Fort Lauderdale

Galt Ocean Drive 8,134 numbers
North Ocean Boulevard 4,846 numbers
North Federal Highway 2,502 numbers
Northeast 3rd Avenue 2,328 numbers
Bayview Drive 2,281 numbers
Northeast 15th Avenue 2,081 numbers
Northwest 4th Avenue 2,064 numbers
Northeast 18th Avenue 1,977 numbers
Middle River Drive 1,886 numbers
Northeast 16th Avenue 1,849 numbers
North Andrews Avenue 1,712 numbers
Northeast 2nd Avenue 1,693 numbers
East Las Olas Boulevard 1,666 numbers
Northeast 17th Avenue 1,643 numbers
Bay Club Drive 1,572 numbers
Southeast 15th Street 1,556 numbers
Northeast 4th Avenue 1,548 numbers
Northeast 5th Avenue 1,540 numbers
Southeast 5th Avenue 1,477 numbers
Southwest 24th Avenue 1,466 numbers
Southeast 2nd Street 1,455 numbers
Northeast 17th Way 1,450 numbers
River Reach Drive 1,450 numbers
Northeast 56th Street 1,437 numbers
Northwest 7th Street 1,436 numbers
Southwest 17th Street 1,390 numbers
East Sunrise Boulevard 1,385 numbers
South Ocean Drive 1,384 numbers
Southwest 16th Street 1,350 numbers
Northeast 51st Street 1,336 numbers
Northeast 26th Avenue 1,335 numbers
Northwest 1st Avenue 1,320 numbers
Northeast 1st Avenue 1,319 numbers
Southwest 12th Court 1,310 numbers
Southwest 19th Street 1,299 numbers
Southwest 14th Street 1,288 numbers
South Ocean Lane 1,269 numbers
Northwest 8th Street 1,268 numbers
Isle of Venice Drive 1,257 numbers
Northeast 6th Avenue 1,255 numbers
Bayshore Drive 1,225 numbers
Southwest 20th Street 1,218 numbers
Southwest 23rd Street 1,209 numbers
North Victoria Park Road 1,208 numbers
Southwest 21st Street 1,199 numbers
Northeast 21st Avenue 1,172 numbers
Port Royale Drive North 1,170 numbers
Northwest 2nd Avenue 1,168 numbers
Southwest 4th Avenue 1,166 numbers
West Las Olas Boulevard 1,165 numbers
Southwest 22nd Avenue 1,162 numbers
Southeast 17th Street 1,153 numbers
Southwest 22nd Street 1,128 numbers
Hendricks Isle 1,126 numbers
Southwest 29th Avenue 1,116 numbers
Northwest 14th Street 1,112 numbers
Seminole Drive 1,105 numbers
Northeast 16th Terrace 1,093 numbers
Northeast 56th Court 1,090 numbers
Northeast 19th Avenue 1,077 numbers
Northwest 15th Avenue 1,074 numbers
Northwest 8th Avenue 1,073 numbers
Northwest 7th Avenue 1,053 numbers
Intracoastal Drive 1,050 numbers
Northeast 7th Avenue 1,048 numbers
Northwest 15th Street 1,047 numbers
Southwest 51st Street 1,034 numbers
Weldon Circle 1,033 numbers
Northwest 4th Street 1,023 numbers
Northwest 13th Court 1,019 numbers
Northwest 5th Street 1,015 numbers
Northwest 9th Avenue 1,002 numbers
Southwest 18th Street 992 numbers
Northeast 15th Street 989 numbers
Northwest 7th Court 983 numbers
Northwest 14th Court 981 numbers
Northwest 2nd Street 980 numbers
Northwest 3rd Avenue 960 numbers
Northeast 32nd Avenue 960 numbers
Southwest 30th Avenue 954 numbers
Northwest 17th Street 952 numbers
Southwest 5th Street 950 numbers
Southwest 28th Avenue 930 numbers
Northwest 31st Avenue 926 numbers
Sunset Drive 924 numbers
Northwest 15th Court 915 numbers
Northwest 16th Court 915 numbers
Northeast 36th Street 911 numbers
