North 19th Avenue 11,329 numbers
North 7th Street 9,972 numbers
West McDowell Road 6,932 numbers
East Bell Road 6,059 numbers
West Indian School Road 5,679 numbers
North 27th Avenue 5,385 numbers
North Central Avenue 5,222 numbers
North 12th Street 4,996 numbers
South 48th Street 4,730 numbers
North 17th Avenue 4,661 numbers
West Osborn Road 4,409 numbers
North 23rd Avenue 4,389 numbers
North 31st Avenue 4,382 numbers
North 32nd Street 4,333 numbers
North 36th Street 4,288 numbers
North Cave Creek Road 4,247 numbers
North 16th Street 4,219 numbers
West Camelback Road 4,177 numbers
West Campbell Avenue 4,173 numbers
North 44th Street 4,075 numbers
North 35th Avenue 3,954 numbers
East McDowell Road 3,798 numbers
West Glenrosa Avenue 3,777 numbers
East Baseline Road 3,613 numbers
East Thomas Road 3,607 numbers
North 14th Street 3,590 numbers
North 33rd Avenue 3,589 numbers
North 11th Avenue 3,497 numbers
North 40th Street 3,495 numbers
West Highland Avenue 3,470 numbers
North 15th Avenue 3,416 numbers
West Pierson Street 3,356 numbers
East Camelback Road 3,355 numbers
West Hazelwood Street 3,347 numbers
West Elm Street 3,307 numbers
West Palm Lane 3,287 numbers
West Coolidge Street 3,283 numbers
North 10th Street 3,237 numbers
North 29th Avenue 3,205 numbers
West Glendale Avenue 3,181 numbers
North 28th Drive 3,073 numbers
North 22nd Street 3,055 numbers
West Turney Avenue 3,038 numbers
North 43rd Avenue 2,999 numbers
West Earll Drive 2,982 numbers
East Osborn Road 2,969 numbers
West Roma Avenue 2,949 numbers
West Virginia Avenue 2,932 numbers
South 44th Street 2,916 numbers
North 28th Street 2,886 numbers
West Clarendon Avenue 2,871 numbers
North 20th Street 2,787 numbers
West Encanto Boulevard 2,776 numbers
East Van Buren Street 2,762 numbers
West Monte Vista Road 2,723 numbers
West Thomas Road 2,719 numbers
West Dunlap Avenue 2,703 numbers
West Montecito Avenue 2,696 numbers
West Vernon Avenue 2,668 numbers
West Granada Road 2,662 numbers
West Flower Street 2,640 numbers
North 9th Street 2,603 numbers
East Indian School Road 2,560 numbers
West Missouri Avenue 2,555 numbers
West Holly Street 2,530 numbers
West Mulberry Drive 2,527 numbers
North 3rd Avenue 2,494 numbers
East Campbell Avenue 2,477 numbers
North 11th Street 2,388 numbers
West Colter Street 2,358 numbers
North 24th Street 2,314 numbers
West Avalon Drive 2,289 numbers
North 38th Street 2,285 numbers
North 31st Drive 2,272 numbers
North 30th Drive 2,266 numbers
North 7th Avenue 2,263 numbers
West Minnezona Avenue 2,259 numbers
West Cypress Street 2,241 numbers
North 21st Avenue 2,237 numbers
West Cambridge Avenue 2,236 numbers
North 29th Street 2,228 numbers
North 15th Street 2,216 numbers
West Maryland Avenue 2,210 numbers
East Clarendon Avenue 2,192 numbers
West Lewis Avenue 2,178 numbers
West Devonshire Avenue 2,174 numbers
West Thunderbird Road 2,173 numbers
North 39th Avenue 2,173 numbers
West Heatherbrae Drive 2,154 numbers
West Windsor Avenue 2,150 numbers
West Cactus Road 2,108 numbers
North 16th Avenue 2,092 numbers
North 32nd Avenue 2,087 numbers
North 37th Avenue 2,065 numbers
North 21st Street 2,064 numbers
North 30th Avenue 2,063 numbers
North 34th Avenue 2,063 numbers
North 37th Street 2,056 numbers
East Thunderbird Road 2,046 numbers
East Earll Drive 2,042 numbers
