Bellsouth Telecommunications, LLC

Doing Business As
Bellsouth Telecommunications, LLC, At&T Southeast, At&T Alabama, At&T Florida, At&T Georgia, At&T Kentucky, At&T Louisiana, At&T Mississippi, At&T North Carolina, At&T South Carolina, At&T Tennessee
Customer Inquiries Address
575 Morosgo Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Customer Inquiries Phone
(800) 288-2020

States where BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC services are available

List of companies controlled by Bellsouth Telecommunications, LLC

2 subsidiaries · 1,022 phone numbers

2 subsidiaries · 2,517 phone numbers

4,244 subsidiaries · 13,378,521 phone numbers

3,191 subsidiaries · 8,694,354 phone numbers

At&T, Inc is the parent company

Bellsouth Telecommunications, LLC belongs to At&T, Inc. See the other businesses owned by At&T, Inc:

14,900 subsidiaries · 29,123,548 phone numbers
6,101 subsidiaries · 15,007,670 phone numbers
4,923 subsidiaries · 12,843,275 phone numbers
126 subsidiaries · 266,418 phone numbers
65 subsidiaries · 54,306 phone numbers
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