Southwest 16th Court 909 numbers
Northwest 33rd Avenue 899 numbers
Southwest 15th Street 899 numbers
Northwest 19th Avenue 896 numbers
Northwest 16th Street 895 numbers
Northeast 5th Terrace 892 numbers
Northeast 65th Street 885 numbers
Northwest 30th Avenue 884 numbers
Southwest 18th Avenue 883 numbers
Southwest 40th Avenue 882 numbers
Port Royale Boulevard 881 numbers
Northwest 6th Avenue 880 numbers
Northeast 34th Street 874 numbers
Northwest 12th Avenue 874 numbers
Southwest 13th Court 872 numbers
Southwest 50th Street 868 numbers
Northeast 9th Street 866 numbers
Northeast 33rd Avenue 860 numbers
Northwest 13th Street 857 numbers
Southwest 9th Street 857 numbers
Northeast 49th Street 850 numbers
Northwest 5th Avenue 849 numbers
Northeast 22nd Avenue 837 numbers
Miami Road 834 numbers
Southwest 25th Avenue 833 numbers
Southwest 31st Avenue 833 numbers
Northeast 13th Avenue 825 numbers
Southwest 10th Street 823 numbers
Northwest 8th Court 811 numbers
Northwest 9th Court 808 numbers
Northwest 10th Avenue 801 numbers
Northwest 20th Street 801 numbers
Northwest 3rd Street 797 numbers
Northwest 29th Avenue 794 numbers
Northeast 57th Street 793 numbers
Northeast 16th Street 790 numbers
Northwest 28th Avenue 789 numbers
Northeast 20th Avenue 788 numbers
Northwest 8th Place 788 numbers
Southwest 13th Street 787 numbers
Holly Heights Drive 784 numbers
North Birch Road 778 numbers
Southeast 10th Avenue 775 numbers
Riverland Road 770 numbers
Northeast 14th Avenue 768 numbers
Northwest 18th Street 757 numbers
Northeast 6th Street 754 numbers
Northwest 19th Street 751 numbers
Northwest 34th Avenue 750 numbers
Northeast 18th Street 749 numbers
Northwest 11th Avenue 735 numbers
Northeast 14th Street 732 numbers
Northeast 60th Street 729 numbers
Southwest 11th Street 726 numbers
Jackson Boulevard 725 numbers
Northwest 14th Avenue 720 numbers
Southwest 15th Avenue 718 numbers
Northwest 18th Court 718 numbers
Northeast 9th Avenue 717 numbers
Northwest 6th Court 711 numbers
Northwest 9th Street 711 numbers
Northwest 26th Avenue 710 numbers
Carolina Avenue 698 numbers
Northeast 55th Street 697 numbers
Southwest 14th Avenue 695 numbers
Southwest 34th Avenue 694 numbers
Northwest 11th Place 692 numbers
Southwest 44th Avenue 689 numbers
Southwest 43rd Avenue 689 numbers
Northeast 17th Court 687 numbers
Southeast 9th Street 683 numbers
Northeast 12th Avenue 683 numbers
Northeast 59th Court 682 numbers
Tennis Club Drive 672 numbers
Northeast 11th Avenue 670 numbers
Northeast 62nd Street 669 numbers
Northwest 11th Street 665 numbers
Northeast 32nd Street 665 numbers
Southwest 33rd Avenue 659 numbers
Alabama Avenue 654 numbers
Northeast 57th Court 653 numbers
Southeast 7th Street 652 numbers
Southwest 37th Avenue 650 numbers
Northwest 46th Street 647 numbers
Northeast 48th Street 642 numbers
Southwest 4th Court 638 numbers
Northwest 27th Avenue 637 numbers
Northeast 8th Avenue 637 numbers
North Dixie Highway 633 numbers
Arizona Avenue 631 numbers
Northwest 7th Terrace 630 numbers
Northeast 58th Street 628 numbers
