North Fresno Street 3,660 numbers
North Cedar Avenue 3,335 numbers
North Fruit Avenue 3,053 numbers
North Millbrook Avenue 2,538 numbers
East Washington Avenue 2,533 numbers
West Ashlan Avenue 2,460 numbers
East Grant Avenue 2,427 numbers
East Ashlan Avenue 2,356 numbers
East Madison Avenue 2,317 numbers
East Dakota Avenue 2,311 numbers
North Glenn Avenue 2,282 numbers
North Marks Avenue 2,261 numbers
North Valentine Avenue 2,256 numbers
North First Street 2,249 numbers
West Shields Avenue 2,226 numbers
West Dakota Avenue 2,155 numbers
East Olive Avenue 2,135 numbers
South Chestnut Avenue 2,113 numbers
North Palm Avenue 2,100 numbers
East Clinton Avenue 2,082 numbers
East Illinois Avenue 2,033 numbers
North Thorne Avenue 2,010 numbers
West Barstow Avenue 1,996 numbers
East Belmont Avenue 1,978 numbers
East McKenzie Avenue 1,977 numbers
West Sierra Avenue 1,964 numbers
East Balch Avenue 1,961 numbers
North Peach Avenue 1,949 numbers
West Palo Alto Avenue 1,927 numbers
North Maple Avenue 1,919 numbers
East Princeton Avenue 1,899 numbers
West McKinley Avenue 1,855 numbers
North Cornelia Avenue 1,854 numbers
East Michigan Avenue 1,848 numbers
East Simpson Avenue 1,828 numbers
North 9th Street 1,768 numbers
East Terrace Avenue 1,759 numbers
East Iowa Avenue 1,751 numbers
North Van Ness Boulevard 1,735 numbers
East Cornell Avenue 1,726 numbers
West San Jose Avenue 1,709 numbers
East Sussex Way 1,707 numbers
North Marty Avenue 1,693 numbers
North San Pablo Avenue 1,685 numbers
East Lane Avenue 1,682 numbers
East Weldon Avenue 1,676 numbers
East Harvard Avenue 1,658 numbers
East Nevada Avenue 1,652 numbers
East Brown Avenue 1,632 numbers
West Princeton Avenue 1,630 numbers
East Shields Avenue 1,628 numbers
East Butler Avenue 1,618 numbers
West Dayton Avenue 1,600 numbers
West Bullard Avenue 1,587 numbers
East Fountain Way 1,587 numbers
East Andrews Avenue 1,580 numbers
East Saginaw Way 1,577 numbers
East Gettysburg Avenue 1,571 numbers
North Arthur Avenue 1,568 numbers
East Cortland Avenue 1,554 numbers
East Holland Avenue 1,536 numbers
East Garland Avenue 1,536 numbers
East Dayton Avenue 1,523 numbers
North 6th Street 1,517 numbers
East Fedora Avenue 1,516 numbers
North Angus Street 1,515 numbers
East Clay Avenue 1,515 numbers
West Paul Avenue 1,507 numbers
East Hampton Way 1,490 numbers
North 8th Street 1,482 numbers
North Farris Avenue 1,460 numbers
West Browning Avenue 1,444 numbers
East Pontiac Way 1,443 numbers
West Alluvial Avenue 1,428 numbers
West Olive Avenue 1,424 numbers
East Hedges Avenue 1,419 numbers
North Del Mar Avenue 1,409 numbers
North Poplar Avenue 1,401 numbers
West Menlo Avenue 1,396 numbers
East Lowe Avenue 1,395 numbers
East White Avenue 1,385 numbers
North College Avenue 1,382 numbers
East Alta Avenue 1,365 numbers
North Vagedes Avenue 1,362 numbers
East El Paso Avenue 1,359 numbers
North Hughes Avenue 1,356 numbers
North Woodrow Avenue 1,353 numbers
South Maple Avenue 1,347 numbers
East Floradora Avenue 1,345 numbers
North Blythe Avenue 1,340 numbers
West Sample Avenue 1,338 numbers
East Tulare Avenue 1,325 numbers
West Indianapolis Avenue 1,319 numbers
West Garland Avenue 1,311 numbers
North Harrison Avenue 1,311 numbers
North Adoline Avenue 1,293 numbers