North 30th Street 2,039 numbers
West Coronado Road 2,014 numbers
North 41st Avenue 1,997 numbers
West Wilshire Drive 1,995 numbers
West Whitton Avenue 1,993 numbers
West Sells Drive 1,990 numbers
North 25th Street 1,988 numbers
West Weldon Avenue 1,962 numbers
West Bell Road 1,961 numbers
North 27th Street 1,957 numbers
North 5th Avenue 1,951 numbers
East Palm Lane 1,948 numbers
East Highland Avenue 1,944 numbers
West Indianola Avenue 1,935 numbers
East Weldon Avenue 1,916 numbers
West Cheery Lynn Road 1,914 numbers
West Butler Drive 1,911 numbers
North 52nd Street 1,895 numbers
North 33rd Drive 1,895 numbers
East Rosemonte Drive 1,885 numbers
North 18th Street 1,876 numbers
West Orangewood Avenue 1,869 numbers
North 35th Street 1,862 numbers
North 31st Street 1,846 numbers
West Catalina Drive 1,845 numbers
West Union Hills Drive 1,843 numbers
North 22nd Avenue 1,841 numbers
West Claremont Street 1,810 numbers
East Flower Street 1,805 numbers
West Meadowbrook Avenue 1,799 numbers
East Roosevelt Street 1,788 numbers
West Alta Vista Road 1,787 numbers
North 27th Drive 1,783 numbers
West Maldonado Road 1,782 numbers
North 17th Drive 1,767 numbers
North 13th Street 1,763 numbers
East Fairmount Avenue 1,763 numbers
North 19th Street 1,757 numbers
West Berkeley Road 1,742 numbers
West Ocotillo Road 1,733 numbers
North 25th Place 1,699 numbers
North 25th Avenue 1,696 numbers
North 14th Place 1,690 numbers
North 40th Place 1,682 numbers
West Monterosa Street 1,676 numbers
North 13th Avenue 1,670 numbers
West Fairmount Avenue 1,667 numbers
North 21st Drive 1,663 numbers
North 16th Drive 1,661 numbers
East Windsong Drive 1,660 numbers
East South Fork Drive 1,642 numbers
West Mission Lane 1,641 numbers
East Taylor Street 1,641 numbers
East Desert Cove Avenue 1,636 numbers
East Cactus Road 1,633 numbers
East Northern Avenue 1,628 numbers
East Whitton Avenue 1,627 numbers
West Mariposa Street 1,604 numbers
East Pinchot Avenue 1,603 numbers
North 36th Drive 1,598 numbers
East Colter Street 1,595 numbers
North 32nd Drive 1,594 numbers
West Rose Lane 1,562 numbers
North 8th Street 1,559 numbers
North 21st Place 1,555 numbers
West Fillmore Street 1,554 numbers
East Turney Avenue 1,547 numbers
East Virginia Avenue 1,545 numbers
East Glenhaven Drive 1,541 numbers
East Glenrosa Avenue 1,537 numbers
West Edgemont Avenue 1,533 numbers
West Tuckey Lane 1,529 numbers
North 34th Drive 1,522 numbers
North 40th Drive 1,514 numbers
North 41st Place 1,504 numbers
East Charleston Avenue 1,503 numbers
North 29th Place 1,494 numbers
West State Avenue 1,492 numbers
North 40th Avenue 1,492 numbers
East Cambridge Avenue 1,492 numbers
North 45th Place 1,488 numbers
North 18th Avenue 1,487 numbers
West Tierra Buena Lane 1,484 numbers
West Sweetwater Avenue 1,483 numbers
East Montecito Avenue 1,480 numbers
North 42nd Street 1,480 numbers
East Grovers Avenue 1,478 numbers
West Mitchell Drive 1,465 numbers
West Portland Street 1,461 numbers
West Augusta Avenue 1,457 numbers
North 33rd Street 1,455 numbers
East Michigan Avenue 1,451 numbers
West Monterey Way 1,449 numbers
North 67th Avenue 1,447 numbers
South 46th Street 1,445 numbers
North 9th Avenue 1,445 numbers
North 3rd Street 1,443 numbers
North 38th Place 1,436 numbers
East Utopia Road 1,436 numbers
