Bayshore Boulevard 6,421 numbers
Memorial Highway 3,921 numbers
North Armenia Avenue 3,713 numbers
West Waters Avenue 3,708 numbers
Interbay Boulevard 3,214 numbers
North Florida Avenue 2,982 numbers
North 50th Street 2,796 numbers
North 22nd Street 2,781 numbers
East Kennedy Boulevard 2,606 numbers
North 15th Street 2,584 numbers
North Rome Avenue 2,374 numbers
Amberly Drive 2,370 numbers
North Himes Avenue 2,339 numbers
South Manhattan Avenue 2,273 numbers
North Dale Mabry Highway 2,207 numbers
Sheldon Road 2,091 numbers
North 12th Street 2,068 numbers
Bruce B Downs Boulevard 2,068 numbers
West Spruce Street 2,043 numbers
North Lois Avenue 2,013 numbers
North Nebraska Avenue 1,999 numbers
North Ola Avenue 1,895 numbers
North Habana Avenue 1,887 numbers
North Central Avenue 1,885 numbers
Baywater Drive 1,864 numbers
West Kennedy Boulevard 1,836 numbers
South MacDill Avenue 1,828 numbers
West Azeele Street 1,824 numbers
North 19th Street 1,823 numbers
South Himes Avenue 1,800 numbers
South Dale Mabry Highway 1,796 numbers
South Lois Avenue 1,778 numbers
West Horatio Street 1,675 numbers
North 30th Street 1,665 numbers
West Hillsborough Avenue 1,627 numbers
East Hanna Avenue 1,616 numbers
West Idlewild Avenue 1,601 numbers
West Arch Street 1,596 numbers
North Highland Avenue 1,578 numbers
North Hubert Avenue 1,519 numbers
West Hanna Avenue 1,497 numbers
North 10th Street 1,491 numbers
East Chelsea Street 1,472 numbers
North 11th Street 1,467 numbers
East 113th Avenue 1,463 numbers
North 17th Street 1,438 numbers
East Osborne Avenue 1,433 numbers
West North B Street 1,430 numbers
East Emma Street 1,415 numbers
West La Salle Street 1,409 numbers
North 13th Street 1,398 numbers
West Henry Avenue 1,398 numbers
North 20th Street 1,395 numbers
Palencia Drive 1,361 numbers
West Nassau Street 1,348 numbers
North 14th Street 1,337 numbers
North Macdill Avenue 1,322 numbers
West Barcelona Street 1,302 numbers
Plantation Oaks Drive 1,302 numbers
West De Leon Street 1,291 numbers
East Powhatan Avenue 1,287 numbers
Skipper Road 1,279 numbers
Knights Run Avenue 1,274 numbers
West Gray Street 1,271 numbers
West Lambright Street 1,262 numbers
West Paris Street 1,257 numbers
North 16th Street 1,257 numbers
Orange Grove Drive 1,247 numbers
West Sligh Avenue 1,237 numbers
East Henry Avenue 1,219 numbers
East Hillsborough Avenue 1,207 numbers
West Morrison Avenue 1,205 numbers
West Jean Street 1,198 numbers
West Clifton Street 1,198 numbers
West Euclid Avenue 1,192 numbers
West Grace Street 1,181 numbers
East Ellicott Street 1,180 numbers
West San Pedro Street 1,178 numbers
West Comanche Avenue 1,173 numbers
West San Juan Street 1,169 numbers
West Powhatan Avenue 1,161 numbers
East Cayuga Street 1,159 numbers
West Watrous Avenue 1,159 numbers
West Leila Avenue 1,158 numbers
East Linebaugh Avenue 1,154 numbers
West Pearl Avenue 1,150 numbers
North 18th Street 1,148 numbers
East Paris Street 1,148 numbers
North Edison Avenue 1,141 numbers
West Wallace Avenue 1,140 numbers
South Trask Street 1,138 numbers
Lake Chase Island Way 1,135 numbers
East Columbus Drive 1,129 numbers
East Yukon Street 1,123 numbers
Richmond Place Drive 1,123 numbers
West North A Street 1,119 numbers
East Idlewild Avenue 1,118 numbers
South Fremont Avenue 1,117 numbers
North 52nd Street 1,110 numbers
West Hiawatha Street 1,109 numbers
West Swann Avenue 1,100 numbers
East 26th Avenue 1,100 numbers
North Lincoln Avenue 1,098 numbers
East Jean Street 1,067 numbers
Columbia Drive 1,056 numbers
West Wyoming Avenue 1,048 numbers
North Tampa Street 1,048 numbers
East Sligh Avenue 1,031 numbers
West Santiago Street 1,030 numbers
Ohio Avenue 1,024 numbers
West Woodlawn Avenue 1,021 numbers
West Chestnut Street 1,018 numbers
Cory Lake Drive 1,018 numbers
North Hale Avenue 1,017 numbers
West Gandy Boulevard 1,016 numbers
West Bay Avenue 1,013 numbers
West Platt Street 1,011 numbers
East Caracas Street 1,009 numbers
West El Prado Boulevard 1,005 numbers
West Iowa Avenue 1,003 numbers
West Vasconia Street 1,000 numbers
West Fig Street 1,000 numbers
North Clark Avenue 999 numbers
Normandy Trace Road 998 numbers
North Thatcher Avenue 992 numbers
West Carmen Street 991 numbers
West Tyson Avenue 989 numbers
West Tacon Street 987 numbers
West Union Street 986 numbers
West Fern Street 986 numbers
West Bay Villa Avenue 984 numbers
North 9th Street 983 numbers
East 23rd Avenue 983 numbers
West Obispo Street 981 numbers
North Branch Avenue 980 numbers
West Palmetto Street 979 numbers
