East Chapman Avenue 1,403 numbers
West Chapman Avenue 1,295 numbers
West La Veta Avenue 1,252 numbers
West Palmyra Avenue 1,020 numbers
East Trenton Avenue 1,014 numbers
North Glassell Street 922 numbers
North Shaffer Street 912 numbers
East Palmyra Avenue 909 numbers
North Batavia Street 857 numbers
East Adams Avenue 827 numbers
North Highland Street 805 numbers
East Wilson Avenue 774 numbers
East Chestnut Avenue 758 numbers
East La Veta Avenue 753 numbers
East Monroe Avenue 741 numbers
North Lincoln Street 720 numbers
East Collins Avenue 716 numbers
East Rose Avenue 692 numbers
East Walnut Avenue 688 numbers
East Grove Avenue 623 numbers
Meads 586 numbers
East Meats Avenue 580 numbers
West Almond Avenue 565 numbers
West Walnut Avenue 560 numbers
East Hoover Avenue 560 numbers
East Lomita Avenue 556 numbers
East Fairway Drive 554 numbers
East Almond Avenue 554 numbers
North Tustin Street 553 numbers
East Mayfair Avenue 550 numbers
East Palm Avenue 550 numbers
North Bourbon Street 546 numbers
West Collins Avenue 538 numbers
North Fern Street 517 numbers
East Everett Place 513 numbers
East Quincy Avenue 510 numbers
East Vine Avenue 493 numbers
West Lincoln Avenue 492 numbers
North Handy Street 482 numbers
East Locust Avenue 478 numbers
East Katella Avenue 470 numbers
Town and Country Road 467 numbers
North Pine Street 457 numbers
South Flower Street 453 numbers
East Jackson Avenue 449 numbers
North Adele Street 442 numbers
North Lemon Street 441 numbers
South Tustin Street 436 numbers
East Loftwood Lane 433 numbers
North Hart Street 424 numbers
East Taft Avenue 423 numbers
East Maple Avenue 423 numbers
East Lincoln Avenue 418 numbers
West Maple Avenue 415 numbers
North Rampart Street 407 numbers
East Center Avenue 407 numbers
North Harwood Street 406 numbers
South Glassell Street 406 numbers
East Vanowen Avenue 404 numbers
East Jacaranda Avenue 403 numbers
East Oakmont Avenue 399 numbers
North Clinton Street 395 numbers
East Sycamore Avenue 390 numbers
North Olive Street 382 numbers
North Shattuck Place 372 numbers
West Culver Avenue 369 numbers
East Coolidge Avenue 365 numbers
West Palm Avenue 363 numbers
South Earlham Street 361 numbers
East Creekside Avenue 353 numbers
East Barkley Avenue 350 numbers
North Milford Road 348 numbers
South Parker Street 345 numbers
North Oak Street 344 numbers
East Riverview Avenue 336 numbers
South Orange Street 335 numbers
West Beverly Drive 331 numbers
North Orange Street 325 numbers
North Grand Street 324 numbers
West Linden Drive 322 numbers
North Kathleen Lane 313 numbers
East Ruth Place 310 numbers
East Ridgeway Road 308 numbers
South Loretta Drive 302 numbers
North Citrus Street 300 numbers
East Hillsdale Drive 296 numbers
East Pearl Avenue 291 numbers
South Grand Street 290 numbers
South Pixley Street 287 numbers
West Fletcher Avenue 286 numbers
South Lemon Street 285 numbers
North Mallard Street 284 numbers
North Wayfield Street 282 numbers
West Wilson Avenue 282 numbers
East West View Drive 280 numbers
North Waverly Street 279 numbers
North Hartman Street 279 numbers
Villanueva Drive 277 numbers
East Palmdale Avenue 273 numbers
South Olive Street 271 numbers
East Culver Avenue 268 numbers
East Blueridge Avenue 264 numbers
East Briardale Avenue 262 numbers
West Sycamore Avenue 261 numbers
East Spring Street 260 numbers
West Brentwood Avenue 259 numbers
Orange Park Boulevard 259 numbers
East Avenida Palmar 258 numbers
City Boulevard West 255 numbers
North Pageant Drive 254 numbers
East White Oak Ridge 254 numbers
North Elmwood Street 253 numbers
East Athens Avenue 253 numbers
South Main Street 251 numbers
North Center Street 250 numbers
South Shaffer Street 249 numbers
North Parker Street 248 numbers
South Wayfield Street 245 numbers
East Roberta Drive 244 numbers
South Rosalind Drive 244 numbers
North Main Street 243 numbers
North Diamond Street 240 numbers
Hampshire Road 237 numbers
East Madison Avenue 235 numbers
South Batavia Street 232 numbers