Northeast 30th Street 621 numbers
Southwest 12th Street 620 numbers
Northeast 22nd Way 614 numbers
Northwest 6th Street 612 numbers
Southwest 38th Avenue 609 numbers
Southwest 24th Street 603 numbers
Davie Boulevard 602 numbers
Northeast 17th Street 602 numbers
Southwest 8th Street 601 numbers
Southwest 52nd Street 601 numbers
Southwest 23rd Avenue 598 numbers
Ponce De Leon Drive 595 numbers
Northwest 31st Way 594 numbers
South Andrews Avenue 589 numbers
Southwest 11th Court 588 numbers
Southwest 28th Way 582 numbers
Northwest 32nd Avenue 581 numbers
Las Olas Circle 577 numbers
Southwest 26th Avenue 573 numbers
Northwest 5th Court 566 numbers
South Birch Road 565 numbers
Northeast 54th Street 560 numbers
Southwest 27th Avenue 560 numbers
Southeast 13th Street 560 numbers
Northwest 69th Court 558 numbers
Northwest 12th Street 556 numbers
Southwest 42nd Avenue 556 numbers
Pennsylvania Avenue 554 numbers
Northwest 48th Street 549 numbers
Southwest 32nd Avenue 548 numbers
Northeast 51st Court 542 numbers
Northeast 10th Avenue 537 numbers
Northeast 59th Street 537 numbers
Southwest 14th Court 537 numbers
Northwest 22nd Street 534 numbers
Northwest 18th Avenue 529 numbers
City View Drive 528 numbers
Long Island Avenue 524 numbers
Southwest 19th Avenue 522 numbers
Southwest 30th Street 521 numbers
Southwest 2nd Street 520 numbers
Northeast 16th Court 517 numbers
Northeast 68th Street 513 numbers
Northwest 17th Avenue 512 numbers
Northwest 11th Court 511 numbers
Northwest 45th Court 510 numbers
Southwest 54th Street 510 numbers
Southwest 53rd Street 510 numbers
Northeast 23rd Avenue 507 numbers
Northwest 16th Avenue 506 numbers
Southwest 32nd Street 505 numbers
Orton Avenue 505 numbers
Northeast 33rd Court 505 numbers
Marina Bay Drive East 502 numbers
Southeast 14th Street 500 numbers
Southeast 12th Court 500 numbers
Northwest 68th Street 498 numbers
Northeast 25th Avenue 496 numbers
Southwest 7th Street 494 numbers
West Dayton Circle 494 numbers
Northwest 35th Avenue 492 numbers
Northwest 26th Street 490 numbers
Northeast 63rd Court 490 numbers
Southwest 18th Court 490 numbers
Northwest 55th Street 485 numbers
Northwest 13th Avenue 481 numbers
Southwest 4th Street 478 numbers
Southeast 11th Court 478 numbers
Northeast 5th Street 474 numbers
East Evanston Circle 472 numbers
Northeast 2nd Terrace 469 numbers
Southwest 15th Court 468 numbers
Southeast 8th Street 467 numbers
Southwest 12th Place 464 numbers
Southwest 35th Avenue 460 numbers
Northwest 21st Street 450 numbers
Northwest 54th Street 449 numbers
Northwest 24th Avenue 449 numbers
East Dayton Circle 446 numbers
Northeast 63rd Street 442 numbers
Northwest 38th Avenue 441 numbers
Northeast 1st Terrace 441 numbers
Northwest 53rd Street 439 numbers
Northeast 28th Street 438 numbers
Northwest 4th Court 434 numbers
Northwest 3rd Court 429 numbers
Southwest 49th Street 428 numbers
Northwest 42nd Street 428 numbers
Riverside Drive 423 numbers
Southeast 2nd Court 417 numbers
Northwest 7th Place 415 numbers
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