North Grand Avenue 467 numbers
West 1st Street 265 numbers
West Manor Drive 226 numbers
East Baffert Drive 219 numbers
West Kino Street 190 numbers
North Calle Trinidad 183 numbers
North Royal Road 174 numbers
North Western Avenue 174 numbers
Chula Vista Lane 172 numbers
West Noon Street 170 numbers
West Walnut Street 161 numbers
West Ellis Street 161 numbers
North Calle Chihuahua 153 numbers
North Macnab Drive 142 numbers
West Elm Street 141 numbers
North Congress Drive 136 numbers
West Artley Drive 135 numbers
West Crawford Street 134 numbers
West Fairway Drive 133 numbers
North Calle Avispas 128 numbers
West Pajarito Street 127 numbers
North Morley Avenue 125 numbers
West Paul Bond Drive 120 numbers
North Calle Cananea 119 numbers
North Calle Empalme 118 numbers
North West Street 117 numbers
North Sonoita Avenue 117 numbers
East Parkway Drive 109 numbers
Camino Dona Cydney 104 numbers
West Hughes Street 103 numbers
West Kolver Street 99 numbers
West Anza Drive 94 numbers
East Hudgins Street 90 numbers
East Calle Nacozari 89 numbers
North David Drive 88 numbers
West Mesquite Lane 88 numbers
North Via Chihuahua 85 numbers
West Curtis Street 84 numbers
Navajo Way 83 numbers
East Calle Socorro 81 numbers
Escuela View 80 numbers
East Edward Street 77 numbers
West Lakeview Place 77 numbers
Monte Vista Drive 76 numbers
West Mi Casa Drive 75 numbers
West Loma Street 75 numbers
North Wayside Drive 71 numbers
West Gold Hill Road 70 numbers
East Calle Culiacan 70 numbers
East Camino Bravo 69 numbers
East Calle Caborca 68 numbers
East Calle Sonora 67 numbers
Apache Way 67 numbers
East Maya Street 64 numbers
North Sierra Avenue 64 numbers
North Green Place 64 numbers
East Beck Street 64 numbers
East Durango Street 64 numbers
Pima Way 63 numbers
North Mariposa Road 60 numbers
East East Street 60 numbers
West Potrero Drive 60 numbers
East Live Oak Drive 58 numbers
North Bitache Drive 58 numbers
West Mariposa Road 56 numbers
West Sage Street 55 numbers
North Smith Drive 54 numbers
North Calle Nogales 53 numbers
North Adams Street 52 numbers
East Frontage Road 51 numbers
North Duncan Drive 50 numbers
West Camino Del Sol 49 numbers
Duquesne Road 49 numbers
East Adams Street 49 numbers
East Jackson Street 49 numbers
North Fairway Drive 49 numbers
West Sunset Drive 48 numbers
East Bristol Drive 48 numbers
West Manilla Drive 47 numbers
North Via Madonna 47 numbers
North Holm Circle 47 numbers
North Sue Drive 47 numbers
East Calle Soto 46 numbers
South River Road 46 numbers
Garden View Drive 46 numbers
North Anza Drive 46 numbers
West Smelter Street 46 numbers
North Sunrise Place 45 numbers
North Briggs Place 45 numbers
East Calle Durango 44 numbers
Paseo Hermosa 44 numbers
East Placita Melody 44 numbers
East Calle Colima 43 numbers
West Diaz Lane 42 numbers
North Calle Rivas 41 numbers
North Ventana Court 40 numbers
North Madero Way 40 numbers
West Wise Street 39 numbers
East Burdon Place 39 numbers
West Saddle Drive 38 numbers
Calle Primorosa 38 numbers
North Cortez Place 37 numbers
Calle Palo Verde 37 numbers
West Bit Place 37 numbers
West Calle Canada 36 numbers
East Morley Avenue 36 numbers
North Santo Patron 36 numbers
West Pima Place 35 numbers
Mission Court 35 numbers
West Western Place 35 numbers
West Plum Street 34 numbers
East Plaza Karina 34 numbers
North Sonora Place 33 numbers
East Calle Arizpe 32 numbers
West Western Avenue 32 numbers
Old Tucson Road 32 numbers
West Calle Paisano 32 numbers
Marten Road 31 numbers
West Calle Chico 30 numbers
North Panas Place 29 numbers
North Alameda Place 28 numbers
East Short Street 28 numbers
North Sahuaro Place 28 numbers
North Seneca Place 27 numbers
North Bayze Avenue 27 numbers
El Encanto Place 27 numbers
North Kelsey Avenue 27 numbers
West Quinta Canada 26 numbers
East Thelma Street 26 numbers
West Bowman Street 26 numbers
North Mesa Drive 25 numbers
North Larriva Place 25 numbers
Schooner Court 25 numbers
West 3rd Street 24 numbers
East Bungalow Court 24 numbers
West American Loop 24 numbers
North Legleu Street 24 numbers
West Oak Street 23 numbers
West Papago Place 23 numbers
Kino Springs Drive 23 numbers
West Dunbar Drive 23 numbers
North Camino Corona 23 numbers
North Calle Alta 22 numbers
North Sunset Place 22 numbers
North Mahen Road 22 numbers
East Skyline Drive 22 numbers
North Park Circle 21 numbers
Sofia Court 21 numbers
North Alexa Circle 21 numbers
Amura Lane 21 numbers
West Anthony Drive 20 numbers
West Sagebrush Road 20 numbers
North Aloha Loop 20 numbers
North Short Street 20 numbers
North American Loop 20 numbers
Sundance Court 19 numbers
North El Caminito 19 numbers
North Paseo Del Sur 19 numbers
North Summit Avenue 19 numbers
North Oak Circle 19 numbers
West Quarry Street 19 numbers
East Calle Mayer 18 numbers
North Yucca Drive 18 numbers
East Charles Street 18 numbers
North Gila Street 18 numbers
North Edith Place 18 numbers
North Calle Carbo 17 numbers
Riverside Court 17 numbers
North Calle Zapata 17 numbers
North Smokey Lane 17 numbers
North D Avenue 17 numbers
North Calle La Paz 17 numbers
Cam Don Guillermo 17 numbers
East Grant Street 17 numbers
Arizona 82 16 numbers
A B N Nogales 16 numbers
East Monroe Street 16 numbers
North C Avenue 15 numbers
Pioneer Court 15 numbers
Lone Star Lane 15 numbers
North Nelson Avenue 15 numbers
Hopi Way 15 numbers
West Calle Plata 15 numbers
Moo Court 15 numbers
North Camino Bajo 15 numbers
West Mesquite Place 14 numbers
Spa Circle 14 numbers
Calle Barranco 14 numbers
West Baldwin Street 14 numbers
West Lopez Street 14 numbers
Circulo Montana 13 numbers
East Spa Drive 13 numbers
East Roper Road 13 numbers
East Cll Linda 13 numbers
North Poston Street 13 numbers
Dixon Court 13 numbers
East Milo Street 12 numbers
East Court Street 12 numbers
West Quarry Place 12 numbers
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