West Verde Lane 1,435 numbers
West Carson Road 1,433 numbers
West Mackenzie Drive 1,431 numbers
East Oak Street 1,428 numbers
North 25th Drive 1,427 numbers
East Angela Drive 1,426 numbers
North 23rd Drive 1,422 numbers
North 23rd Street 1,421 numbers
East Acoma Drive 1,420 numbers
North 24th Place 1,420 numbers
North 34th Street 1,420 numbers
North 2nd Avenue 1,419 numbers
East Wescott Drive 1,418 numbers
West Peoria Avenue 1,417 numbers
North 19th Drive 1,415 numbers
North 83rd Avenue 1,414 numbers
West Hubbell Street 1,404 numbers
East Paradise Lane 1,402 numbers
North 42nd Avenue 1,398 numbers
East Fillmore Street 1,395 numbers
East Union Hills Drive 1,389 numbers
East Mountain View Road 1,384 numbers
East Chandler Boulevard 1,383 numbers
North 28th Place 1,380 numbers
North 26th Street 1,376 numbers
East Cheery Lynn Road 1,371 numbers
East Coronado Road 1,371 numbers
East Cortez Street 1,368 numbers
North 43rd Street 1,365 numbers
North 13th Place 1,361 numbers
West Carter Road 1,355 numbers
North 34th Place 1,355 numbers
West Wood Drive 1,354 numbers
North 39th Street 1,352 numbers
West Van Buren Street 1,346 numbers
West Burgess Lane 1,343 numbers
East Windsor Avenue 1,338 numbers
East Monte Vista Road 1,338 numbers
West Northview Avenue 1,335 numbers
West Royal Palm Road 1,334 numbers
East Willetta Street 1,332 numbers
East Hartford Avenue 1,332 numbers
North 8th Avenue 1,327 numbers
West Myrtle Avenue 1,319 numbers
North 15th Drive 1,315 numbers
North 10th Place 1,311 numbers
North 12th Place 1,309 numbers
West Lynwood Street 1,307 numbers
North 29th Drive 1,306 numbers
East Behrend Drive 1,304 numbers
North 10th Avenue 1,303 numbers
North 35th Drive 1,300 numbers
East Villa Maria Drive 1,299 numbers
West Almeria Road 1,296 numbers
North 18th Drive 1,291 numbers
North 37th Drive 1,286 numbers
North 47th Place 1,284 numbers
East Ray Road 1,280 numbers
North 17th Place 1,278 numbers
East Mitchell Drive 1,277 numbers
East Campo Bello Drive 1,269 numbers
West Marshall Avenue 1,263 numbers
East Monte Cristo Avenue 1,263 numbers
North 42nd Place 1,262 numbers
East Morrow Drive 1,262 numbers
East Marconi Avenue 1,261 numbers
West Morten Avenue 1,259 numbers
West Orchid Lane 1,259 numbers
East Portland Street 1,259 numbers
North Tatum Boulevard 1,252 numbers
East Waltann Lane 1,248 numbers
West Aster Drive 1,248 numbers
East Silverwood Drive 1,245 numbers
West Pima Street 1,244 numbers
North 38th Avenue 1,234 numbers
North 20th Avenue 1,230 numbers
West McLellan Boulevard 1,229 numbers
East Bluefield Avenue 1,229 numbers
East Shangri La Road 1,227 numbers
West McKinley Street 1,225 numbers
West Michigan Avenue 1,225 numbers
North 35th Place 1,224 numbers
North 56th Street 1,224 numbers
North 39th Drive 1,222 numbers
West Villa Rita Drive 1,219 numbers
North 48th Street 1,218 numbers
West Sahuaro Drive 1,215 numbers
North 6th Street 1,209 numbers
North 33rd Place 1,206 numbers
West Pershing Avenue 1,205 numbers
North 2nd Street 1,204 numbers
West Surrey Avenue 1,204 numbers
East Grandview Road 1,203 numbers
East Villa Rita Drive 1,199 numbers
West Roosevelt Street 1,199 numbers
West Mohawk Lane 1,199 numbers
North 41st Street 1,198 numbers
East Maryland Avenue 1,196 numbers
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