South Willow Avenue 1,284 numbers
West Fremont Avenue 1,276 numbers
West Fir Avenue 1,271 numbers
West Beechwood Avenue 1,258 numbers
North Pleasant Avenue 1,250 numbers
East Ashcroft Avenue 1,239 numbers
West Spruce Avenue 1,239 numbers
North Feland Avenue 1,237 numbers
West Clinton Avenue 1,234 numbers
East Indianapolis Avenue 1,233 numbers
West Holland Avenue 1,222 numbers
North Maroa Avenue 1,212 numbers
West Fedora Avenue 1,205 numbers
West Morris Avenue 1,194 numbers
North Chestnut Avenue 1,193 numbers
West Cornell Avenue 1,193 numbers
West Terrace Avenue 1,193 numbers
East Liberty Avenue 1,191 numbers
North West Avenue 1,184 numbers
North Wilson Avenue 1,179 numbers
North 4th Street 1,175 numbers
East Montecito Avenue 1,175 numbers
West Roberts Avenue 1,169 numbers
West Stuart Avenue 1,165 numbers
West Norwich Avenue 1,163 numbers
East Alluvial Avenue 1,155 numbers
East Kings Canyon Road 1,154 numbers
North Backer Avenue 1,153 numbers
East Platt Avenue 1,150 numbers
East Kaviland Avenue 1,143 numbers
West Harvard Avenue 1,141 numbers
West Herndon Avenue 1,139 numbers
East Huntington Avenue 1,133 numbers
East Sierra Avenue 1,132 numbers
West San Madele Avenue 1,132 numbers
East Tyler Avenue 1,124 numbers
East Buckingham Way 1,124 numbers
West Swift Avenue 1,123 numbers
North Roosevelt Avenue 1,117 numbers
East Turner Avenue 1,116 numbers
West Magill Avenue 1,114 numbers
West Pinedale Avenue 1,112 numbers
East Lansing Way 1,111 numbers
West Cortland Avenue 1,110 numbers
East Omaha Avenue 1,097 numbers
East Portland Avenue 1,094 numbers
East Swift Avenue 1,091 numbers
East Grove Avenue 1,090 numbers
South Winery Avenue 1,082 numbers
West Yale Avenue 1,080 numbers
West Locust Avenue 1,076 numbers
North Calaveras Street 1,076 numbers
East Pine Avenue 1,075 numbers
North Teilman Avenue 1,074 numbers
North 7th Street 1,073 numbers
West Griffith Way 1,073 numbers
West Robinson Avenue 1,063 numbers
South Clovis Avenue 1,062 numbers
West Nees Avenue 1,058 numbers
West Mesa Avenue 1,058 numbers
North Orchard Street 1,055 numbers
East Santa Ana Avenue 1,051 numbers
North Winery Avenue 1,048 numbers
West Minarets Avenue 1,045 numbers
North Ferger Avenue 1,044 numbers
East Hammond Avenue 1,036 numbers
East El Monte Way 1,035 numbers
West Birch Avenue 1,025 numbers
North Recreation Avenue 1,024 numbers
East Byrd Avenue 1,020 numbers
West Fountain Way 1,012 numbers
West Brown Avenue 1,011 numbers
East Robinson Avenue 1,009 numbers
West Escalon Avenue 1,007 numbers
North Bond Street 1,007 numbers
North Lafayette Avenue 1,006 numbers
East Norwich Avenue 1,003 numbers
East Yale Avenue 1,000 numbers
West Bluff Avenue 998 numbers
East Normal Avenue 998 numbers
East Rialto Avenue 997 numbers
North Wishon Avenue 997 numbers
East McKinley Avenue 993 numbers
East Hamilton Avenue 993 numbers
West Cambridge Avenue 991 numbers
East Vassar Avenue 988 numbers
East Lamona Avenue 983 numbers
East Magill Avenue 981 numbers
North Selland Avenue 980 numbers
North Price Avenue 970 numbers
North Mariposa Street 966 numbers
West Celeste Avenue 963 numbers
East Lyell Avenue 961 numbers
North 5th Street 960 numbers
East Cole Avenue 956 numbers
East Kerckhoff Avenue 953 numbers
