West Baseline Road 3,028 numbers
South Wendler Drive 2,898 numbers
West Grove Parkway 2,740 numbers
South Hardy Drive 2,543 numbers
East Broadway Road 2,467 numbers
East Apache Boulevard 2,215 numbers
East University Drive 2,109 numbers
East Southern Avenue 1,997 numbers
South Mill Avenue 1,880 numbers
West Southern Avenue 1,705 numbers
East Baseline Road 1,514 numbers
South Priest Drive 1,478 numbers
South McClintock Drive 1,319 numbers
South Dorsey Lane 1,295 numbers
South Rural Road 1,218 numbers
La Jolla Drive 1,113 numbers
East Alameda Drive 1,026 numbers
East Manhatton Drive 1,014 numbers
East La Jolla Drive 1,011 numbers
East Lemon Street 1,000 numbers
South Terrace Road 929 numbers
South Hazelton Lane 920 numbers
East Hermosa Drive 880 numbers
South Maple Avenue 875 numbers
South Stanley Place 864 numbers
West 5th Street 829 numbers
South Lakeshore Drive 800 numbers
South Beck Avenue 799 numbers
East Del Rio Drive 764 numbers
South Jentilly Lane 758 numbers
East Dunbar Drive 749 numbers
West Hermosa Drive 748 numbers
East Ellis Drive 748 numbers
South River Drive 744 numbers
East Fremont Drive 730 numbers
East Palmcroft Drive 725 numbers
East Balboa Drive 721 numbers
East Watson Drive 718 numbers
East Laguna Drive 699 numbers
South Farmer Avenue 695 numbers
West Broadway Road 687 numbers
South College Avenue 686 numbers
East Minton Drive 682 numbers
East Vinedo Lane 676 numbers
South Kyrene Road 669 numbers
East Riviera Drive 662 numbers
East Concorda Drive 657 numbers
South Kenwood Lane 657 numbers
East Gemini Drive 651 numbers
East Broadmor Drive 650 numbers
East McNair Drive 637 numbers
West 1st Street 633 numbers
East La Vieve Lane 628 numbers
East Geneva Drive 619 numbers
South La Rosa Drive 617 numbers
East Julie Drive 610 numbers
East Orange Street 608 numbers
South Price Road 606 numbers
East Redfield Road 606 numbers
East Loma Vista Drive 602 numbers
West Carter Drive 598 numbers
East Caroline Lane 590 numbers
West University Drive 587 numbers
East Colgate Drive 586 numbers
East Sunburst Lane 581 numbers
South Kenneth Place 579 numbers
East Carmen Street 573 numbers
East Malibu Drive 566 numbers
East Oxford Drive 551 numbers
East Wesleyan Drive 543 numbers
South Elm Street 542 numbers
East Drake Drive 541 numbers
South Rita Lane 539 numbers
East Divot Drive 537 numbers
South Kachina Drive 530 numbers
South Wilson Street 526 numbers
East Libra Drive 525 numbers
South Juniper Street 521 numbers
North Scottsdale Road 518 numbers
South Taylor Drive 515 numbers
East Diamond Drive 509 numbers
South Los Feliz Drive 505 numbers
East El Parque Drive 505 numbers
East Krista Way 502 numbers
South Alder Drive 499 numbers
East Loyola Drive 497 numbers
East Sesame Street 494 numbers
East Harvard Drive 493 numbers
East Cornell Drive 491 numbers
South Heather Drive 489 numbers
East Chilton Drive 486 numbers
South Bonarden Lane 483 numbers
South Parkside Drive 476 numbers
East Fairmont Drive 476 numbers
South Darrow Drive 470 numbers
East Todd Drive 464 numbers
East McKellips Road 464 numbers
South Willow Drive 452 numbers
East Bishop Drive 448 numbers
South Butte Avenue 434 numbers
South Forest Avenue 425 numbers
South Evergreen Road 425 numbers
East Citation Lane 423 numbers
East Brentrup Drive 422 numbers
West Elliot Road 421 numbers
East Hayden Lane 412 numbers
East Carson Drive 408 numbers
South Palm Drive 408 numbers
East Dava Drive 407 numbers
East Greenway Drive 404 numbers
West Malibu Drive 403 numbers
East Ranch Road 401 numbers
East Campus Drive 399 numbers
West Myrna Lane 399 numbers
South Ash Avenue 395 numbers
East Calle De Arcos 390 numbers
East Stephens Drive 389 numbers
West La Jolla Drive 386 numbers
East Magdalena Drive 386 numbers
East Cairo Drive 377 numbers
East La Donna Drive 372 numbers
East Weber Drive 372 numbers
East Huntington Drive 371 numbers
East Myrna Lane 368 numbers
West Fremont Drive 366 numbers
East Bendix Drive 364 numbers
East Carver Road 363 numbers
West 9th Street 359 numbers
East Lodge Drive 352 numbers
West 14th Street 352 numbers
East Woodman Drive 352 numbers
East Carter Drive 350 numbers
South Mitchell Drive 347 numbers
West Courtney Lane 346 numbers
East Auburn Drive 342 numbers
South Siesta Lane 340 numbers
East Greentree Drive 335 numbers
