East 32nd Street 2,415 numbers
South 8th Avenue 1,551 numbers
South Avenue B 1,342 numbers
East 25th Street 1,309 numbers
East 26th Street 1,268 numbers
East 25th Place 1,128 numbers
South 10th Avenue 1,095 numbers
South 4th Avenue 1,079 numbers
South 7th Avenue 1,015 numbers
East 26th Place 1,007 numbers
West 8th Street 957 numbers
South 6th Avenue 943 numbers
South Avenue A 927 numbers
East 24th Place 895 numbers
South 9th Avenue 871 numbers
South Madison Avenue 849 numbers
South 1st Avenue 836 numbers
East 38th Place 786 numbers
East 35th Street 751 numbers
South 17th Avenue 741 numbers
West 1st Street 727 numbers
West 17th Place 722 numbers
West 20th Place 681 numbers
East 27th Place 669 numbers
East 39th Place 669 numbers
West 17th Street 618 numbers
West 18th Street 614 numbers
South 14th Avenue 613 numbers
East 24th Lane 611 numbers
West 21st Street 605 numbers
East 35th Place 602 numbers
South 5th Avenue 598 numbers
East 39th Street 596 numbers
West 14th Street 596 numbers
36th Place 590 numbers
West 12th Street 589 numbers
West 5th Street 584 numbers
East 37th Place 563 numbers
South 2nd Avenue 557 numbers
West 21st Place 554 numbers
East 38th Lane 546 numbers
East 38th Street 544 numbers
East 34th Street 539 numbers
South 11th Avenue 537 numbers
West 12th Lane 527 numbers
West 18th Place 523 numbers
West 3rd Street 519 numbers
West 15th Street 518 numbers
East 34th Place 518 numbers
West 16th Place 507 numbers
South Magnolia Avenue 500 numbers
East 36th Street 496 numbers
East 27th Street 495 numbers
South Walnut Avenue 491 numbers
West 27th Lane 472 numbers
East 37th Street 471 numbers
West 13th Place 463 numbers
East Olive Ann Lane 449 numbers
West 27th Place 448 numbers
South Maple Avenue 442 numbers
South 18th Avenue 437 numbers
West 21st Lane 431 numbers
West 24th Street 427 numbers
West 13th Street 424 numbers
East 24th Street 415 numbers
West 12th Place 411 numbers
West 16th Street 410 numbers
South Virginia Drive 409 numbers
East 53rd Street 409 numbers
South 47th Avenue 397 numbers
West 27th Street 388 numbers
West 20th Lane 381 numbers
East Lorenzo Lane 381 numbers
West 19th Place 378 numbers
West 19th Street 376 numbers
East 39th Lane 374 numbers
East 47th Street 363 numbers
West 37th Street 361 numbers
West 30th Street 355 numbers
South 37th Avenue 346 numbers
U.S. 95 346 numbers
East 49th Lane 338 numbers
West 4th Street 332 numbers
South May Avenue 332 numbers
South Arizona Avenue 329 numbers
South 13th Avenue 325 numbers
East 28th Place 325 numbers
East 54th Street 324 numbers
South Avenue 4 East 324 numbers
East La Mesa Street 323 numbers
South Mary Avenue 322 numbers
West 22nd Street 321 numbers
South 42nd Avenue 312 numbers
East 45th Street 312 numbers
South 20th Avenue 308 numbers
West 22nd Lane 308 numbers
West 26th Street 308 numbers
East 45th Lane 307 numbers
East 50th Street 303 numbers
East 47th Lane 303 numbers
East 48th Drive 300 numbers
South Avenue 5 East 299 numbers
East 52nd Street 298 numbers
South Dora Avenue 296 numbers
South Mojave Lane 294 numbers
East 49th Drive 291 numbers
West 26th Place 289 numbers
West 25th Street 289 numbers
South 15th Avenue 289 numbers
East Topeka Place 288 numbers
East Hacienda Drive 287 numbers
South Apache Lane 286 numbers
South 31st Drive 286 numbers
South 36th Drive 284 numbers
East 41st Lane 283 numbers
South Renee Avenue 283 numbers
West 16th Lane 279 numbers
South Avenue 12 East 276 numbers
North Frontage Road 275 numbers
West 3rd Place 273 numbers
South 3rd Avenue 272 numbers
South Athens Avenue 272 numbers
West 14th Place 272 numbers
West 19th Lane 270 numbers
South 33rd Drive 267 numbers
South 12th Avenue 265 numbers
East 49th Street 265 numbers
South Avenue C 264 numbers
East 51st Street 263 numbers
East 44th Street 263 numbers
East 42nd Street 259 numbers
East 41st Street 256 numbers
South 32nd Avenue 256 numbers
South 16th Avenue 251 numbers
East Mission Street 246 numbers
South 47th Drive 245 numbers
East 26th Lane 244 numbers
East 45th Drive 239 numbers
South Ironwood Drive 239 numbers
South 19th Avenue 238 numbers
West 17th Lane 237 numbers
East 43rd Street 235 numbers
East 28th Street 234 numbers
East San Marcos Drive 233 numbers
East 46th Street 233 numbers
South Coconino Lane 232 numbers
East 51st Place 229 numbers
