853 numbers
12th Avenue Southwest 803 numbers
4th Avenue Southeast 794 numbers
1st Avenue Northwest 730 numbers
E Avenue Northwest 722 numbers
C Street Southwest 721 numbers
32nd Street Northeast 689 numbers
D Avenue Northeast 673 numbers
22nd Avenue Southwest 671 numbers
F Avenue Northwest 670 numbers
21st Avenue Southwest 654 numbers
3rd Avenue Southeast 649 numbers
6th Street Southwest 649 numbers
34th Street Northeast 618 numbers
1st Avenue Southeast 610 numbers
O Avenue Northwest 609 numbers
33rd Avenue Southwest 601 numbers
15th Street Southeast 568 numbers
29th Street Northwest 566 numbers
9th Street Northwest 565 numbers
2nd Street Southwest 525 numbers
34th Street Southeast 521 numbers
19th Avenue Southwest 499 numbers
30th Street Southeast 489 numbers
C Avenue Northwest 485 numbers
10th Street Northwest 479 numbers
18th Avenue Southwest 477 numbers
35th Street Northeast 474 numbers
18th Street Northwest 472 numbers
9th Avenue Southwest 466 numbers
11th Street Northwest 464 numbers
26th Street Northwest 447 numbers
G Avenue Northwest 446 numbers
6th Avenue Southeast 445 numbers
9th Street Southwest 444 numbers
Park Avenue Southeast 440 numbers
42nd Street Northeast 429 numbers
B Avenue Northwest 426 numbers
27th Street Northeast 422 numbers
29th Street Northeast 419 numbers
8th Street Northwest 416 numbers
K Street Southwest 413 numbers
12th Street Northeast 410 numbers
15th Avenue Southwest 407 numbers
7th Avenue Southeast 401 numbers
16th Street Southeast 401 numbers
33rd Street Northeast 394 numbers
13th Street Northwest 392 numbers
E Avenue Northeast 390 numbers
A Avenue Northwest 383 numbers
8th Avenue Southwest 381 numbers
19th Street Southeast 380 numbers
66th Avenue Southwest 375 numbers
H Avenue Northwest 374 numbers
Glass Road Northeast 373 numbers
18th Street Southwest 373 numbers
17th Street Southeast 361 numbers
1st Street Southwest 356 numbers
74th Street Northeast 355 numbers
29th Avenue Southwest 355 numbers
Staub Court Northeast 352 numbers
14th Avenue Southeast 350 numbers
20th Street Northwest 343 numbers
19th Street Northwest 339 numbers
Sue Lane Northwest 336 numbers
Wenig Road Northeast 334 numbers
30th Street Northeast 334 numbers
3rd Avenue Southwest 334 numbers
Queen Drive Southwest 330 numbers
18th Street Southeast 324 numbers
3rd Street Southwest 301 numbers
G Avenue Northeast 295 numbers
8th Avenue Southeast 293 numbers
4th Street Southwest 292 numbers
26th Street Southeast 290 numbers
36th Street Southeast 281 numbers
36th Street Northeast 280 numbers
37th Street Northeast 278 numbers
M Avenue Northwest 277 numbers
N Street Southwest 277 numbers
27th Street Northwest 271 numbers
2nd Avenue Southwest 268 numbers
Moose Drive Northwest 265 numbers
F Avenue Northeast 263 numbers
7th Avenue Southwest 261 numbers
Armar Drive Southeast 261 numbers
24th Street Northwest 260 numbers
38th Street Southeast 258 numbers
10th Avenue Southwest 251 numbers
Dean Road Southwest 250 numbers
14th Avenue Southwest 245 numbers
Owen Street Northwest 242 numbers
10th Street Southwest 240 numbers
D Avenue Northwest 237 numbers
27th Avenue Southwest 235 numbers
23rd Street Northwest 231 numbers
16th Street Northeast 230 numbers
40th Street Northeast 230 numbers
6th Street Northwest 229 numbers
17th Street Northeast 229 numbers
20th Street Southeast 229 numbers
35th Street Southeast 228 numbers
14th Street Southeast 224 numbers
Aossey Lane Southwest 223 numbers
19th Street Northeast 223 numbers
Iowa Avenue Southeast 222 numbers
37th Avenue Southwest 221 numbers
28th Avenue Southwest 219 numbers
5th Street Northwest 218 numbers
Kent Drive Northeast 211 numbers
Boyson Road Northeast 209 numbers
21st Street Northeast 208 numbers
Redbud Road Northeast 208 numbers
31st Street Southeast 207 numbers
2nd Street Southeast 204 numbers
71st Street Northeast 203 numbers
H Avenue Northeast 203 numbers
J Avenue Northeast 203 numbers
3rd Street Southeast 202 numbers
Vine Avenue Southeast 201 numbers
26th Avenue Southwest 200 numbers
41st Street Northeast 194 numbers
32nd Street Southeast 193 numbers
21st Street Southeast 191 numbers
31st Street Northeast 190 numbers
Wolf Drive Northwest 190 numbers
12th Avenue Southeast 188 numbers
L Street Southwest 187 numbers
13th Avenue Southwest 186 numbers
25th Street Southeast 186 numbers
31st Street Southwest 185 numbers
21st Street Northwest 184 numbers
Miami Drive Northeast 184 numbers
9th Street Southeast 181 numbers
King Drive Southwest 181 numbers
8th Street Southwest 178 numbers
4th Avenue Southwest 177 numbers
11th Avenue Southeast 175 numbers
32nd Street Northwest 175 numbers
13th Avenue Southeast 172 numbers
4th Street Northwest 171 numbers
42nd Street Southeast 167 numbers
K Avenue Northeast 167 numbers
5th Avenue Southwest 166 numbers
12th Street Northwest 166 numbers
36th Avenue Southwest 163 numbers
38th Street Northeast 161 numbers
22nd Street Northwest 158 numbers
M Street Southwest 151 numbers
6th Avenue Southwest 150 numbers
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