South Crest Road 232 numbers
East Cumberland Road 231 numbers
South Woodland Street 227 numbers
North Park Lane 227 numbers
North Canal Street 225 numbers
East La Cumbre Drive 225 numbers
Hewes Street 222 numbers
South James Street 222 numbers
East Woodbine Road 219 numbers
East Kirkwood Avenue 219 numbers
East Concord Avenue 217 numbers
North Ashwood Street 215 numbers
North Flower Street 215 numbers
East Mandeville Place 214 numbers
East Denise Avenue 212 numbers
East Sedona Drive 211 numbers
South Fairmont Way 211 numbers
North Pinewood Street 210 numbers
East Chalynn Circle 210 numbers
North Holly Street 207 numbers
East Woodwind Avenue 207 numbers
North Eckhoff Street 206 numbers
South Yorba Street 201 numbers
East Valencia Drive 199 numbers
Burly Avenue 199 numbers
Crown Parkway 198 numbers
North Robinhood Place 196 numbers
East Heim Avenue 195 numbers
West Cork Tree Drive 194 numbers
West Cherry Drive 193 numbers
Magdalena Drive 193 numbers
East Frank Lane 192 numbers
South Craig Drive 191 numbers
East Del Mar Avenue 190 numbers
East Rainier Avenue 190 numbers
East Bryce Avenue 190 numbers
South Center Street 189 numbers
West Katella Avenue 187 numbers
North Clark Street 184 numbers
West Tiller Avenue 183 numbers
East Euclid Avenue 183 numbers
North Morgan Street 183 numbers
South Laurinda Lane 183 numbers
Monaco Parkway 181 numbers
East Pinnacle Pointe 180 numbers
East Cliffway Drive 179 numbers
South Devon Road 178 numbers
North Stevens Street 176 numbers
North Pami Circle 176 numbers
South Breezy Way 175 numbers
South Lewis Street 175 numbers
East Brookside Avenue 175 numbers
East Twinleaf Trail 174 numbers
East Garfield Avenue 174 numbers
East Fernwood Avenue 173 numbers
South Waterwheel Way 171 numbers
East Appaloosa Trail 170 numbers
South Dunas Street 170 numbers
Portico Terrace 169 numbers
North Magnolia Street 169 numbers
East Orangeview Lane 169 numbers
East Riverdale Avenue 169 numbers
South Violet Lane 169 numbers
North Quail Lane 169 numbers
South Cypress Street 168 numbers
South Olympia Way 168 numbers
East San Luis Drive 168 numbers
Cheshire Road 166 numbers
South Clark Street 166 numbers
East Lake Drive 165 numbers
North Richard Street 165 numbers
South Lowry Street 163 numbers
East Larkstone Drive 163 numbers
South Swidler Place 163 numbers
North Gayle Street 163 numbers
South Bedford Road 163 numbers
East Somerton Avenue 163 numbers
Kendra Loop 162 numbers
North Woods Street 160 numbers
East Stearns Avenue 160 numbers
North Ramona Street 159 numbers
East Bradford Avenue 159 numbers
East Chalynn Avenue 158 numbers
West Dunton Avenue 157 numbers
East Baldwin Avenue 157 numbers
South Church Street 154 numbers
East El Carmen Avenue 154 numbers
South Oak Street 154 numbers
West Mills Drive 154 numbers
North Antonio Circle 153 numbers
South Prospect Street 152 numbers
North Auburn Street 152 numbers
South Hewes Street 152 numbers
West Robin Road 151 numbers
East Dunton Avenue 151 numbers
Earlham Street 150 numbers
East Horizon Drive 149 numbers
West Cully Drive 148 numbers
East Ashford Avenue 147 numbers
West Sirius Avenue 147 numbers
East Longridge Drive 146 numbers
South Seranado Street 146 numbers
South Foley Place 145 numbers
South Hill Street 143 numbers
Sparkleberry Avenue 142 numbers
South Thomas Street 142 numbers
East Casselle Avenue 142 numbers
East Bond Avenue 141 numbers
East Hastings Avenue 140 numbers
East Hillcrest Avenue 140 numbers
East Hamilton Avenue 139 numbers
South Kathleen Lane 138 numbers
North Santa Fe Place 136 numbers
Tulip Tree Avenue 135 numbers
West Hoover Avenue 135 numbers
East Grovewood Lane 135 numbers
East Tularosa Avenue 133 numbers
East Lakeside Avenue 133 numbers
South Citrus Street 133 numbers
East Waterton Avenue 133 numbers
Eaton Court 132 numbers
West Compton Avenue 132 numbers
North Cypress Street 132 numbers
The City Drive South 130 numbers
South McCoy Road 130 numbers
West Willow Avenue 130 numbers
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