West Hillside Place 227 numbers
East Telegraph Street 225 numbers
South 39th Drive 225 numbers
West 25th Place 222 numbers
East 50th Drive 220 numbers
West 22nd Place 219 numbers
South 21st Avenue 219 numbers
East 53rd Lane 218 numbers
West Santa Maria Way 217 numbers
South Pima Lane 217 numbers
West 20th Street 217 numbers
South Yavapai Lane 216 numbers
West Poppy Street 215 numbers
West 28th Street 209 numbers
South 46th Avenue 209 numbers
South 48th Way 201 numbers
West 28th Place 198 numbers
South Haupt Avenue 194 numbers
East 37th Lane 194 numbers
South Avenue 9 East 191 numbers
South 41st Drive 191 numbers
South Boxwood Avenue 189 numbers
East 40th Place 189 numbers
South Pearl Avenue 188 numbers
East 46th Drive 187 numbers
West 13th Lane 187 numbers
West 37th Place 187 numbers
South 22nd Avenue 187 numbers
South Del Rey Drive 186 numbers
West Las Lomas Street 185 numbers
South Olivia Avenue 184 numbers
South 30th Drive 184 numbers
West Catalina Drive 183 numbers
East 44th Drive 181 numbers
West 32nd Street 181 numbers
South 45th Drive 179 numbers
South 41st Avenue 178 numbers
South Keith Avenue 175 numbers
South 43rd Drive 175 numbers
East 55th Lane 175 numbers
West Linda Lane 174 numbers
West 34th Street 174 numbers
South 46th Drive 173 numbers
West 29th Street 171 numbers
West Patricia Lane 170 numbers
West Del Oro Lane 170 numbers
South Organ Pipe Lane 170 numbers
South 37th Drive 168 numbers
West 23rd Street 167 numbers
South Jasmine Avenue 166 numbers
South Sandra Avenue 165 numbers
South Fortuna Road 164 numbers
East 39th Way 163 numbers
East 43rd Lane 163 numbers
South Arena Drive 162 numbers
South Pageant Avenue 161 numbers
South Palm Avenue 161 numbers
East View Parkway 160 numbers
East 48th Street 160 numbers
West Pueblo Street 159 numbers
South Avenue 3 East 159 numbers
West 11th Street 158 numbers
South Howard Drive 158 numbers
East 42nd Place 156 numbers
West 18th Lane 155 numbers
South Orange Avenue 154 numbers
South Somerton Avenue 154 numbers
West 25th Lane 154 numbers
Forget Me not Street 151 numbers
West 31st Place 151 numbers
South Del Rico 151 numbers
East Shale Drive 150 numbers
West 24th Place 150 numbers
East 41st Place 147 numbers
West 15th Place 146 numbers
South View Parkway 145 numbers
South Thomas Avenue 144 numbers
East 23rd Place 143 numbers
28th Street 142 numbers
South 40th Drive 142 numbers
East Vía Montana 141 numbers
South Cyclone Avenue 140 numbers
West 23rd Lane 139 numbers
South Carol Avenue 139 numbers
East Via Loma Vista 138 numbers
South Typhoon Avenue 137 numbers
West 14th Lane 137 numbers
East 42nd Drive 136 numbers
South Dorothy Drive 136 numbers
East 30th Street 136 numbers
South 44th Drive 136 numbers
South Naples Avenue 135 numbers
South Palo Verde Lane 135 numbers
East 47th Drive 135 numbers
West 28th Lane 134 numbers
South 42nd Drive 134 numbers
West 10th Street 134 numbers
West 31st Lane 134 numbers
33rd Lane 132 numbers
West Daisy Street 132 numbers
West 9th Street 132 numbers
West 34th Place 131 numbers
West 5th Place 131 numbers
South 34th Drive 130 numbers
South Barbara Avenue 130 numbers
East 23rd Street 129 numbers
East 36th Place 127 numbers
East Brenda Drive 127 numbers
West Camino Cerro 125 numbers
East Vía Salida 124 numbers
East Tanja Drive 123 numbers
West 31st Street 123 numbers
South Vaughn Avenue 123 numbers
West Lowell Drive 122 numbers
South Fall Avenue 122 numbers
33rd Place 122 numbers
West 29th Lane 122 numbers
West 6th Street 121 numbers
East Cecelia Lane 121 numbers
South Navel Avenue 120 numbers
East 40th Lane 120 numbers
South Verde Avenue 119 numbers
South Mesa Avenue 119 numbers
East 34th Lane 119 numbers
East Del Norte 118 numbers
West Rome Street 117 numbers
East 22nd Street 117 numbers
South Tillman Way 117 numbers
Avenida la Primera 116 numbers
South Paula Avenue 116 numbers
South Winter Avenue 116 numbers
South Donna Avenue 116 numbers
South Spring Avenue 115 numbers
South James Avenue 114 numbers
51st Lane 114 numbers
West 10th Place 112 numbers
South Date Avenue 112 numbers
West 36th Place 111 numbers
East Cuervo Lane 111 numbers
Onammi Avenue 110 numbers
East 46th Lane 110 numbers
West 35th Place 110 numbers
South Phoenix Drive 110 numbers
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