East 5th Street 334 numbers
South McKemy Street 330 numbers
East Vaughn Street 330 numbers
South Roberts Road 330 numbers
West Stacey Lane 329 numbers
East Driftwood Drive 328 numbers
South Clark Drive 327 numbers
West Vera Lane 326 numbers
West 6th Street 325 numbers
East Northshore Drive 325 numbers
West Laguna Drive 323 numbers
West Manhatton Drive 322 numbers
East Donner Drive 320 numbers
East Fillmore Street 319 numbers
West 16th Street 317 numbers
East Don Carlos 315 numbers
West 10th Street 315 numbers
South Shannon Drive 315 numbers
West Oxford Drive 313 numbers
East Yale Drive 313 numbers
West Jeanine Drive 312 numbers
West Village Way 302 numbers
West Riviera Drive 300 numbers
West Santa Cruz Drive 299 numbers
East Jeanine Drive 298 numbers
East Redmon Drive 296 numbers
South Oak Street 290 numbers
East Warner Road 284 numbers
West 13th Street 282 numbers
East Louis Way 280 numbers
East Taylor Street 278 numbers
East Papago Drive 278 numbers
East Palomino Drive 273 numbers
East Duke Drive 272 numbers
East 8th Street 271 numbers
South La Corta Drive 268 numbers
East Aspen Drive 268 numbers
East Tulane Drive 266 numbers
East Guadalupe Road 265 numbers
West 3rd Street 261 numbers
West Carmen Street 260 numbers
North Saratoga Street 255 numbers
South Westfall Avenue 253 numbers
West Elna Rae Street 253 numbers
West 19th Street 252 numbers
East Pierce Street 251 numbers
West 12th Street 249 numbers
West Amanda Lane 249 numbers
South Allred Drive 249 numbers
South El Camino Drive 246 numbers
South Newberry Road 246 numbers
West Carson Drive 244 numbers
South Poplar Street 240 numbers
East Bluebell Lane 239 numbers
East Orion Street 239 numbers
West Duke Drive 239 numbers
West El Freda Road 237 numbers
South 55th Street 235 numbers
East Baker Drive 234 numbers
East Sandpiper Drive 232 numbers
South Cutler Drive 230 numbers
West Julie Drive 230 numbers
East Apollo Avenue 228 numbers
South Dromedary Drive 226 numbers
East Spence Avenue 223 numbers
West Tulane Drive 223 numbers
West Magdalena Drive 218 numbers
West Pecan Place 217 numbers
East McKinley Street 216 numbers
East Maria Lane 216 numbers
South Granada Drive 214 numbers
East 10th Street 213 numbers
East Dawn Drive 212 numbers
East El Freda Road 211 numbers
North College Avenue 211 numbers
East Pegasus Drive 209 numbers
South Myrtle Avenue 209 numbers
South Bala Drive 209 numbers
West 15th Street 207 numbers
South Stephanie Lane 206 numbers
East Velvet Drive 204 numbers
West Yale Drive 204 numbers
South Margo Drive 203 numbers
East 14th Street 201 numbers
East Knox Road 199 numbers
West Minton Drive 197 numbers
West 12th Place 196 numbers
South 71st Street 196 numbers
West 7th Street 196 numbers
South Dateland Drive 194 numbers
West 11th Street 194 numbers
East Stacey Lane 194 numbers
South George Drive 194 numbers
West 17th Place 192 numbers
West Lisa Lane 192 numbers
South Holbrook Lane 188 numbers
West Colgate Drive 187 numbers
West Laird Street 187 numbers
West Dawn Drive 186 numbers
East Randall Drive 182 numbers
South Judd Street 180 numbers
West Howe Street 178 numbers
South Shafer Drive 175 numbers
East Marigold Lane 174 numbers
West Geneva Drive 174 numbers
East Verlea Drive 174 numbers
East Oasis Drive 173 numbers
West Vaughn Street 173 numbers
East Howe Avenue 172 numbers
East Victory Drive 172 numbers
West 4th Street 171 numbers
West Paseo Way 169 numbers
East Beatryce Street 167 numbers
East Kirkland Lane 167 numbers
South Ventura Drive 166 numbers
South Fairfield Drive 166 numbers
West Rice Drive 163 numbers
West Caroline Lane 161 numbers
East Erie Drive 161 numbers
North Parkside Drive 160 numbers
South Fairway Drive 160 numbers
East Knight Lane 159 numbers
West 18th Street 159 numbers
South Homestead Lane 158 numbers
East Strahan Drive 157 numbers
East Sarah Lane 156 numbers
West Larona Lane 156 numbers
South Grandview Drive 156 numbers
West Watson Drive 155 numbers
West Fogal Way 154 numbers
West Brown Street 154 numbers
West Apollo Avenue 153 numbers
West Bolero Drive 152 numbers
East Garfield Street 151 numbers
East Susan Lane 151 numbers
West Louis Way 151 numbers
East Maryland Drive 150 numbers
East Curry Road 148 numbers
South Lebanon Lane 148 numbers
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