East Nees Avenue 952 numbers
East Home Avenue 945 numbers
East Heaton Avenue 938 numbers
West Fairmont Avenue 934 numbers
North Archie Avenue 931 numbers
East Fremont Avenue 929 numbers
East Thomas Avenue 927 numbers
West San Ramon Avenue 927 numbers
North 10th Street 926 numbers
East Palo Alto Avenue 922 numbers
North Barcus Avenue 916 numbers
East Griffith Way 912 numbers
West Shaw Avenue 908 numbers
West Alamos Avenue 907 numbers
North Meridian Avenue 906 numbers
East Cambridge Avenue 906 numbers
West Ashcroft Avenue 906 numbers
West Michigan Avenue 904 numbers
East Richert Avenue 899 numbers
East Los Altos Avenue 897 numbers
North Hazel Avenue 896 numbers
East Richmond Avenue 894 numbers
East Townsend Avenue 893 numbers
East Tower Avenue 893 numbers
South Cedar Avenue 890 numbers
North Safford Avenue 888 numbers
North Dearing Avenue 888 numbers
West Weldon Avenue 879 numbers
South Elm Avenue 873 numbers
East Austin Way 869 numbers
North Rowell Avenue 867 numbers
North Effie Street 865 numbers
East Church Avenue 864 numbers
East Niles Avenue 861 numbers
North Barton Avenue 843 numbers
North Carnegie Avenue 842 numbers
North 3rd Street 834 numbers
West Los Altos Avenue 827 numbers
West Santa Ana Avenue 820 numbers
North Woodson Avenue 818 numbers
West Sussex Way 814 numbers
North Delno Avenue 811 numbers
East Decatur Avenue 811 numbers
East Bullard Avenue 811 numbers
East Fillmore Avenue 806 numbers
West San Bruno Avenue 805 numbers
East Garrett Avenue 802 numbers
North Polk Avenue 802 numbers
North Cecelia Avenue 800 numbers
West Vartikian Avenue 788 numbers
North Callisch Avenue 788 numbers
East Spruce Avenue 787 numbers
East Fallbrook Avenue 787 numbers
West Rialto Avenue 786 numbers
East Quincy Avenue 778 numbers
North Delbert Avenue 768 numbers
North Milburn Avenue 766 numbers
North Jackson Avenue 765 numbers
North Hulbert Avenue 765 numbers
East Mono Avenue 763 numbers
North Augusta Street 755 numbers
East Woodward Avenue 750 numbers
East Muncie Avenue 749 numbers
East Bellaire Way 747 numbers
North Prospect Avenue 747 numbers
West Floradora Avenue 746 numbers
South Argyle Avenue 741 numbers
North Brawley Avenue 740 numbers
North Hayes Avenue 736 numbers
West Vassar Avenue 733 numbers
East Goshen Avenue 727 numbers
East Alamos Avenue 723 numbers
West Donner Avenue 720 numbers
North Dante Avenue 719 numbers
East Eugenia Avenue 718 numbers
East Burns Avenue 712 numbers
South Orange Avenue 711 numbers
East Orleans Avenue 709 numbers
North Hayston Avenue 708 numbers
East Sample Avenue 706 numbers
East Barstow Avenue 704 numbers
East Belgravia Avenue 704 numbers
West Acacia Avenue 703 numbers
East Dwight Way 701 numbers
East Cromwell Avenue 698 numbers
East Warner Avenue 696 numbers
West Wathen Avenue 696 numbers
East Pico Avenue 693 numbers
North Hanover Avenue 687 numbers
West Andrews 686 numbers
West Saginaw Way 684 numbers
North Echo Avenue 683 numbers
North Van Ness Avenue 681 numbers
West Oswego Avenue 675 numbers
East Harvey Avenue 670 numbers
East Laurite Avenue 669 numbers
North Duke Avenue 667 numbers
West Calimyrna Avenue 661 numbers
Huntington Boulevard 659 numbers
East Peralta Way 655 numbers
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