North Lakeview Drive 979 numbers
West Jetton Avenue 976 numbers
North 21st Street 974 numbers
West Sevilla Street 969 numbers
East Fletcher Avenue 968 numbers
West Leona Street 967 numbers
East Clifton Street 966 numbers
East Palm Avenue 956 numbers
East North Bay Street 954 numbers
East 22nd Avenue 952 numbers
East Curtis Street 950 numbers
West North Street 950 numbers
Highland Oak Drive 949 numbers
East Genesee Street 941 numbers
North Brooks Street 938 numbers
West Knights Avenue 937 numbers
North Albany Avenue 928 numbers
East Louisiana Avenue 926 numbers
Burchette Road 926 numbers
Newtown Circle 925 numbers
East 24th Avenue 920 numbers
Del Rey Court 917 numbers
West Paxton Avenue 917 numbers
West Braddock Street 906 numbers
North 39th Street 904 numbers
North Grady Avenue 903 numbers
East Fern Street 900 numbers
West San Jose Street 896 numbers
West Burke Street 895 numbers
Danube Avenue 893 numbers
West Cleveland Street 892 numbers
Blossom Avenue 883 numbers
West Rogers Avenue 879 numbers
West Cass Street 877 numbers
West Price Avenue 873 numbers
East Ida Street 869 numbers
West Wisconsin Avenue 868 numbers
North 48th Street 866 numbers
West Kirby Street 866 numbers
West Lemon Street 865 numbers
West Palmira Avenue 864 numbers
North Oregon Avenue 858 numbers
East 25th Avenue 857 numbers
West Fair Oaks Avenue 856 numbers
North 53rd Street 853 numbers
West Main Street 852 numbers
North Coolidge Avenue 852 numbers
West Humphrey Street 852 numbers
East 28th Avenue 851 numbers
North Orleans Avenue 845 numbers
East 17th Avenue 843 numbers
East Comanche Avenue 835 numbers
West Ohio Avenue 831 numbers
North Cameron Avenue 829 numbers
North 29th Street 826 numbers
West Davis Boulevard 824 numbers
Puritan Circle 817 numbers
East Lambright Street 816 numbers
West Cherry Street 810 numbers
West Granada Street 809 numbers
Fountain Avenue 809 numbers
Summit West Boulevard 807 numbers
Hunters Lake Drive 806 numbers
West Elm Street 803 numbers
West Lawn Avenue 802 numbers
East 99th Avenue 802 numbers
East Annie Street 793 numbers
Forest Hills Drive 786 numbers
North Suwanee Avenue 779 numbers
North 27th Street 778 numbers
North Newport Avenue 778 numbers
West Oklahoma Avenue 777 numbers
West Minnehaha Street 777 numbers
West Walnut Street 770 numbers
West Linebaugh Avenue 768 numbers
Dunham Station Drive 766 numbers
West Ivy Street 765 numbers
North Willow Avenue 764 numbers
East Frierson Avenue 763 numbers
West Aileen Street 762 numbers
East 29th Avenue 760 numbers
West San Luis Street 760 numbers
West Beach Street 758 numbers
North 42nd Street 756 numbers
Heritage Point Drive 754 numbers
North Ashley Drive 751 numbers
Portofino Drive 750 numbers
North 23rd Street 749 numbers
East McBerry Street 746 numbers
Carrollwood Drive 738 numbers
West Knollwood Street 736 numbers
North Gomez Avenue 733 numbers
West Bay Vista Avenue 731 numbers
Gunn Highway 730 numbers
East North Street 726 numbers
Ginger Cove Drive 720 numbers
East Wilder Avenue 719 numbers
Gretna Green Drive 716 numbers
West Pine Street 716 numbers
Brigadoon Drive 713 numbers
East Broad Street 713 numbers
South Howard Avenue 712 numbers
West Corona Street 711 numbers
Laurel Dale Drive 709 numbers
North Lynn Avenue 708 numbers
Jackson Springs Road 708 numbers
West Dewey Street 704 numbers
West Leroy Street 704 numbers
North Mulberry Street 703 numbers
East Mohawk Avenue 702 numbers
East Lake Avenue 701 numbers
West Flora Street 701 numbers
West Empedrado Street 700 numbers
East 7th Avenue 700 numbers
West Sitka Street 700 numbers
East 109th Avenue 696 numbers
Riverhills Drive 693 numbers
East 27th Avenue 692 numbers
East 21st Avenue 691 numbers
East 32nd Avenue 688 numbers
West Wallcraft Avenue 687 numbers
Crescent Loop Circle 687 numbers
Carrollwood Lane 683 numbers
West Osborne Avenue 678 numbers
East Giddens Avenue 677 numbers
East Davis Boulevard 671 numbers
West Virginia Avenue 670 numbers
West Cypress Street 668 numbers
Davis Boulevard 668 numbers
East 97th Avenue 667 numbers
North 26th Street 664 numbers
Marbrisa Drive 663 numbers
West Dale Avenue 661 numbers
West Broad Street 661 numbers
South Clark Avenue 661 numbers
North 40th Street 660 numbers
North 37th Street 660 numbers
East Palifox Street 659 numbers
Grainary Avenue 658 numbers
West Cordelia Street 656 numbers
Hollowell Drive 655 numbers
North Matanzas Avenue 651 numbers
Arbor Run Drive 650 numbers
East 33rd Avenue 648 numbers
East 98th Avenue 647 numbers
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