Spring Avenue Southwest 1,505 numbers
11th Street Southeast 755 numbers
6th Avenue Southwest 673 numbers
8th Street Southwest 613 numbers
5th Avenue Southwest 607 numbers
8th Avenue Southeast 590 numbers
7th Avenue Southeast 568 numbers
Pennylane Southeast 554 numbers
9th Avenue Southeast 535 numbers
19th Avenue Southeast 485 numbers
Old Moulton Road 455 numbers
Moulton Street East 441 numbers
8th Avenue Southwest 414 numbers
Hay Drive Southwest 409 numbers
10th Avenue Southeast 407 numbers
14th Avenue Southeast 399 numbers
7th Avenue Southwest 393 numbers
Jackson Way 391 numbers
12th Street Southeast 387 numbers
12th Avenue Northwest 384 numbers
7th Street Southeast 374 numbers
8th Street Southeast 373 numbers
5th Avenue Southeast 368 numbers
13th Street Southeast 359 numbers
East Upper River Road 340 numbers
4th Avenue Southwest 321 numbers
Eastbrook Southeast 318 numbers
Pine Street 318 numbers
Modaus Road Southwest 302 numbers
13th Avenue Northwest 290 numbers
16th Avenue Southeast 287 numbers
Line Street Northeast 285 numbers
7th Avenue Northwest 282 numbers
Sumac Road Southwest 279 numbers
1st Avenue Southwest 271 numbers
Kathy Lane Southwest 267 numbers
3rd Avenue Southwest 260 numbers
19th Avenue Southwest 259 numbers
11th Avenue Northwest 253 numbers
U.S. 31 253 numbers
Pleasant Hill Road 252 numbers
11th Avenue Southeast 245 numbers
Oak Street Northeast 241 numbers
4th Avenue Southeast 232 numbers
8th Avenue Northwest 227 numbers
Yorkshire Southeast 222 numbers
Ororke Lane Southwest 217 numbers
14th Avenue Southwest 211 numbers
6th Avenue Southeast 211 numbers
Summerlane Southeast 211 numbers
15th Avenue Southeast 209 numbers
9th Street Southeast 207 numbers
Moulton Street West 206 numbers
Thompson Road 202 numbers
Eagle Wing Drive 198 numbers
Skidmore Road 197 numbers
20th Avenue Southeast 192 numbers
2nd Avenue Southwest 192 numbers
Tracey Lane 191 numbers
West Chapel Hill Road 190 numbers
13th Avenue Southeast 188 numbers
South Bethel Road 186 numbers
Ryan Drive Southwest 180 numbers
Faye Street Southwest 179 numbers
Almon Way Southwest 179 numbers
Mark Street Southwest 176 numbers
Lenox Drive Southwest 173 numbers
3rd Avenue Southeast 165 numbers
Park Street Southeast 163 numbers
10th Street Southeast 162 numbers
Emory Drive 162 numbers
Rigel Drive Southwest 162 numbers
Frost Drive Southwest 162 numbers
12th Avenue Southwest 161 numbers
Plum Drive Southwest 158 numbers
Braxton Court 158 numbers
15th Avenue Southwest 151 numbers
6th Avenue Northwest 150 numbers
10th Avenue Northwest 146 numbers
Essex Drive Southwest 144 numbers
Harold Drive 141 numbers
2nd Street Southwest 140 numbers
Cagle Avenue 139 numbers
Sunset Acres Avenue 138 numbers
North Bethel Road 134 numbers
Cypress Drive 130 numbers
5th Avenue Northwest 130 numbers
Derby Drive 128 numbers
Rye Drive Southwest 127 numbers
Lamon Drive 127 numbers
Shoal Creek Road 121 numbers
Red Bud Lane 121 numbers
Quailwood Lane 117 numbers
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